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best car sex positions

Exploring your sexuality is something many people participate in. Sexual positions and sceneries significantly impact how much you enjoy them. 

Although having sex on your bed or couch is very comfortable, sex does not always need to be in a bed. There are many different places where you can have sex. Sex in a car is one of the most adventurous places to have sex.

Sex in a car is not as easy as in a bed, so you might need a few vehicle sex positions to make your adventure a bit more comfortable. This is why during this article, we look at the best car sex positions.

We also explore the legality of car sex and if you might stand a chance of going to jail if you get caught having sex in the car.

Let’s dive right in.

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Part 1. Is it illegal to have sex in a car?

If you have ever thought about having car sex, I am sure you have asked yourself, “is it illegal to have sex in a car?”. This is a valid question. It is always to ensure the legality of something you are interested in doing.  

No law physically states that sex in a car is illegal. If you and your partner would get into a car to have sex, no law says you are not allowed to. 

Although, if the car is parked in a public place where people could see you, it may cause a problem. Even though sex in a car is not illegal, public nudity is illegal. Most states have a law against indecent exposure, which means you could get arrested if you are seen having sex in a car in public.

If you have a car sex fantasy, it would be best to ensure that you are in a very secluded place or maybe in your garage where you might not be seen.

Part 2. Best car sex positions

Although indecent exposure is illegal, you might still want to participate in the car sex craze. This is entirely understandable. Sex at home in your bed will seem boring after trying some best car sex positions.

But which positions are suitable for sex in a car? Do not worry. During this piece of the article, I will give you the run down and steps on some of the most comfortable sex positions for sex in the car.

1. Car Girl

Car Girl is a position much like the Cowgirl. It is one of the best car sex positions because little space is needed. The angle of the penis is great for internal stimulation, and clitoral stimulation also happens when you rub against your partner. 

Have your partner sit in the passenger seat, you can also try the driver’s seat, but it might be a bit uncomfortable with the steering wheel. Climb on top of him and move your hips. You can also recline your seat for more comfort.

2. Backseat Doggy

There are many sex positions that you can try. Doggy is probably my favorite for sex in a car. When you have Backseat Doggy, you have easy access to your clit, and you will get a deeper penetration from behind. 

Get into your car’s backseat and get into the doggy position, on your knees and hands. Have your partner in an upright position on his knees behind you. If your partner is tall, he might need to drape himself over you.

3. The Spider

The spider is a car sex position that might take some practice to perfect. It helps you have deep penetration while staring at your partner’s hot body.

 This position might be hardcore for some, but it is worth a try. You and your partner should both get onto the back seat with your legs towards each other. 

Place your arms at the back of you to support yourself. Once ready, you can move on to his penis. Your hips should be placed between his wide-open legs. Bend your knees, put your feet on the outside of his hips, and move back and forth until you climax.

4. The Reverse Car Girl

The reverse car girl is almost identical to the car girl position we discussed earlier. 

The concept works the same, your partner is on the front seat, and you get on top of him. But instead of facing your partner, you turn your back on him. 

Reverse car girl in a car is great because you can easily support yourself with the dashboard or steering wheel in the front seat. This position is excellent for a quick car sex session.

5. Seashell

The Seashell is a fantastic car sex position. It can be used in a low or high ride to stimulate different parts. A high ride will cause his pubic bone to stimulate your clit, and a low ride will help him stimulate your G-Spot.

Although this position might sound complex, it is relatively easy. Throw your legs up and pull them towards your shoulders and head. Try getting as close as possible. Your partner positions himself in the missionary position and inserts his penis in you.

6. New Missionary

A missionary position is one of the most common sex positions. Still, I am sure you are wondering if it is an appropriate car sex position? 

But this new missionary position might be one of the best car sex positions you can use. This sex position might work best if you lay the backseat flat. You lay down on your back with your partner on top of you. And then you proceed as you would with a missionary position on a bed.

7. Lay-down Doggy

The Lay-Down Doggy is a great sex position for a car but can be uncomfortable if not done correctly.

Ensure the driver and passenger seats are pushed as far as possible. So, you have more space for movement, and you can also lay the backseat flat.

Lay down on your side with your partner lying behind you. Then you have easy access to the vagina for inserting the penis. Make sure your partner is laying very tight against you.

8. The Om

The Om is a lot like the Cowgirl, aside from a few key differences. The other car girl option calls for your partner’s legs to be in a normal position. 

When participating in the Om position, your partner’s legs should be in a crossed sitting position. This helps for a deep penetration that requires slight bouncing, which means there is less chance of bumping your head.

Move the front seats as far to the front of the car as possible and move to the backseat. Have your partner sit with his legs crossed on the backseat, place your legs on the sides of his hips and go into a rested crouch position over him. You basically sit down on his penis. When sitting down, insert his penis or strap-on dildo into your vagina and start grinding.

9. The Backseat Bender

When talking about car sex, we cannot forget oral car sex positions. This oral sex position is very comfortable and gives you ultimate backseat pleasure. So how does this car sex position work, you say?

Fold one of the front seats forward and lay with legs promptly placed on the back seat with our partner in between them. The partner sitting on the back seat has easy access to give you oral, and you have a comfortable yet easy position to rest on. You will also have your hands free to help stimulate while your partner is busy.

10. Open-door missionary

The open-door missionary is as easy as it sounds. Your partner stands by the open door, preferably the one that does the penetration work. 

The partner in the car lays on their back and shuffles down with their bum until they are in a comfortable position for penetration. The partner outside the car then starts by inserting the penis/dildo into the partner in the car.

When outside of the vehicle, there is enough room for thrusting. It is also a comfortable position for the person in the vehicle. There will be enough room in the car for movement.

After mentioning some of the best car sex positions above, I am sure you are in the mood to test some of these out. When you are testing these out, you are not in a busy public place, or you might end up testing out these best car sex positions in jail if you get caught.

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Wrapping Up

Even though there is no written law about car sex being illegal, we do not want you to end up with a nasty fine for indecent exposure. So, ensure that wherever you have sex in a car, it is secluded or in your garage at home.

We hope you find some of these best car sex positions as enjoyable as I made them sound. I know I loved them, tried, and tested, you could say. 

Do you know of any car sex positions that worked for you?

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You should ensure you wear clothes that are easy to take off and put on. You might need to wear your clothes at a moment’s notice if someone comes around. Women can wear a dress or a skirt to help with easy access. That way, you could have sex without removing your clothes.

Many people have sex in a car to change things up or if they cannot do it at home. It is quite a common place to have sex, especially in the young generation.

It is a good idea to have a large car with lots of space in the front and the back to help you have more movement. An SUV is perfect, and one with heated seats will add even more luxury to your car sex moment.

Car sex can be fun, depending on what type of sex you like. Car sex can be an adventure and even, at times, feel dangerous. This adds a kind of thrill to the moment that makes having sex in a car at times more fun than at home.

Although there is no written law that car sex is legal or illegal, indecent exposure is illegal. If you get caught naked having sex in your car, you could be slapped with an indecent exposure charge.

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