Hands-Free Orgasm: 10 Tips for An Incredible Climax

hands free orgasm

Orgasms are the overall aim of all men during sexual intercourse or masturbation. Still, for some, it may take longer than usual. After half an hour of stimulating yourself in the hope of orgasm, your hand and arm can become tired. At this point, you might get over it and stop the process. 

But this does not have to happen again if you know how to cum hands-free. A hands-free male orgasm can only be achieved by following the correct tips and practice. It is a result of sexual stimulation without the use of your hands and arms.

During this feature, we look at 10 useful tips on how to get a hands-free orgasm quickly. Keep reading to find out.

How to Get a Hands-Free Orgasm?

To get a hands-free orgasm, you will need to focus on a few vital tips to make hands-free masturbation easy for you in the future. The following ten tips will help you have a simple but pleasurable hands-free masturbation session.

Use A Sex Doll

Online are multiple websites that sell sex dolls. You can browse the store and find a sex doll that suits your tastes. A sex doll can be used hands-free when you place it down and trust into the doll as you would while having sex. 

This allows you to have the same stimulation that you would while having sex, and you can have your hands free. Sex dolls are ultra-realistic, which gives you a better overall experience. 

You can choose from a list of sex dolls with different figures and looks, which allows you to have a doll according to the type of looks you like. Each doll also comes with a textured vaginal canal and life-like breasts.

Use A Male Masturbator

You can find a masturbator with a tongue-like feature to give you extra stimulation. This male masturbator mimics oral sex in a very realistic way. 

There are different settings that you can change according to your needs. The tongue rotates around to help stimulate all parts of your penis. The silicone sleeve can be tightened to give you an intense feel. With this toy, you will be able to have a great hands-free orgasm.

Flex Your PC Muscles

Have you ever heard of Kegels? Women use Kegels to strengthen their pelvic muscles and tighten up down there. Men can use the same exercise to flex their pubococcygeus muscles. 

When you flex your PC muscles repeatedly, you can reach an excellent hands-free orgasm with little effort. This one might be complicated for those who have never tried Kegels before, but practicing the exercise will help you gain better control over the PC muscles. Then you can have various orgasms a day using this method.

Hump A Pillow

I know this may seem silly, but you can form the pillow to stimulate you in a comfortable position. You can roll the pillow up to allow a small gap where you can insert your penis into the opening and thrust your hips. 

You will then use the same motion during sex and free your hands. You can then try to move the pillow and find different forms stimulating you. Knowing how to hump a pillow can benefit your masturbation journey in the future.

Prostate Massage Vibrator

Vibrators are some of the best sex toys that exist. Anal vibrators are great for hands-free prostate orgasms. You can place the vibrator into your anus and leave it there while your hands are free to do whatever you please. The vibrator also has different strength settings, so you can decide which vibration is best for you. 

Remember to clean your vibrator often and store it correctly. Anal vibrators are a playground for germs and should be well maintained.

Rub Against Fabric

Fabrics can play a significant role in hands-free masturbation. You can use different textured fabrics to stimulate you while rubbing your penis against them. Using a soft furry fabric will give you comfortable and gentle stimulation. Using a more rigid fabric like velvet will glide smoothly while giving off a rough feeling.

Think Dirty Thoughts

Dirty thoughts can arouse you, so using your ideas to get yourself hard is beneficial if you do not have access to porn. You can think about things you want to do to someone or experiences you have had with a previous or current partner. Use these thoughts and imagine these things happening to you while you flex your PC muscles or use a hands-free sex toy.

Watch Porn

If dirty thoughts do not do it for you, try watching porn. Get comfortable. Watch porn on Roku on a bigger screen than your phone. Get comfortable, watch the videos intently, and pretend you can feel what’s happening. 

If you think about it hard enough, your brain may even start giving you some feelings. You can use one of the toys mentioned above to give you a hands-free orgasm while watching porn.

You can also find porn on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

Get Yourself in the Mood

Make sure to get yourself in the mood, meditate beforehand and try to get into the right mindset. If you are not ready, something like flexing your PC muscles will be nearly impossible.

Final Notes

In the end hands-free orgasms are easy if you practice the maneuverers mentioned above. If these options are not enough, you can always check out other options to make yourself cum quickly. 

Luckily, many sex toy options allow you to have hands-free orgasms for men. You will just need to figure out how to use them comfortably for yourself. 

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