10 Best Oral Sex Positions You Should Try This Month

oral sex positions

When you are in a sexual relationship, you might realize that you are somewhat uncreative regarding sex positions. You end up searching for submissive sex positions and try a few of those, but it is time for something else.

Oral sex is one of the best sexual experiences one can have. The stimulation you receive gives you a rush like no other. Well, there are many different oral sex positions that you can add to your routine. But many people run out of ideas of what positions to do next. But with websites like ours, you are lucky enough to find a list of the best oral sex positions.

During this feature, we look at the best positions for oral sex and how to achieve them quickly.

Let’s get started.

Best Oral Sex Positions Not to Miss

1. High Pleasure

With this oral sex position, you can incorporate role play to make it even sexier. This is an excellent way for you both to get a good view while receiving ultimate pleasure.

How to: Have your partner lay on their tummy and spread their legs. Have them prop up their hips so they are slightly elevated. You can use a pillow for stability. Now, you lay on your back, sliding between her until you reach her vulva.

2. Edited 69

We all know how a typical 69 oral sex position works, but this next position is slightly different. The 69 is fantastic for oral sex for both partners and helps you to have double stimulation. Still, the edited 69 is even more comfortable, allowing you to stay in the position for a more extended time.

How to: Both you and your partner should lay down on your sides, but with your head by your partner’s feet and vice versa. Both of you move your heads closer to the genital area and start licking and sucking.

3. Ass Up

This position is excellent for blowjobs. You could edit it to work for lesbian oral sex. This position is great for partners who enjoy seeing booty. This is great for a deep gentle oral with access to many erogenous zones.  

How to: Lay down flat on your back and have your partner climb on top of you with their ass towards your face. Have your partner place a pillow between your chest and her pelvis to add height. Have her move her body up until you have an excellent reach to her genitals. The same direction as your throat is easier to maneuver, even if you are not trying to deep-throat them.

4. Queens Chair

This position is excellent for women who love to be in control. This position gives you the advantage of motion control and intensity, which is why this is one of the best oral positions for women.

How to: You should lay on your back and have your partner climb onto you and squat down on your face. This gives you excellent access to involve your hands and fingers while using your tongue for the best stimulation.

5. Classic Oral

This one is an oldie but a goodie. This position is excellent for deep stimulation and helps the receiver signal to the partner by touching their head. This is also a perfect position for beginners unsure where to start or if they like oral sex. This position limits the awkwardness of trying something new the first time.

How to: The receiver with this oral sex position lays on their back while the giver moves their head down to the pelvic area. From here, they have access to touch their partner wherever they want and give great oral sex. This position for oral can be used by both. You can change things up and switch sides, whether you can be the giver or receiver.

6. Rylie

Why this position is called “Rylie” is beside me, but what I do know is that Rylie is great for a change of pace. This position might give you glimpses of the sideways 69, but it differs in many ways. 

How to: You lay on your back and bend your leg and bring it closer to your chest. Your partner then lays on their side with their head placed where your raised leg was. They will then have easy access to your asshole and genital area.

7. Anilingus on My Couch

If you read the name of this position, your first thought was probably that one song on TikTok, right? This position is perfect for a mix of anilingus and clitoral stimulation. This is also a comfy position that helps both of you feel at ease while busy. 

How to: You and your partner lay on your stomachs, with the receiver lying first and the giver lying on their stomach between your legs. The receiver should open wide and use a pillow to prop up their pelvis for a better all-around reach.

8. Glorious V

This next position might sound complicated, so test things out before trying it. This position is exciting and gives you a more intense orgasm because of the increased blood flow to your head.

How to: Have your partner do a handstand while you are sitting on a desk chair. Once in position, grab your partner around their waist to give them support. They should open their legs wide to resemble a V. Pull them higher until they are close enough to your mouth and get started.

9. Showergasm

This next oral sex position is for in the shower. Nothing is better than feeling the water running down your body while receiving oral sex. This whole position is hotter just because it is in the shower. Temperatures will also play with your pleasure nerves making a more intense orgasm.

How to: Put on the shower and wait for a nice temperature, both of you get in. Your partner then goes down on their knees while placing their mouth on your genitals. They can then suck and lick as they place. You can play with the water temperature for extra stimulation of your erogenous zones.

10. Wonderwall

This position will leave your head rolling and begging for more. This oral sex position is perfect for couples who love exciting positions for oral sex. This position requires some strength, but you will love it once you get the hang of it.

How to: Have your partner stand ready, pick them up, and place their legs around your neck. You can sit on a chair if you need more support. Make sure you are positioned against a wall. Once your partner is on you, your mouth will be perfect for cunnilingus. Your partner can use their hands to steady themselves against the wall. 

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Final Thoughts

The urge for oral sex when horny is irresistible. There is no way to escape the desire. This is why it is important to have a few kinky oral sex positions ready for when you have oral sex. Almost all oral sex positions work for either partner, so you can constantly change the receiving and giving roles.

To have a healthy sex life, you must be sure to please your partner in all the sexual ways they desire. They should do the same for you. Researching new positions will go a long way and show your interest in keeping them interested.

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