What to Say During Sex? Dirty Things to Say to Him👄

what to say during sex

What to say during sex? Dirty talk is a way to spice things up and leads to sexual satisfaction. It proves that you are comfortable around your partner, bringing you closer together. It demonstrates that you’re happier with your sex life, both sexually and in the relationship. 

Dirty talk is a way of communicating with your partner about what you want. It also helps fulfil your sexual desires because you know what you want during sex. 

Dirty talk is another way of having fun and arousing your man. It is a big turn-on and builds sexual excitement. It simply shows that you are eager to have sex and have confidence in what you want.

In this article, we will acquire skills on talking dirty in bed. I will give tips on what to say during sex.

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Part 1. How to talk dirty in bed?

Dirty talk creates sexual tension and helps you express your fantasy. It is desirable and enables you to mentally and physically prepare for sexual intercourse. Talking dirty is powerful because it serves as seduction. It plays a significant role also as foreplay before sexual intercourse.

Tip 1. Relax and be comfortable.

Allow your body to feel relaxed and comfortable first. Make sure that you are ready. Dirty talk is more fun if you are open and into it. You need to be focused because every sexual arousal starts with the brain. The best way to relax and feel comfortable is to first focus on breathing. Your breathing plays a significant role during sexual intercourse.

Tip 2. Express your sexual fantasies.

Keep in mind that you are not crazy or weird for having sexual fantasies. Everyone does, and we all have different sexual fantasies. Be honest, straightforward, and explain what you want. It might not be easy, but you will be happier if you open up and be positive. All you need to do is, take it slow and one step at a time. Your pleasure, your responsibility.

Tip 3. Practice before going to the bedroom.

Be ready for what you are going to say in bed. Talking dirty does not easily come naturally. It would be perfect if you learned how to do it. Prepared dirty phrases can help you settle because you already know what you will say without panicking. Everything will flow with the moment because you are ready.

Tip 4. Role play.

Engage in the game of seducing. Making eye contact helps stimulate sexual arousal and create a bond. Talk more and be touchy. It is essential to consider what you are talking about and where you are touching your partner. Role play is all about expressing all your sexual desires with your partner. Also, control the tone of your voice.

Tip 5. Keep things simple.

You do not need to copy what the porn stars do. You do not need specific words to make it right. Perhaps you can start by how and where you would like your partner to touch you. It is more about being relaxed, confident, and honest about your feelings. Avoid destructions.

Focus on what you prefer. Have fun. 

Part 3. What to say during sex?

Looking for what to say during sex? What words should I use during sex? 

Look no further. Below are the dirty things to say in his ear

Phrase 1. Oh yes, baby, right there.

Phrase 2. I love it when you are in control.

Phrase 3. Fuck me harder.

Phrase 4. Go faster.

Phrase 5. I love how you quickly get my pussy wet.

Phrase 6. I love it when you put that big boy inside me.

Phrase 7. Spank that ass. It’s all yours.

Phrase 8. I’d like to taste that big boy in my ass.

Phrase 9. Come hit it from behind.

Phrase 10. Put all of it in my mouth.

Phrase 11. I love your lips better on my pussy.

Phrase 12. Would you like to cum in my mouth?

Phrase 13. You fuck me good. I love that.

Phrase 14. Tell me how you like it.

Phrase 15. You look hotter on top of me naked.

Phrase 16. Let me sit on your face for a little bit.

Phrase 17. Talk dirty to me.

Phrase 18. This throat is all yours.

Phrase 19. Fuck me like your slut.

Phrase 20. Your cock feels so big inside this tight pussy.

Phrase 21. Whisper something hot inside my ears while your balls are deep inside me.

Phrase 22. Spit on this pussy.

Phrase 23. You are a wild boy.

Phrase 24. Suck my nipples.

Phrase 25. Let me show you what this mouth can do.

Phrase 26. Punish this pussy.

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Now you’ve learned what to say during sex. Dirty talk makes the bedroom more fun, spicy and enjoyable. Sex is always amusing if you are comfortable around your partner. You get to do everything erotic and fulfil your sexual desires without feeling awkward. 

Dirty talk generates extraordinary tension, entangling sex with fantasy and rising to our sexual expectations. If ever you want to keep possession of your partner in the loop, dirty talk is the best way. 

The primary purpose of dirty talk is to help you and your partner understand one another. Sex is amusing if you are all performing each other’s desires. 

The best way to demonstrate your desires is through dirty talk. Make your sexual dream and imagination come true. It is not harmful and does not make you a slut to talk dirty.


Before anything else, ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable. Tell your partner everything that you want during sex. Do not be afraid to express your feelings. Your orgasm is your responsibility. Be honest and positive.

“I never needed anything inside of me so bad like I need your penis inside of me right now.” Always use magnetic words to get what you want in bed. It’s desirable that way. Create sexual excitement and pleasure. Say what you want during sex.

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