10 Weird Sex Positions To Try At Least Once In 2023😍

weird sex positions

We all find ourselves stuck in sex limbo at some point in our lives, but how do we get out? No one likes being stuck in a place where sex is dull and boring.

A healthy sex life is full of excitement and fantastic sex with fire and passion. But when things get to be dull, you might start looking for weird sex positions to add some fire to your relationship.

When your car tires are damaged or worn out, you purchase new ones, better ones. So try the same concept with your sex life. Your current sex positions are worn out, so why not try new crazy sex positions?

During this article, we explore the best freaky sex positions of 2022.

Let’s get started.

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10 Weird Sex Positions

So, let’s get started on a few weird sexual positions. These will surely to leave you and your partner fully satisfied. When browsing through these bizarre sex positions, remember that some may be harder to achieve and require flexibility. You will need to practice for many of these positions before you get it right. Practice makes perfect.


Difficulty: Easy

This position is excellent for deep penetration and does not require much flexibility. This position is great for reaching the G-spot because of the angle that penetration occurs.

How to: Your partner will lay back, and then you sit down facing them. Cross your legs over each other and form a crisscross X. Now start penetration and slowly move more when you are both ready.

The Plunging Down

Difficulty: Hard

This next position needs caution. It is somewhat tricky. If you feel uncomfortable, let your partner know, as this position puts some strain on your neck.

How to: Your partner should lay on her back, lift her body up, and fold her legs over her. Her feet should reach either side of her head. You then move into a squat position over your partner and squat down while penetrating your partner.


Difficulty: Easy

This is an excellent freaky sex position to change things up. What makes this position stand out is because of the sideways stimulation. It allows you to feel things differently with intimate, deep penetration.

How to: Kneel down over your partner while lying down on their side. Have your partner wrap their top leg around your waist and the bottom leg between your legs while kneeling.

The Spider

Difficulty: Medium

Have you ever done a crab walk? Well, this weird sexual position is very much the same. It resembles the crab walk but with a pleasurable twist.

How to: Sit down while leaning back on your arms, bend your knees and pull them closer to your body. Have your partner bend their legs over yours, with them resting their pelvis on top of your body.

The Fake Spoon

Difficulty: Easy

Much like spooning sex, this position gives you a great mix of intimacy and deep penetration. This position gives you a perfect view of your partner’s body while you can explore every inch of them.

How to: Your partner lays flat on their back while pulling their legs towards their body. Once comfortable, they will separate their legs while still keeping their knees as close to their face as possible. You will then lay over them at a 90-degree angle and penetrate while a great unrestricted view.

Missionary Twist

Difficulty: Medium

This position is excellent for couples who are looking for something new. This is a kinky sex position that puts a twist on the ordinary missionary position. And it is rather simple to achieve an orgasm during sex with this position.

How to: Your partner should lay on their back while you climb on top of them with your back toward them. Place your legs beside them and have them lift their legs and wrap them around your back. Their ankles should be at your shoulder blades. Sightly lift their pelvis for penetration. 

Freaky Wheelbarrow

Difficulty: Hard

This freaky sex position is not for the faint heart and might require some practice. But this position is excellent for deep thrusting and helps you have an intense orgasm. Make sure you keep things safe and have a safe word for when either partner feels unfit to continue.

How to: Have your partner stand and bend over. They should touch the ground with their hands. Next, you should stand behind them, pick up their legs, and hold them. This way, you have complete control over the speed of thrust as well. 

Cowgirl Balls

Difficulty: Easy

This next position requires a bit of an extra, a stability ball. You can find a stability ball at almost any store that sells exercise equipment. This position will give you great control over your movements while practicing your stability.

How to: Sit down on the stability ball and have your partner stand between your legs with their back facing you. Have your partner then slowly lower down onto your dick.


Difficulty: Medium

This position is fantastic for girls who love to be on top. This allows your partner to be on top without bringing a bored, tried-out sex position into the bedroom. The waterfall is great for couples who enjoy blood rushing to their head; if you do not, you are about to. When the blood rushes to your head, you have a more intense orgasm.

How to: Lay down on a bed and have your head and torso hang off the side while your partner climbs on you. Once they are on top, they can ride you as they please. 

The Arch

Difficulty: Medium

Have you ever looked for a kinky yoga sex position? Well, today is the day I will tell you how to do the arch. The arch is great for deep penetration. This freaky sex position is very much the bridge position in yoga. So you will need a partner with some flexibility to achieve this.

How to: Your partner needs to place her feet on the ground while raising her hips high into the air. Once raised, kneel down between her legs and get into a comfortable position for penetration.

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Final Words

There is always something you can do to rejuvenate your sex life. You just need to be willing to explore new freaky sex positions. Some weird sex positions might scare you off, but they should not. These positions are all tried and tested. All couples found so much excitement return in their relationship after trying a few.

Never be scared to try new things. Remember, a healthy sex life makes for a happy relationship.

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