Who Are We?

We are a startup dedicated to providing premium sex toys for every customer. We don’t develop or produce sex toys. Instead, we are a buying agent to help our customers purchase high-quality sex toys.

The products available here are only a fraction of our services. Besides, we also offer product customization, OEM, ODM, and wholesale services for any potential partners across the world. Everything can be discussed and negotiated with us, and we will do our best to serve you, in a flexible way.

Living in a world where eCommerce is booming, we realized that the industry was changing. It took more and more effort for customers to buy suitable sex toys without wasting money. We were trying everything and still coming up short with our clients.

Our Missions


Providing Choice Products

Our prices are not the lowest. However, quality has never been cheap. For instance, some of our customers bought some sex toys for a lower price but were disappointed. When they seek better quality, the money spent before was a waste. Why not find choice products which are “expensive” but “reliable?” That’s why we are here. We test products strictly until it’s up to the notch.

Championing Integrity

A promise is a promise. We never show false advertisements. Product features and costs are actual. We never create a false countdown that urges our customers to pay before they can make thorough comparisons. We never promise to deliver within two days if it might take two weeks. Potential problems or conditions will be fully discussed and consented to by our customers, based on equality and mutual benefits.

Eliminating Hidden Costs

Oftentimes, you add an item to the cart and proceed to checkout. However, you may have to pay much more because the price does not include taxes and shipping costs. Frustrating, right? We feel the same. But on our website, the prices you see here are the final cost you will spend on the product. Delivery costs and other potential costs are included in the product price. Just finish payment and wait for the package.

Fighting Shopping Scams

Global eCommerce has been thriving in the last decade and continues to flourish in the COVID-19 era. It brings great convenience for people to purchase goods online. One of the downsides is that some customers may encounter shopping scams. For instance, they may get products that are entirely different from that described on the product page. Luckily, you will not get cheated here.