What Is the Mile High Club? The Only Guide You Need🛩️

what is the mile high club

We have a lot of slang words for specific sexual activities. Many people are not familiar with some of these sex activities and how they are done. 

What is the mile-high club? Have you ever heard about it? 

That’s one of the questions we are here to answer.

The mile-high club is like an adventure, a sex adventure. You might have heard about it on TV, but it is real.

We have various mile-high clubs, they all differ, and they are set according to their standards. 

The mile-high club might be rated one of the best sexual activities, but you can be arrested if you get caught and face 90 days’ jail time or pay bail worth about 1,900 dollars. It is illegal. 

The inventor of the autopilot was the first man to have sex on an airplane. His name was Lawrence Burst Sperry. The Love Cloud was made possible because his passenger was a woman. The owner of the Mile High Club is Andy Johnson. The mile-high club is now a successful business.

This article is the best for you and those willing to learn about the mile-high club or looking for cloud love.

Stay tuned for excellent and helpful details.

Table of Contents

Part 1. What Is the Mile-High Club?

This section is all about the mile-high club meaning. 

Mile-high club is a slang word that best describes sexual activity in a plane by two people or individuals, including the flight workers. 

It can be on the plane’s seats or in the aircraft’s bathroom, as long as the sex is occurring in the plane. The plane usually flies you to have sex and lend back for a specific time. 

It could be 45 minutes or more. The time always depends on the price you paid for. 

The mile-high club has existed for more than 100 years. It is alleged that the plane’s vibration is the cause of the mood to have sex in the aircraft.

The word “high” in the mile-high club was formed because sexual intercourse is high above the ground. 

30% of the sex on a plane is with strangers. This proves that most people pay a lot of money to join the Love Cloud just for casual sex, fun, and getting rid of boredom. 

But what are the rules on an airline, and how much trouble can you get in? 

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Part 2. How to Join the Mile-High Club?

Knowing the mile-high club meaning is the only purpose you’re here. You also need to know how to join the mile-high club.

To be a part of the mile-high club, you need to have a membership card to gain entry. It can be pretty expensive, mainly because it is illegal. 

The mile-high club includes the pilot, flight attendants, and airline passengers. Guests or individuals get flown around while having sex. The mile-high club requires 18 years to qualify to be a club member. 

A plane can be set to fly on its own without the pilot controlling it. That is how the pilot can get involved in the mile-high club. You can also join the mile-high club and have sex with just your partner privately. 

The plane is exceptionally equipped. A curtain will be provided that separates the passengers, and noise-canceling earphones are provided to avoid disturbance during the flight. 

North Las Vegas airport is the famous airport known to be the best home of cloud love. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

The best thing about having sex on an aircraft is that you will never get caught by anyone you fear will see you unless it is just a stranger from the plane. 

It is a very discrete experience filled with comfort. You get served with a comfortable bed with clean sheets and pillows. The Love Cloud is the answer if you wish to get naughty without interruptions and keep details to yourself. 

While the mile-high club is forbidden, people still tend to participate. According to sex experts, you can join the mile-high club with a particular trick without getting caught.

Part 3. Mile-High Club Pricing

The mile-high club is costly. Every treatment is based on the amount of money you pay for. 

The first class will always be expensive because you get served the therapy you want, including meals and drinks. “Sex on an aircraft is one of the items in many people’s carts to kick off, but how much will it cost to purchase the membership card.” 

You can book a mile-high club according to the time you want to have fun on air as long as you pay for the time. 

The typical time for a mile-high club is 45 minutes and 60 minutes. For 45 minutes’ guests pay about 995 dollars, and for 60 minutes’ guests pay about 1,495 dollars.


We’ve covered the mile-high club meaning, how to join the mile-high club, and the mile-high club pricing. Do you have any idea about which club to join? Are the prices acceptable? 

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Thank you.

FAQs about the Mile-High Club

Mile-high club is a slang word that refers to group sex or sex between two individuals in a plane, including the pilots, flight assistants, and passengers. Or you can explain the mile-high club as the cloud love because the sex or lovemaking takes place on the cloud.

The mile-high club starts counting as the mile-high club at an altitude of not less than 5,280 feet and having sex at least one mile above the ground counts as cloud love or mile-high club. The high in the term mile-high club is simply because the sex takes a plane is a plane that is above the ground.

The mile-high club started over a hundred years ago. The first person to ever have sex on an airplane was Lawrence burst Sperry and his female passenger. The mile-high club has turned into a successful illegal business that people still participate in.

The mile-high club is illegal. If you get caught involved in the mile-high club, you will face 90 days of jail time or pay 1900 bail money. One of the reasons the mile-high club is expensive is because it is illegal. If you are thinking of joining the mile-high club, always be prepared for consequences because you never know the day God decides to neglect you, and you get unlucky.

For a person to be a part of the mile-high club, first, he needs to have a membership card to gain access. Even after purchasing the membership card, you still need to pay for the flight. Owning a membership card does not necessarily mean you can join cloud love for free. It is to show that you are a part of the mile-high club.

It all depends on which pair you choose. At North Las Vegas, the famous air regarding the mile-high club, you pay 995 dollars for only 45 minutes on the aircraft. You have to use the 45 minutes to accomplish your sexual adventure thirst. There are 60 minutes offered, and you are to pay 1,495 dollars. If you wish to be in the first class, you can as long as you are willing to pay over 2,000 dollars. Also, you can find other mile-high clubs at a cheaper price, like, Flamingo air. The membership card cost 475 dollars, and the flight prices cost from 799 dollars to 1399 dollars. “It is still quite expensive.” You can always google about affordable flights.

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