30 Dirty Things to Do to Yourself When You’re Alone✅

dirty things to do to yourself when you are alone

There are many times during your life that boredom might strike. Most of the time, you might be alone, which allows you to do a few things. 

You can do some laundry or household tasks or choose to do another thing. 

Everyone has needs of a sexual nature. If you do not have a partner or a partner who does not tend to your sexual needs, you may need to explore other options.

But what type of dirty things to do to yourself when you’re alone would be the best? 

During this piece, we look at the top 30 kinky things you can do when you are alone and horny.

Let’s get started.

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30 dirty things to do to yourself when you're alone

If you are alone and looking for some dirty things to do to yourself, this list will give you a trove of information. You may even learn about a few new things you could to yourself.

1. Hump a pillow

To start off, our list is the good old pillow hump trick. Pillow humping is excellent if you do not own any sex toys and you need to masturbate. 

If you are like me and like to change things up and masturbate hands-free, pillow humping will be great for you. Place the pillow between your legs against your clit and grind. When humping a pillow, you can use your hands to stroke yourself and your breasts.

2. Buy a sex doll online

Many of us have succumbed to the temptations of online shopping when alone. Why not try online shopping for sex dolls? Buying yourself a sex doll will not only make masturbation more pleasurable. Still, it will also help you learn about what pleases you sexually. 

There are many trustworthy sex doll websites where you can explore their vast selection of sex dolls that will suit any sexual fantasy you have.

3. Try out anal sex toys

Anal stimulation is often overlooked when masturbating, but your anus has many nerve endings that can help you have a fantastic orgasm. You do not just need to have anal sex, but you can also masturbate with an anal toy. You can purchase one if you do not already have one and try it out.

4. Try using a vibrator or a dildo

Using a vibrator or dildo is one of the best dirty things to do yourself when you’re alone. They are versatile, which means you can buy one that fits the size you enjoy. Dildos may not vibrate, but you can find ones with suction cups that can be placed on a wall or floor for extra pleasure.

5. Use a rose toy

One of the best sexual acts you can experience is oral sex, and a rose sex toy imitates it. The rose toy has a suction hole to place on your clit for clitoral stimulation. Some rose toys have a tongue-like part on the opposite side of the suction hole.

6. Masturbate in the bath with a vibrator

One of the most excellent masturbation tools you might own is a vibrator; a waterproof vibrator is even better. When you have a waterproof vibrator, you can use it in the bath. It can be fully submerged in the water and allow you to explore new places for masturbation.

7. Write down your sexual fantasies

Journaling is a great way to plan your ideas, so you should think about jotting down your sexual fantasies. When you put your thoughts on paper, it is easier to figure out your sexual desires.

8. Play out sexual fantasies on your own

You do not need a partner to role-play. You can use your imagination to play out your fantasies. You can dress up in cosplay clothes and masturbate while imagining someone else. We all used our imagination as kids. In a word, release your inner child and do a few kinky things to yourself.

9. Watch porn

Porn can help get you in the mood. Sometimes you may need to masturbate but might not be in the mood. Porn helps you get wet and prepare your mindset for masturbation.

10. Read erotic stories

Reading erotic stories help you in the same way as watching porn, with the added benefit of activating your imagination. Reading will help paint a picture of dirty things you can do to yourself when you’re alone. You can imagine dirty stuff in the literature happening to you.

11. Talk dirty to yourself

The idea of dirty talk when you are alone might sound strange, but saying dirty things to yourself will make you even hornier. It will make masturbation eventful, and you might notice your self-confidence rise in the bedroom.

12. Find a hook-up or dating site

Although this list is about dirty things, you can do to yourself when you’re alone, conversing with hotties on hook-up sites still counts. 

There are hundreds of sexy people that you can chat to on these sites and potentially meet up with. On dating sites, you can also explore your sexuality by conversing with people of all genders.

13. Rub baby oil over your body

Baby oil is used in many porn videos to help things look shiny and sexy. So why not use it on yourself. Rubbing baby oil over all your parts allows you to touch erogenous zones you might not touch often. These zones are perfect for creating sexual arousal because of their sensitivity.

14. Masturbate while looking in a mirror

When you masturbate while looking at yourself in a mirror, it helps you see exactly what you are doing. Seeing your body and where your hands or sex toys are exploring can be empowering. It can also help you appreciate your body and help increase your confidence.

15. Masturbate with lube

Lube helps things go smoothly, but many people forget that they can also use lube when they are home alone. Many lubes give pleasurable sensations and help your vibrators or dildo slide inside easily.

16. Play and massage your breasts and nipples

Nipple stimulation can be potent, so I dare you to try it next time you’re looking for something dirty to do to yourself when you’re alone. Massage your breasts and play with your nipples. Figure out what you like and how you like being touched.

17. Use BDSM nipple clamps

Another form of nipple stimulation is BDSM nipple clamps. Although they might be too hardcore for some, it is a great way to stimulate your nipples while leaving your hands free. They might be a bit painful, but you might find enjoyment with a little bit of pain.

18. Learn how to strip tease

Teach yourself how to strip tease. Many people think it is just taking off your clothes. A strip tease is like an art of dance and seduction. In your free time alone, you can practice strip teases that you can give your partner in the future.

19. Wear sexy underwear

You might be alone at home, but that does not mean you mean you can not wear some sexy undies. Enjoy your time alone exploring your body and finding a new love for yourself. You will feel sexy and confident wearing matching underwear when you look good.

20. Take hot selfies

Another way to start loving your body is by taking kinky pictures of yourself. You can even decide to masturbate to your photos, I know it might sound strange, but once you try it, you will never regret it.

21. Masturbate with a shower head

If you do not have any sex toys, you can use your shower head to masturbate. One of the best things about a shower head is that you can adjust the heat and the strength of the water spray.

22. Make a romantic night for yourself

Light a few candles and indulge in a night of self-romance. There are no rules that say you can not buy yourself some flowers. Put on sensual music, take off your clothes, and explore your body with your hands and sex toys.

23. Try chatting to horny strangers on video roulette chat sites

Talking to people on chat sites is excellent, but there are porn sites that offer video roulette chat. Here you can do cam2cam chats and masturbate with random people on the internet. 

The chance of you ever seeing these people again is minimal. You can also opt to watch pornstars getting kinky on the site.

24. Install a pole and start pole dancing

Pole dancing is a good way to get fit but an excellent way to show off your sensual skills and sexuality. You can wear fantastic lingerie and practice dancing, which you can share with your partner when you are ready.

25. Make a homemade porn video

While masturbating with different sex toys or vibrators, take a sensual video of yourself. You can also watch the video of yourself afterward and use it to masturbate in the future. When you masturbate to sexy images of yourself, you practice self-love.

26. Give yourself hickeys

Hickeys might seem like something you would do in high school, but giving yourself a hickey during masturbation can invoke sexual arousal. You become wetter when you’re sexually aroused, which helps you masturbate.

27. Send dirty texts to your partner

One of the dirty things you can do to yourself when you’re alone is sexting with your partner. When you sext your partner, you create sexual tension. It also helps you masturbate with more intimacy.

28. Learn about erotic foods

When masturbating, it is always a good idea to activate all your senses. Something to smell, something to eat, and something pleasant to see… This is why learning about erotic food will awaken your sexual senses.

29. Try the "KINK BOUNCE"

Put your hands together, place them between your thighs, and squeeze them closed. Once your thighs are closed, bounce up and down slightly while stimulating your clit. This is a different way of masturbating but can be very fun and something new you can try.

30. Masturbate with your vibrating phone

All cell phones have a vibrating option, which comes in handy when you do not have sex toys. You can use the vibration of your cell phone to stimulate your clitoris.

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Final Thoughts

To end things off, I want to remind you of the importance of self-love. Masturbation Is a great tool to help you love your body. 

When you are alone, things never have to be boring again. There are countless dirty things to do to yourself when you’re alone. Many of these kinky things to do might take some practice, but we know you will have fun trying them all out.

Have fun.

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