How to Hump a Pillow? 10 Useful Tips for 2023💡

how to hump a pillow

I am sure you have tried many different masturbating techniques as a woman. You have probably used sex toys and your hands, but have you ever tried pillow humping?

Pillow humping allows you to have a hands-free masturbation experience. By thrusting your hips as you would during sex, you create a more realistic experience.

We are sexual creatures, so it is no surprise that women are always interested in new ways to pleasure themselves. Pillow humping can be one of them, but what if you don’t know how to hump a pillow correctly?

This article is here to help you with helpful tips for pillow masturbation to make your experience even more pleasurable.

Let’s get started.

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Part 1. What Is Pillow Humping?

If you have never heard of pillow humping, I am sure you are pretty confused. Do not fret because many people have not heard about pillow humping.

Let me explain. Pillow humping is a form of masturbation by using your pillow to stimulate your clit. By grinding on a pillow between your legs, you allow yourself to have an orgasm

I know it sounds too great to be true that something as simple as a pillow can help you achieve the big O. But you cannot go wrong with a handful of tried and tested tips. Where can you find tips to help you have a pillow masturbator? Right here!

Part 2. How to Hump a Pillow (as a girl)?

I know that trying something new for some might be scary, but that is part of what makes life fun.

A new and exciting journey to self-pleasure is what pillow humping offers you. Masturbating with a pillow gives you the freedom to explore different sex positions and determine which positions are best suited to you.

The following are 3 easy steps on how to hump a pillow for you to follow.

Step 1.

Find a firm pillow and place it between your legs.

Step 2.

Lay in a comfortable position to grind in, and proceed by stimulating your clit while you rub the pillow.

Step 3.

Continue to grind until you orgasm.

And if just grinding is not enough, here are my top 10 tips to keep in mind when humping a pillow!

Tip 1. Fold the Pillow

Once you have found the pillow you want to masturbate with, you can fold it in half. Why? By folding the cushion in half, you have a higher pillow, making grinding a pillow while sitting on it easier and more comfortable. It also makes the pillow sturdier, which allows you to hump more intensely.

Fold the pillow in half and place it between your legs when kneeling. Move it around until you feel that it is comfortably touching your clit and hump away. 

Tip 2. Use Multiple Pillows

Who said you can only use one pillow when pillow humping? No one! 

I suggest packing your bed or floor with multiple pillows when using a pillow to masturbate. You can stack them on each other until you reach a comfortable height for the chosen position. You can even place them around you to create a cozy surrounding, switch pillows and move around. It’s unnecessary to limit yourself to one position or one pillow.

Tip 3. Do It Naked

Although you can quickly achieve an orgasm while wearing clothes, it is much more comfortable and pleasant when naked than when wearing jeans.

Strip down, and don’t be afraid to hump your favorite pillow with no clothing. When naked, you can also explore the rest of your body.

When masturbating and touching other parts of your body, you stimulate yourself even more. You release a positive hormone that makes orgasm more intense by caressing your breasts or stroking your thighs.

Tip 4. Different Shapes and Sized Pillows

When you buy a vibrator or dildo, you have various choices. The same principle goes for pillows. You don’t have to use a standard pillow. 

Explore using different ones that are other shapes and sizes. Some pillows are long, like a pregnancy pillow. A pregnancy pillow supports a mom-to-be stomach when sleeping, but it can also be used for masturbation. 

Many odd, shaped pillows can give you more pleasure than a standard bed pillow, experiment and find a shape and size that you enjoy.

Tip 5. Different Positions

Change things up by changing the positions that your pillow hump in. You can try sitting on a pillow and grinding on top of it, you can lay down face-forward and hump a pillow, you can lay on your side and place a pillow between your legs and thrust your hips.

Tip 6. Use Different Pillowcases

Pillowcases do not all have the same textures. Changing the pillowcase of the pillow, you prefer to masturbate with allows your body to feel something a bit different every time. This also promotes good hygiene; it gives you a chance to wash and sterilize the pillowcase after use.

Tip 7. Watch Porn

Porn helps with all types of masturbation, including masturbating with a pillow. Porn helps start your body’s natural responses; it enables you to get a natural lubricant. It also allows your imagination to explore the possibility of what’s happening on your screen to happen to you.

Porn is a great tool to use when masturbating. There are also thousands of websites and videos that can be tailored to your kinks.

Tip 8. Use a Sex Toy

You can also incorporate sex toys into your pillow humping sessions. Sex toys will add flavor and make it ten times more fun. Explore your likes and dislikes by trying different toys that are up for grabs. Some toys vibrate, and ones with different textures. Using something like a dildo or a vibrator when you hump a pillow helps stimulate your vagina.

Tip 9. Set the Mood

When you take your time setting up where you are about to masturbate and spoil yourself by making it memorable, you improve your self-worth and self-confidence.

Make it unique by adding some candles and sexy music. You can even put on some sexy lingerie.

Tip 10. Try Lube

Everything is better when it is wet. Being a bit wet allows you to glide smoothly on the pillow when grinding. Sometimes the natural lube you make when horny is not enough. There is no shame in adding a bit extra for a more comfortable pillow hump.

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Final Thoughts

Just like when you are masturbating with toys or your hand, tips can be helpful to invoke a more electrifying orgasm. Who would not want a reach for the star’s orgasm every time?

Using some of these pillow humping tips allows your body to have a pure orgasm that releases a “happy hormone” that leaves you feeling refreshed and a big smile!


Pillow humping is when you place a pillow in a position on your clit and grind until you orgasm. Pillow humping is a form of masturbation by using a pillow.

Girls hump to masturbate and reach a climax. Just like men feel relief and gratification from masturbation, girls have the same and enjoy sex just as much.

Place a pillow of your choice between your legs, touching your clit and lay on your stomach, thrust your hips, and grind the pillow until you reach an orgasm.

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