How to Make Yourself Wet?🍓10 Unmissable Tips

how to make yourself wet

People tend to think that making yourself wet is easy, but for some people, it is not. There is always a way to overcome problems sexually. Wetness is a sign of arousal. You can also describe wetness as natural lubrication. 

Making yourself wet will help you make sexual intercourse more active and comfortable. Vaginal lube is key to pleasure and penetrative sexual encounters.

In this article, I will indulge you in how to make yourself wet and make things easier for yourself to enjoy sex. 

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Part 1. Why should you get your vagina wet before sex?

Penetration is excellent and more accessible inside a wet vagina. Wetness plays a massive role during sex. A woman will never enjoy sex if she is not wet. 

A wet vagina is an indication to both the woman and men that penetration can now take place. People take part in foreplay before sexual intercourse to prepare the mind and body, and the only way to know a woman is ready for sex is through her wetness. It is not always the case that if a woman is not wet, she is not prepared. It might happen if the female is under some medical conditions.

If a woman engages in sex/penetration without getting wet first, she will feel pain. Vaginal dryness causes physical and mental issues during sex. The vagina is likely to swell because of the friction or tear if the partner is rough or the penis is big. All these vaginal dryness causes stress, and you will experience lousy sex. 

Causes of vaginal dryness

Someone asked me, “why is my vagina dry” before. Now, you can see the answers below and get insights into the cause of vaginal dryness.

Medical conditions

Sexual trauma





Part 2. How to make yourself wet?

I have ten valuable tips on how to make yourself wet below just for you.

Tip 1. Watch porn

Porn is the most powerful thing that plays a significant role in seduction. You can always find porn that matches your sexual desire or everything you prefer in sex and gets turned on. It is like a magnet. 

Porn is very manipulative, and I believe a person who watches porn wants to gain something, get turned on, or help themselves sexually. Seduce yourself by watching porn. Make sure you do not get interrupted.

Tip 2. Softly rub your clit

It is always essential to relax first before any sexual practices. The clit is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body that leads to arousal and pleasure. It helps a woman get turned on and allows a woman to cum. Rubbing on your clit while relaxed and comfortable helps the vagina get wet, and you get to pleasure yourself physically and mentally.

Tip 3. Use a vibrator

I can guarantee you that a vibrator is the safest to please yourself with, as long as you read all the instructions on how it works. It is not only safe but best. You get different types of a vibrator. 

A vibrator always works best on the clit and in the vagina. It helps stimulate and allow the vaginal lube to be released, which indicates pleasure.

Tip 4. Use a sex toy

Where do you like to get pleased or played with to feel pleasure? You can get a sex toy for any part of your body. It all depends on your mood and preference. Sex toys work best because you get to relax, feel comfortable, and play with your body at your own pace.

Tip 5. Use lubrication

If ever you try porn, sex toys, a vibrator, rubbing the clit, sex imaginations, finger fucking, and a doctor, but you still struggle getting wet, use lubrication. Lubrication is a tested sex tool, and it is the only best plan B you can use and trust to help you enjoy sexual intercourse. 

Lubrication will help you not experience harmful friction and burn during penetration. If you don’t know how to make yourself wet, buy yourself lubrication. Day saved.

Tip 6. Ask your partner to suck your nipples

“Nipple sucking turns me on. How about you?” If you haven’t tried it, try it. Nipple sucking is one of the steps that lead to arousal, and it is one of the body parts that shows if a woman is ready for sex. 

Getting your nipples sucked can be a big turn-on, “You know what else happens when you are turned-on?” You get wet. The sensation during nipple sucking travels all around your body and makes you feel good. It would be best if you tried it sometime. Do not forget the critical point, relax and be comfortable.

Tip 7. Imagine yourself having sex

Find a quiet place, play some sexy music on a soft volume, and lay down and relax. Close yourself and replay the best sex that you have ever experienced. 

Do not interrupt your brain. “Do you know what makes it more fun and hot?” Touching yourself while you are in your thoughts. You will start to flow some magic fluids down there. Have fun!

Tip 8. Finger-fuck yourself

Clean your hands. Lay down, relax and close your eyes. Take your finger and slowly slide it into your vagina. “You are not wet, and you are scared it will hurt or not be nice?”. 

Lick your finger first, and then slowly put it in your vagina. Just like penetration with a penis inside you, move your finger the same way. If you like it fast, go fast. 

Lead your finger inside your vagina to where you love and feel it the most. You will soon feel a flow of fluid, your vaginal lubrication. 

The penetration will be easier and more pleasant. “You do not like it with your finger?”. Ask your partner to finger fuck you. Lead him on how you like it. 


Tip 9. See a doctor

We have women who struggle with getting wet, not because they are not ready for sex but because of specific issues with their bodies. We react differently to sexual activities. If you find yourself prepared for penetration but not wet, seek medical attention. 

Find out what is wrong with your body and what will work for you. If you are sexually active, you need to know about your body to have fun and enjoy every moment sexually.

Tip 10. Think sexy and hot thoughts

Your mind plays a significant role in sex. Everything that happens to your body before or during sex starts with your brain. Your body gives and receives signals from your brain. You know what this means, right? 

You can quickly turn yourself on using just your mind. We all know you can never turn yourself on by thinking of just anything. 

Think of sexy and hot things. 

How about your partner? Try imagining him naked. 

There are many sexy things you can think of and get yourself in the mood.

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To Sum Up

Do you know how to make yourself wet and enjoy sex?  

Take your time before penetration. You won’t regret it. Allow your body to adjust first before sexual intercourse. When getting yourself wet, always follow your feelings and desire. We all prefer different things. 

I gave all the possible tips on how to make yourself wet. If what the doctor prescribed and these physical interactions are not working for you, lubrication is always the fastest answer.

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