What Does Sex Feel Like for Women? 20 Answers for You

what does sex feel like for women

Women engage in sex because of desire and the feeling of it. There is no excellent feeling in this life compared to being intimate. The orgasm is one of the meanings of life.

Sex feels different for everyone. There are a variety of sexual acts. However you want, this variety of actions depends on how you think and your mood.

This article is the perfect place for everyone curious about how sex feels for women. I will answer all possible questions about what does sex feel for women in this article. We are here to share and learn about the beautiful magic of a woman’s body.

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Part 1. What does sex feel like for women?

The feeling of sex always depends on the kind of sex you are having and your partner. It might feel enjoyable or painful. Everyone feels sexual intercourse differently. It is good to find someone who knows how to communicate with your body so that you can enjoy being intimate. Remember, sex is always enjoyable if you engage yourself with someone you are comfortable around. The critical point, make sure that you are relaxed.

What does sex feel like for women?

We’ve asked 20 women. The list below is how they feel during sex:

1. Blood flows through the body to the genitals.

Blood flow increases vaginal lubrication – the wetter the vagina, the best the sex.

2. Goosebumps and definite warmth inside the vagina

Goosebumps indicate arousal. The warmth inside the vagina is caused by the blood flow, leading the body to feel more pleasure.

3. Clit is likely to get sensitive because of the friction.

The clit sensitivity indicates arousal and stimulation. And a woman is likely to squirt during the clit stimulation.

4. Ultimate thrill inside the vagina, orgasm.

You can also define it as sexual excitement. Orgasm is the result of a woman’s satisfaction.

5. The vagina gets heartbeat and tingles down the spine. 

This feeling is all caused by the blood flow and muscle contractions. It is a feeling-good sign.

6. The body contains electric sparks that continuously move over the body.

When the sparks travel around the body, it also allows\releases more vaginal lubrication. When the body releases lubrication, it shows the woman is enjoying the sex, and it is easier to penetrate.

7. Tension gets released from the body.

Tension gets released when sexual excitement reaches its climax.

8. Physical signals sensed by the body send alerts through the nerves to the brain, which reacts by releasing chemicals on the body and making a woman feel more pleasure.

9. Excited, calm, and joyous

This feeling confirms the well-being and pleasure of the woman. It shows that the sex is outstanding.

10. Pressure

Pressure is a common problem that interferes with lubrication. You are likely to feel pain during sexual intercourse. And if you force penetration under pressure, the vagina is expected to swell.

11. Pleasure

Since we have different types of sex, pleasure feels different to everyone. It is a sign of arousal.

12. Shiver

It is likely to occur after the orgasm and muscles are released. It is a fantastic aftershock. 

13. Arousal

It occurs during sexual excitement. It is a sign that the body and mind are getting prepared for sexual intercourse.

14. Sexual excitement

Sex affects both the brain and body. Sexual excitement occurs when the brain and body are turned on and ready for penetration.

15. The vagina feels sensitive

The friction and pressure during sexual intercourse lead the vagina to sensitivity.

16. Discomfort

Certain illnesses and less lubrication can cause discomfort, which leads to painful sex. Pain shows that the mind and body are not ready for penetration.

17. Scared

It can be scary if the woman is having sex for the first time.

– Rush to have sex.

– Vaginal infections.

– Experience of sexual abuse or sexual trauma.

– Penis length.

– Menopause.

– Injuries.

18. Anxious

There is a variety of reasons one would experience anxiety during sex. Bad experiences most likely lead to anxiety during sex from the past/stress. It affects arousal during sex. 

19. Tense

If a woman is not relaxed, it is a sign that she is not ready for penetration and the sexual intercourse is likely to feel tense. Insecurities can also cause tension because you lose confidence and do not relax.

20. Pain

There are various reasons a woman feels pain during sex.

– Sexually transmitted diseases.

– Fibroids.

– Menopause.

– Vaginal infections.

– Not enough lubrication.

– Penis size.

– Psychological problems. And many more.

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Part 2. What is the best way to enjoy sex for a woman?

Tip 1: Firstly, a shower is essential before having sex. Make sure you smell outstanding. Feeling comfortable in your skin is very important during sex. Proper hygiene also helps avoid infections and surprise smells, which are embarrassing and a turn-off.

Tip 2: Always get a partner that you feel comfortable around. We all like our bodies handled a certain way. Get a partner that is your type sexually so that you can all fulfill your sexual desires comfortably. For example, if you prefer wild sex, get a partner that is also into rough sex.

Tip 3: Creating some sexual tension before going to the bedroom can make for a more exciting encounter. Give your partner signals, including a prolonged kiss or a seductive wink when they walk in the door. All this can get your mind and body to warm up before the main action. If your partner is away, you can create sexual tension by sexting.  

Tip 4: Foreplay is essential. It serves a physical and emotional purpose, helping prepare both mind and body. Foreplay is in various ways. It depends on how you want your body turned on or what you enjoy. Foreplay refers to the following:

– Kissing all over the body, especially neck kissing and deep kiss.

– Muffing.

– Fingering.

– Whispering dirty things in the ears.

– Breast sucking.

– Clit rubbing.

– Massages.

– Use of oils and flavored products.

– Use of sex toys.

– Striptease.

– Eye contact.

Tip 5: Spice things up. Buy some champagne and snacks and talk about your fantasies. Put on lingerie while you are having your champagne and eating some snacks. Do not forget to put on a nice-smelling perfume. You can have some sexy DVD playing or romantic music.

Tip 6: Use protection and lube. It is important to protect yourself and your partner when having sexual intercourse. Some women have trouble getting wet naturally, so lube is important to keep close.

Part 3. Why does sex feel so good?

There is a sense of euphoria once the penis first goes in. there is an initial rush of blood to the private parts and a feeling of some soft electrical shock going through your body.

Sex feels so good because the body and mind exchange signals, allowing the body to release fluids and leave you feeling pleasure. The muscle tension increases during penetration, and the clitoris becomes super sensitive. The vagina gets very warm and wet, which gives the best feeling ever. Blood pressure rise and breathing get intense, especially if you find someone who knows how to sex you and provides a good head. This is why sex feels so good.

It is essential to find a partner that matches your sex drive so that you can enjoy sex.


What does sex feel for women? The feeling of sex varies in women. Some feel pleasure, some feel pressure, even some feel pains. 

Sex is good for the body and mental health. It helps reduce stress, fight mental problems, and reduce heart problems. Sex helps balance your estrogen and testosterone levels. There is nothing wrong with having sex. 

If you feel like you are in the mood to have sex, go for it. All you have to do is practice safe sex and are ready. You should make sure you and your partner are comfortable around each other. Sex is a typical, healthy part of life. It should be exciting and pleasurable for you and your partner.

Excellent and healthy sex life is essential.


The feeling of sex always differs for women because we have different types of sex. First, you feel pressure, and then it feels warmer and warmer as the penis goes back and forth. It feels like electricity moving through the body. It feels a bit intense, and it gets your blood running through the genitals and sends shivers through the body. In a certain period, you then start feeling the pleasure.

Sex is not a good feeling for everyone. Some women feel pain. It depends on what kind of sex you are having. 70% of women would describe sex as a good feeling. During sex, a woman’s body experiences physical and emotional pleasure. The more pleasure she feels, it is the more she feels good.

During sex, there is rational warmth. The clitoris has thousands of nerve endings, making it highly sensitive, allowing orgasm to take part. Orgasm release endorphins (feel-good hormones). The vaginal tissue rich with nerve endings becomes swollen with blood and highly sensitive during arousal. That is where comes the pleasure and why sex feels terrific for women.

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