10 Kinky Sex in Shower Positions and Tips to Try in 2023🛀

sex in shower positions

We all know the desire to try new things. When you start exploring your sexuality, you tend to get bored with sex positions. When you want to try something fresh, you might feel anxious about trying things you have never tried before.

Sex allows you to learn about your body and internal desires, like a sudden need to have sex in the shower might arise. How do you start when having shower sex? What sex in shower positions are the best? These are just a few questions that might be on your mind.

During this feature, I give you ten must-know kinky tips for shower sex. There is something you always need to keep in mind when attempting to have sex in the shower. Positions are also important. You can not attempt to do all the sex positions you and your partner do in bed, which is why I have a list of the best shower sex positions.

Let’s get started.

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Part 1. How to Have Shower Sex?

If you are interested in how to have shower sex, you need to know a few things before you try it out. Shower sex can be a bit dangerous if you are a first-timer. Yes, I said dangerous. It’s easy to slip and fall because things can get soapy and wet, and did you know you still need lube while trying out kinky shower sex positions?

Tip 1. Use Sex Toys

Sex toys are always a must, but I highly recommend using some hot waterproof toys in the shower. Sex toys will help you and your partner with foreplay and help avoid some uncomfortable sex positions. You can use a dildo with a suction cup while giving your partner oral, giving you stimulation during shower sex.

Some fantastic waterproof vibrators can also be used in the shower to help you have a more intense orgasm and sexual experience.

Tip 2. Use a Step Ladder or Chair

This might not apply to you if you are lucky enough to have a shower with a built-in step to sit on. When having shower sex, your room is limited, so you do not have enough space to move around so freely. A step or chair helps you have a steady and stable place to put your foot on or sit on to try new and fantastic sex in shower positions.

Tip 3. Use Lube

Your natural lubricant might get washed away when you are under running water, leaving your downstairs dry and making shower sex uncomfortable.
Although a shower is wet, water is not the same consistency as lube. This is why I suggest having a water-based lube on hand when you want sex in the shower. Lube has a smooth, gel-like texture which helps the penis slide in quickly with no friction.

Tip 4. Change the Water Temperature

Temperatures have a massive impact on your senses. If water is cold, you might feel a shock along with a rush. When the water is warm, you feel fuzzy and tranquil. Moving between hot and cold temperatures while having sex awakens and makes your senses heightened. This makes the shower sex more intense, leaving you refreshed.

Tip 5. Use a Non-Slip Matt

When you start having sex, things go slow, and using a non-slip mat might seem useless. But I promise you that slipping and falling are inevitable once there is a bit of soap and things speed up. Make sure you have a secure non-slip mat with suction cups to stick to the shower floor.

Tip 6. Lather Each Other Up

Get out the soap and lather each other up. You get to touch your partner in ways you do not usually get a chance to. Use the opportunity to massage each other with soap to make things extra hot and steamy.

Tip 7. Enjoy Foreplay

Do not rush through foreplay because the water might ruin the natural lubricant you make. Make sure that you take your time and enjoy the foreplay. Get yourself nice and wet to avoid friction when you start penetration.

Tip 8. Light a Few Candles

Light a few candles in the bathroom to help create a romantic light setting. Fragranced candles also help mask the bathroom smell if you have one. Candles help you give some romance at the moment, which will help your partner feel more loved and comfortable.

Tip 9. Use a Safe Soap

Vaginas are very sensitive, and you need to be sure to maintain a healthy PH balance. When you rub harsh soaps into your vulva, you might cause a yeast infection and destroy your PH balance. Use a fragrance-free soap or a vaginal soap to rub there.

Tip 10. Enjoy Yourself

Do not forget to enjoy yourself. Many of these tips are things you can plan ahead or keep in mind while busy having sex in the shower. These tips are supposed to help you have the best experience, take your time and enjoy the fun of the shower sex. There is nothing better than having kinky sex and getting clean simultaneously.

Part 2. Sex in Shower Positions You Should Try​

Now that you know a few handy tips for shower sex, here is another question, what type of sex positions are best for shower sex? Believe me when I say that some of these positions will leave you feeling horny whenever you set foot in the shower. 

There are so many shower sex positions that you can try, but we decided to only mention the best. 

Let us dive right in.

1. Straight-Down Penetration

Make sure you and your partner stand firmly on the floor, bend over slowly, and place your palms flat on the ground. If you are not flexible enough, you can spread your legs a bit for comfort or place your palms against the wall. Push your ass out against your partner’s groin area. Once you are lubricated enough, have your partner put his penis inside you while thrusting at a comfortable place.

This position is great for G-spot stimulation, and you both will have excellent traction. 

2. Oral Fixation

Ladies, this one is for your partner. Turn the shower down and aim the head at your partner’s upper body. Move down onto your knees and slowly place your mouth over his penis. This is like a regular blow job but in the shower. Make sure that water does not splash you in your face too much.

3. Seated Princess

Here is where the step ladder or chair I mentioned in the tips comes in handy. If you are the lucky one with a built-in step, you can use that. This position gives your partner a nice view of your ass. 

You can have a massage while you are busy. Have your partner sit on the step and place his feet firmly on the ground. You turn around and lower your ass into his lap while he slowly penetrates you. Bounce up and down at your own pace, and grind your hips until you both reach a climax. 

During this position, your hands are free, which means you can give yourself clitoral stimulation. This position gives you control and is excellent for overall satisfaction.

4. Steamy Face-Off

This position for shower sex is great for couples who love eye contact and deep penetration. Have your partner sit down on the floor and open their legs. They should bring their knees up as well. Place your legs alongside your partner’s hips and slowly slide down onto his penis. This position gives you stability by propping yourself using your upper thighs.

5. The Stronghold

If your partner can, this position is not for the faint of heart. Have your partner press you against the shower wall, lift your legs and wrap them around his waist while he uses his arms to support your weight. This way, he can use his hips to thrust into you while giving him a fantastic view of your breasts.

6. Wet Cowgirl

We all know and love the cowgirl position, have your partner sit on the floor with his legs straight forward or crossed if space is an issue. Move over him and slide onto his penis with your feet on either side firmly on the ground. You can hover yourself to help you have more control of the pace.

7. The Kinky Leg Rise

This is another position great for eye contact. While your partner is in front of you, lift your leg and place the bottom of your foot against the wall of the shower. Have your partner enter your from the front while facing you. Use your foot against the wall for extra support while your partner is thrusting.

This position is great for deep penetration, and the base of his penis rubs against your clit, giving you extra stimulation.

8. Ladies Pleasure

Shower sex position number two might have been for the men’s pleasure, but this one is for the ladies. Have your partner sit on the step or chair while you gently lift your leg and place your foot against the wall. Bend your knee to move closer if needed. Have your partner sit on the edge and

9. The Shower Doggy

Doggy is a great way to have shower sex. It is comfortable and easy to achieve in confined spaces. Place your hands on the step and lower your upper body, pushing your ass up and towards your partner. Your partner can use his hands to pull you closer. Open your legs to give him more movement space. If your partner is brave, he can lift your legs, and you can wrap your legs around him.

10. The Standing Missionary

Standing positions are the best for shower sex because your space is limited. Stand against the wall and have your partner come up from behind. Stand on your tiptoes to aid your partner in initial penetration, and have your partner resting firmly against the wall. 

Have your partner slowly penetrate you while you slowly move back into a normal standing position. Your partner can then wrap his arms around you and use his hand or the shower head to stimulate your clit.

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Final Thoughts

I do not need to stress that trying new things in your relationship helps keep the excitement alive. We all know that. This is why having sex in the shower can be so beneficial for you and your partner.

Many of these tips can help you create a safer environment for shower sex and will help you reap all the benefits that it has to offer. Try to explore different positions every time your shower. Remember showering together saves water. Bonus points!

Are there any sex in shower positions you have enjoyed? Which of these tips was the most helpful?

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