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There are different sexual orientations, and finding out which one suits you best is quite a journey, a personal journey that will lead you to new experiences.

The LGTBQ+ community consists of many different orientations. Lesbian is a sexual orientation that you have probably heard about often. Gay and lesbian are one of the more common sexual orientations, unlike pansexual.

When we think about lesbian sex, we usually wonder if they miss penetration sex. This is far from the truth. Lesbians have found ways to stimulate the vagina without a penis. 

This article looks at why lesbians use sex toys and some of couples’ best lesbian sex toys.

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Part 1. Why Should Lesbians Use Sex Toys?

When straight couples use sex toys, they enhance their sexual pleasure and add some excitement to their sex life. Lesbians use sex toys for the same reasons, to improve their satisfaction.

Lesbians still have a vaginal canal with a G-spot that can be stimulated. A lesbian couple can use their fingers to stimulate the G-spot. Still, it does not constantly stimulate the G-spot enough to orgasm. 

This is why lesbians should never feel ashamed or unsure about using sex toys. Sex toys help you climax by stimulating all parts of your vagina and vulva.

There are lesbian sex toys specifically designed to make sex between lesbian couples more enjoyable. 

Orgasms for women have proved to be much more complicated than for men. Women have a clit and a vagina that needs to be stimulated. When two women are in a relationship, it helps to have toys that are proven to help sexual enjoyment between partners.

Sex toys for lesbians help with:

Intense orgasms

Sex with toys helps you have a more intense orgasm. This is because sex toys are designed to stimulate your g-spot and clit in a way no human ever could. Sex toys only add to your sex life, so they are never a bad idea.

Tailored sexual stimulation

If you enjoy clitoral stimulation more, you can buy a sex toy that focuses on this type of stimulation. A sex toy helps you enhance pleasure in areas where your sex life is lacking.

Creative sex

When using strange sex toys, you get creative with different positions and different styles of sex. You’ll never feel bored because there is always something new to try.

Stronger bonds

When you know what type of sex you enjoy, you can give that to your partner. Lesbian sex toys help you figure out what you want and help you give your partner great sex. When you have great sex, you create a bond.

Part 2. Best Lesbian Sex Toys

1. Dildos

A dildo is one of the best lesbian sex toys because it helps stimulate the G-spot during oral sex or clit stimulation. 

Dildos come in different materials like silicone, latex, and even glass. You get to decide which material you prefer to use. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can decide on an extra-long dildo or a regular length. It depends on your preference. 

Dildos are versatile and allow you to use them when masturbating or with a partner.

2. Vibrator

Vibrators are great lesbian sex toys for couples. They have versatile functions and can stimulate the vagina with vibrations. You can even have waterproof vibrators that help you have fantastic shower sex. 

You can start using the vibrator in a slow setting and increase the vibration speed as your partner feels ready. Vibrators are also great for solo play. You can use it when masturbating or having sex.

3. Strap-op

Many lesbian couples like to have some sort of strap-op when they have sex, which is why a strap-on has been called one of the best lesbian sex toys for couples. 

You can use any strap-on compatible dildo or vibrator with your strap-on. It allows you to fuck your partner with deep penetration stimulation. A strap-on helps you enjoy thrusting a dildo into your partner, resulting in deep penetration.

4. Rose toy

Your clit is very sensitive because of the amount of nerve endings, so having a clit stimulation toy can help you achieve maximum pleasure. A rose vibrator has an opening that sucks onto your clit and gives the same stimulation that oral sex would.

5. Bullet vibrator

A bullet vibrator is great for lesbians traveling or looking for a little bit of help. A bullet vibrator is compact and strong. They are small enough to carry with you but big enough to increase internal stimulation. 

6. Double-ended dildo

Scissoring is a sex position used mainly by lesbian couples. It’s when they connect to each other’s clits by opening their legs and interlocking. Scissoring is great for clit stimulation but does nothing for the G-spot. 

A double-ended dildo can be used in this sex position by placing one end of the dildo in your vagina and the other in your partner. The double-ended dildo was designed for lesbian sex to help form a close bond.

7. Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are great because they stimulate the clit and the vagina simultaneously. They vibrate to help achieve a more intense orgasm. When you use a rabbit vibrator with your partner, you help them climax in the best way because of the double stimulation.

8. Egg-tail vibrator

Egg-tail vibrators are versatile. They can be used solo or with a partner. You can have one end of the egg tail inside you and the other end inside your partner. Your partner can also use the one side inside you and use the tail to stimulate your clit.

9. Strap-on rabbit dildo

When using a strap-on, you can change things up and add different styles of dildos and vibrators. The rabbit dildo is an excellent strap-on tool to use when your partner is looking for clitoral stimulation and penetration. The rabbit dildo has two bunny ear-like pieces that stimulate the clit while thrusting. Making sure to stimulate your partner all-around helps them have the ultimate pleasure orgasm.

10. Wand vibrator

A wand vibrator is one of the first sex toys made. It is still so popular because of the fantastic orgasms people have achieved when using it. A wand vibrator has a headpiece that vibrates and is placed on the clit during sex. While your partner stimulates inside your vagina, you can hold the wand on your clit. A wand vibrator is perfect for couples who enjoy extra clit stimulation and women who love going solo.

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Final Thoughts

All women want to be satisfied sexually, whether they are in a cis or lesbian relationship. Lesbian sex toys are perfect for couples who want intense sex with their partner. By just stimulating one of the spots of women, you end up having a slightly less intense orgasm.

When you stimulate inside the vagina and on the clit using a lesbian sex toy, you give your partner to be fully satisfied with your sexual encounter. 

Although you can have sex without sex toys, they enhance your experience and outcome.


Cis women enjoy the feeling of penetration, but so do lesbians. Just because lesbians are not attracted to men does not mean they do not enjoy the feeling of penetration. Lesbians should use toys to help stimulate their G-spot and to have penetration sex with their lesbian partners.

The best sex toys for lesbians are dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, and the double-ended dildo. All these sex toys are versatile enough to be used when masturbation or when you’re with a partner. These toys help with the stimulation of the G-spot and are highly recommended for lesbian couples.

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