10 Submissive Positions: Best Ever to Try Tonight

submissive positions

To define submission can be complicated. Submission in a relationship can mean different things to various people. Some might say that a submissive wife is someone who cooks, cleans, and takes care of her family. Other people will say the submissive women pertain to submission in sexual aspects.

The submission definition can only be defined by a person who is in a submissive relationship or who has submissive sex. Are you a femsub? Or do you know of any submissive men in your life?

Male submission has always been frowned upon. People used to believe that being a submissive man could lose your manhood. Today we know that submission is a form of respect and that many men and women love to be dominated by their partners.

This article looks at what submission means in a relationship and which submissive sex positions are good to try out when starting a sexually submissive journey.

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Part 1. What Is Submission in a Relationship?

Submission comes from the word “submit,” which means giving over or yielding power to another. Submission in a relationship is when you hand yourself over to your partner and give them authority over you. 

It is when you yield to managing your wants and need to take care of the dominant person. For some, relinquishing all your authority to another is scary. But when you are in a secure relationship with understanding and love, there will be nothing to be afraid of.

When you submit to your partner, they can take it as a sign of respect and adoration. This does not mean you have no right to disagree or talk about situations or actions that bother you.

In a submissive relationship, you might notice submissive sex occurring as well. When you give yourself over to your partner sexually, you give them your treasure and trust them wholeheartedly. When you submit to your partner, you will notice that they will aim to please you. They feel that you should be rewarded for your submission. At the same time, you desire to please them and tend to their needs. 

In a way, even if you are not in a proclaimed submissive relationship, all relationships have some sort of submission. There is nothing wrong with enjoying giving your partner all the control. For some, it might even bring relief.

For most people, sexual submission is fun and makes you feel sexy. In the term BDSM, the S typically means submission. This probably makes you think of kink play and all things 50 shades of grey. But the whole situation is a consensual shift of power. It might not be all the time. Maybe you and your partner only prefer to have submissive sex. Submission in a relationship is about one partner giving all the power to the other and the other receiving it.

Make sure to have open communication with your partner about sexual submission. It is good to think of how hard you like things and a few safe words for when things get too rough. Sexual submission should be fun and not make you feel uncomfortable.

Part 2. Submissive Positions for Men in Sex

Now that we know more about submission in a relationship, it is time to learn more about submissive positions. These submissive positions are an excellent way for men to show dominance over their partners. These few positions require female submission to be accomplished correctly.

Upside Down Dog

This position is excellent for deep penetration and gives you complete control over your partner. Your partner will need to have some flexibility to accomplish the job. Have your partner who is in submission go down on all fours. Once comfortable, they should move their head between their legs and raise their bottom. Have the dominant partner insert their penis from behind while pushing the submissive partner’s head further between their legs.

Blinded Love

This position is a great way to add some mystery, blindfold your partner and tie up their hand and arms in a comfortable place. Go ahead and have sex in a missionary position. You can even tie her legs and ankles to the side of the bed.

Bounded Over

This position often reminds me of horse riding; the woman’s arms are like the reigns, and her vagina is like the saddle. Have the woman interlock her hands behind her back and tie them up, have her bend over, and penetrate her from behind. You can hold onto her hands and arms while supporting yourself.

The Gymnast

This is another position that requires a highly flexible partner. Have your partner do a handstand and hold her legs under the knees. Have her fold her legs with her stomach and breasts facing the same way you are. Grab her legs and move her hips with your arms up and down.

The Captain

This submissive position will make you feel like you are steering a ship on the high seas. Have your partner lay flat on her back while lifting her legs into the air. Make sure her legs are straight and hold them with your hands, move her legs around to find the best position. Penetrate between her legs and move around as you desire.

Part 3. Submissive Positions for Women in Sex

Now that we know a few good positions for female submission let’s look at a few sexually submissive positions where women have complete control.

Forceful Cowgirl

This position gives ladies all the control and is also quite a workout. While on top of your partner, you can look them in the eyes, instruct them, and grab onto different parts of them. Have your partner lay on their back and place your legs on either side of their hips. Squat over their genital area and place the penis inside while you control the motion and speed of penetration.

Reverse Missionary

This position is excellent for male submission. You get on top of him and lay flat on his chest while grinding your hips and thrusting at your own pace. This is a comfortable sex position that still allows you to have all the sexual power over your partner.

Facial Cum

This next one is a great dominant sex position for girls who love oral sex. Have your partner lay down on a flat surface with their head close to a wall for you to support yourself. Go into a kneeling position over his face and lower your hips down onto his face. You can also grind while he is busy. Use the wall to support your upper body so that all your weight is not on him.

Side Crouch

This submissive sex position allows deep penetration while fully controlling your movements and using your partner’s leg as support. Have your partner lay on their back with one leg raised while you straddle them. Instead of straddling them while facing forward, turn sideways and hold onto their leg bent for support. This position allows you free space to grind as you please while stimulating your clit on their leg.

Rough Rider

This position will need a chair. Tie your partner’s arms and legs to the chair. Once your partner is secure, ensure they are comfortable, no one can have a good time when uncomfortable. You can now straddle your partner and grind until you reach climax. This allows your partner to enjoy what is happening but submit themselves with complete control to you. This is the perfect sex position for male submission.

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Final Thoughts

Let us end this feature on a high note, sexual submission is one of the most common things in a relationship. Most people who feel they do not have sexually submissive sex will be surprised by how much they submit to their partner.

It is essential to explore your relationship with your partner and try new submissive positions during sex. You create a more profound, intimate bond when you try new things.

Submission brings certain aspects of respect and love together, making your experience even better. Be sure to try some of these sex positions in the future.

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