12 New Lesbian Sex Positions to Put on Your Bucket List✅

lesbian sex positions

Whenever you look for sex positions, you always find the best positions for straight couples. There are very few websites that give only lesbian sex positions. 

As we all know, sex can become tedious if the same positions are repeated too often. Doing research and exploring new positions helps to keep things fresh and spicy. You might think you already know how to have lesbian sex. Why do you need to know sex positions?

Knowing a few juicy lesbian sexual positions will help you gain more experience and help you to have a more pleasurable sex life. 

Some of the best lesbian sex positions will be discussed during this feature. We aim to give you the tools to keep you and your partner entertained and have a healthy sex life. 

By following these following few lesbian sex tips, we are sure you will keep the passion alive.

Let’s get started.

After some “personal” research, we have found the best lesbian sex positions to help you keep your passion alive. The following sexual positions for lesbians are for amateurs, with a few that might need some practice. 

All of these positions stand out because they will give you amazing orgasms while helping your partner learn more about your body or the other way around. So let us look at some of these great yet easy positions for lesbian lovemaking.

1. The Throne

The Throne is a simple sex position to give you amazing oral sex. Your partner will lean their back against a wall to support most of their weight. Then you will lay flat on your back and have your partner lower themselves with their vulva by your mouth. Slowly sit down with their legs bent underneath them for more weight support. You can switch things up and change roles whenever you like.

2. Side-Ways Romp

This lesbian sexual position is great for couples who love to get close and intimate. This position allows ear whispering as well. Lay on your side and have your partner spoon you from the back. While spooning, both can use your hands or a lesbian sex toy to stimulate each other.

3. Front Facing Love

This is one of my favorite shower sex positions, but it can also be used without a shower. This sex position allows you to touch and stimulate all parts of your partner’s body. You can even stimulate her nipples. Have your partner face forward, come up behind your partner, place your arms around them, and touch them all over.

4. Give Me Control

This sex position involves a remarkable sex toy, a remote-control sex toy. You can place the sex toy into your partner and use the remote to control the intensity of the vibrations. Once your partner is comfortable, blindfold them and tie their hands to the bed, with their permission. Use your hands to gently rub all over her body while using the controller.

5. Scissor

Scissoring is one of the most common positions for lesbian couples, but if you have not tried it yet, you have to. Have your partner lay on their side and let one leg rest while lifting the other into the air. You then go and lay on your stomach with your partner’s leg against your front, both of your legs open. Move your hips deeper until your vulvas touch. Once touching, you can grind your hips to stimulate both of your clits simultaneously.

This position is excellent to help both of you receive stimulation simultaneously.

6. The Crab

The crab may seem complicated, but it is easy once you get the hang of it. 

Firstly, a double-ended-dildo will make this position even better. Have your partner sit on their bum while leaning against a wall for support. They need to bring their knees up close to their chest. You then place your feet on the side of her hips and lower yourself down, using their upper leg and knees for support. 

Settle down and put the dildo between you two, bounce your hips to stimulate inside, and have your vulvas touch at times. This allows you to have maximum eye contact and have that extra wave of intimacy.

7. Downtown

This is the classic oral sex position we have all heard about and probably done. Your partner lays flat on her back while you start licking and sucking her vulva. Oral sex comes easy for some, but many people need help. There is no shame in doing proper research on how to eat out a girl if you are unsure.

8. Hunched Over

This is another lesbian sex position requiring minimal effort. It is easy, and you can incorporate sex toys where you feel needed. 

Have your partner lay on the bed face down while their legs hang over the side of the bed. You can go down on your needs to easily access their vulva. Use your fingers and mouth to stimulate where needed.

9. Peg-Her

The Peg-Her is a lesbian sex position that can only be achieved with a strap-on sex toy and harness. 

A strap-on is a great sex toy for lesbian couples because it allows for realistic penetration sex. It will have the same feel as a penis without it being one.

Many lesbians love penetrative sex but do not find men and their penis attractive, so this is an alternative. Have your partner get on the bed, lying on their back while you wear the strap-on. Slowly insert the dildo or vibrator and thrust your hips until she reaches climax.

10. 69

This is one of the golden oldies of sex positions. The 69 allows you and your partner to both have pleasure from oral sex simultaneously. 

This position might sound uncomfortable for some, but it will be amazing once you try it. Lay on your back on a flat surface, and have your partner lay over you. Have them bend their knees slightly above your shoulders and place your mouth between their legs. At the same time, they can start licking you.

11. Upright 69

This works practically the same as the standard 69 positions but with a slight twist. Instead of lying down, try standing in the 69 position and continue to perform oral. 

This position might take some upper body strength, so ensure you can hold your partner’s weight to avoid injury.

12. Deep Doggy

This next position will also need a sex toy or two. A strap-on and a dildo or vibrator will help you penetrate deep and stimulate the G-spot with minimal effort. 

Once ready, have your partner on all fours and let them slightly lower their upper body while pushing their ass out. This helps you gain a better view and opens space for you to start penetrating. Come up behind your partner and start thrusting your hips while the sex toy is inside her.

Final Words

To end things off, you will need to ensure that all new positions you try are comfortable for your partner. Consent is critical and if your partner disapproves of a position, respect that.

Trying new lesbian sex positions will help you learn what type of sexual favors your partner enjoys and what you like to do. These lesbian sex positions are aimed to help you find a few new and adventurous things to bring into the bedroom.

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