Lesbian Dirty Talk Tips & 28 Dirty Lesbian Jokes😍

lesbian dirty talk

I am sure you have seen hundreds of articles about what to say during sex but limited information regarding lesbian dirty talk. Society likes to think lesbians can use the same dirty talk tips that heterosexual couples use, but we know that is not true.

Lesbian dirty talk is different because the situation is entirely different. You can not expect two women to use the exact words as a man during dirty talk. This article looks at some excellent tips for women who want to know how to dirty talk. 

We also look at a few hilarious dirty lesbian jokes that can be shared on your next night out.

Let us dive in.

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Part 1. Lesbian Dirty Talk

Dirty talk can be used during sex or when you are in a long-distance relationship. Dirty talk can be used to spice things up or keep the passion flowing when your partner is far away.

Lesbian dirty talk is an important factor in a long-distance relationship. You can even incorporate a few dirty things that you can do to yourself into long-distance lesbian dirty talk.

Many articles feature tips on how to talk dirty, but most of these are focused on straight relationships. During the lesbian dirty talk, you can’t be saying things like “My dick is wet,” can you?

Many people believe that women hate dirty talk and that women only do it to make men happy. But it is not true. Women enjoy dirty talk just as much when it is done right. But this also does not mean you can blurt out just anything dirty; it would work the same way. 

Because of the limited information about how to dirty talk for lesbians, we knew this would be a great topic to introduce to our blog. 

Part 2. How to Talk Dirty?

Many lesbians have admitted that when they start to talk dirty, they tend accidentally say things they heard in movies, which results in an unhappy partner. 

When looking for expert advice on how to talk dirty, we noticed that few sites gave tips for lesbian dirty talk. 

Today we want to close the gap and give dirty talk tips for lesbians that will add the spice to your sex life that you have been waiting for.

Ask Dirty Questions

When you and your partner have established a sexual role for yourselves, this tip might be one of your favorite tips. These lesbian dirty talk examples will fit perfectly with your dirty talk if you are a dom. A sub may need to change the wording slightly to suit her role.


1. Are you my dirty slut?
2. Why are you such a dirty girl?
3. Do you deserve to be punished?
4. Do you like what I am doing, my dirty girl?
5. What nasty things are you thinking about?

Speak in the Third Person

Speaking in the third person is not always necessary, but it adds a pleasant twist to the moment. When speaking in the third person, you give your partner a sense of control over your body

By calling yourself their slut or horny babe, you give them the power to control your pleasure.


1. Must your dirty girl open her legs?
2. Your dirty slut loves the way you lick her pussy.
3. You’re making your woman wet.
4. You are going to make this girl scream.
5. Do you like how this whores pussy tastes?

Describe What Your Partner Is Doing

This is one of my favorite tips. Verbally saying what your partner is doing is easy. This makes this one of the easiest and most comfortable lesbian dirty talks. 


1. I love how you are sucking my clit.
2. Yes, it makes me wet when you touch me there.
3. I love seeing your breasts bounce like that.
4. Your fingers inside me feel amazing.
5. I love the way you are spreading my legs.

These are just a few ways you can get dirty verbally. One of the best ways to practice dirty lesbian talk is through phone sex. Phone sex means you solely rely on your words. All physical stimulation will come from your fingers or lesbian sex toy.

Sex toys are amazing tools for any relationship, especially in lesbian relationships. They help lesbian couples still enjoy penetrative sex and masturbation during phone sex. 

During phone sex, focus on all the things you would want to do to your partner. Visualize it and then tell them. Tell them how you slowly take their clothes off and start playing with their nipples, tell them what you are doing to yourself and how you are making yourself wet.

Part 3. Dirty Lesbian Jokes

One of the best things about lesbians is their unique sense of humor. Now that you know how to talk dirty let’s see what some of the best dirty lesbian jokes are. Having a few dirty lesbian jokes when out with your partner and friends can come in handy. They have also proven to lighten the mood.

1. What won’t a lesbian take?
A dictation
2. What’s a lesbian’s favorite Pokemon?
3. Squirtle.
4. What’s a lesbian’s favorite food?
5. Finger food.
6. What do lesbians love to use in art class?
7. Scissors
8. What did one lesbian vampire say to the other?
9. Same time next month
10. What are lesbians called in the UK?
Crumpet munchers.
11. What do you call lesbian twins?
12. Lick-a-likes.
13. What do lesbians call a broken dildo?
14. A dilDON’T.
15. What do lesbians call their strap-ons?
16. Pixie stick.
17. What do you call a lesbian with a long tongue?
18. The jackpot
19. What do you find in a lesbian’s house?
20. A lick-her cabinet.
21. What does a lesbian love to use?
22. A slip of the tongue.
23. What’s a lesbian’s favorite holiday?
24. Easter without the s.
25. Why do lesbians hate Napoleon?
26. Because he was a dictator.
27. What’s the catchphrase for a lesbian pirate?
28. Scissors-Me-Timbers

Final Thoughts

I can give you all the tips on how to talk dirty with your partner, but dirty talk needs to be something you are comfortable with. Make sure to discuss trigger words or phrases that might be off-putting to you or your partner. 

Lesbian dirty talk can be fun, but you need to be sure to take it calmly. Do not overthink or worry about yourself too much. The moment you become stressed, you might not perform as well. Tell yourself one or two dirty lesbian jokes to help set a comfortable mood and help you feel calmer.

Just like anything else, the lesbian dirty talk will take some practice. Practice in the mirror and be open to your partner about any reservations you might have.

But mostly, have fun.

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