15 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram You Should Follow [2023]πŸ”₯

pornstars on instagram

When you are watching porn, I am sure you have thought about the pornstar you are watching.Β 

What are they doing right now? Where do they like to eat? What is their gym routine?Β 

All of these questions cannot be answered by watching porn videos alone, so you might have thought about where you could see more about them.Β 

Instagram allows you to see content about the lives of some of the best pornstars in the industry.Β 

By following them, you get to learn about all the happenings in their lives.

Today we look at the top pornstars on Instagram during today’s article and what type of content to expect by following them.Β 

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Part 1. 15 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram


Kimmy Granger is a fantastic pornstar that can be classified as the Mona Lisa of pornstars. She is known for her flexibility, amazing boobs, and hot body. She loves sharing bits of her life on Instagram with her fans, and she has quite a big following on Instagram.


Stormy Daniels made waves in the 80s and 90s with her seductive look. She was one of the most loved pornstars of the era. She has joined the 21st Century and become one of the hottest pornstars to follow on Instagram.


Mia Malkova is an excellent choice when looking for pornstars to follow on Instagram. Mia might have dropped in her most popular pornstars rank a bit, but she is still millions of porn watchers’ favorite go-to pornstar. Mia has many videos with her petite frame and has now graced us with a curvier version of herself. Who doesn’t love bigger boobs and a fatter ass?


Riley Reid has seven years of experience in the porn industry and has become one of the top searched stars on porn sites today. She has an Instagram account for her fans to get a glimpse into her daily life and how she keeps herself busy. Riley is on her way to becoming one of the top performers in the industry, and we can’t wait to see what else she is going to bring out.


Brandi Love might be close to fifty years old, but she shows us that she’s still got it with her kinky pictures on Instagram. Brandi has been an all-time favorite for many people over the years and continues to please users with her skills as a pornstar.


Lana Rhodes has previously had her Instagram account hacked, but she has now gained control of her account. She loves sharing information about her life as a mum and enjoys promoting her crypto company. Young as she is, but she has proven to have lots of experience in front of the camera. Lana is one of the most dedicated pornstars in the industry after suffering an injury that stopped her from having anal sex. Although she had an injury, she is now healed and back in the game.


Adriana Chechik is the best pornstar to watch if you love hardcore porn. Adriana has deep-dived into the hardcore porn world and showed us she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. We love the passion she has on screen and off the screen. You can see pictures of her life involving fancy dinners and parties and get details about upcoming scenes on her Instagram.


Lena Paul is one of the youngest pornstars on Instagram. She loves telling fans about her upcoming porn scenes and giving us a glimpse into her home life. Lena is the perfect combination of thick and skinny. She has all the right junk in all the right places.


Nicole Aniston is a pornstar who is not afraid of moaning and screaming. There is nothing better than a sultry moan while watching porn. Not to mention that Nicole’s boobs are excellent, which is probably one of the top reasons she is one of the most watched pornstars. Her Instagram is filled with hot bikini pictures and shots of her daily life for her fans.


Abella danger is an up-and-coming pornstar who seems to be rising in the ranks daily. She has been climbing the ladder and made her way into the top 15 best pornstars list of 2023. Abella shares many holiday videos and sultry snaps for her follower. She also shares promotional content for Brazzers.


Lisa Ann is a household name in the porn industry. She has been releasing porn videos for years. Although Lisa is almost fifty, she has the stamina of a twenty-year-old. Her Instagram is a great way to get to know Lisa more personally. Her Instagram allows you to peek into her life and enjoy the content that is not just about porn.


Alexis Texas will probably be on top pornstar lists for years to come. This busty blonde babe skyrocketed to fame because of her unique ability to draw you in with her sultry eyes. Her Instagram page is full of cute, hot, and kinky pics that are not found everywhere else. Get the inside scoop on her life by following her Instagram.


Asa Akira is one of the most followed pornstars on Instagram, and we know why. This Asian beauty has appeared in over 500 porn movies and scenes, and she is one of the hottest stars in the industry. Asa shares some exciting content about her daily life and upcoming appearances she has. If you want to meet her, follow her Instagram and see what she is up to.


Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese hottie that you shouldn’t miss. After ending her porn career in 2014, Mia continued with other exploits. She shares many snaps of her luxurious life on Instagram and is still one of the most loved pornstars to ever grace our screens.


This brunette beauty is a gift to us all. Harper is one of the most loved lesbian pornstars on the internet. Her Instagram page is full of cute pictures of her dogs in sombreros and her in underwear. It can’t get any better. Dillon Harper has amazed fans with the stamina and sensual sex scenes she has done over the years.

Part 2. Favorite Sex Toys Used by Instagram Pornstars

What sex toys do these Instagram pornstars use? We’ve picked the top 10 for you.


Dildos are a favorite for obvious reasons. For example, they are great for foreplay and self-pleasure. Pornstars love using dildos because of how versatile they are. A dildo can be used for anal or vaginal sex. They are also great because they come in many different shapes and sizes. You can decide which size suits you and opt for the best option.


If you think dildos are great, you will probably love a vibrator. With most vibrators, you can select the intensity you would like the vibrations to be at, and you will get even more stimulation. Vibrators are great for internal and external stimulation and help you have intense orgasms.

Rabbit vibrator

There are many types of vibrators, but none stimulate your clit like a Rabbit vibrator. It is made to give you the ultimate clitoral stimulation while stimulating your g-spot. They have different colors and shapes but always with the same flexible rabbit ears to stimulate your clit.

Rose toy

A rose toy is primarily used for clitoral stimulation because the rose toy has a sucking function. It does a fantastic job of mimicking oral sex. This toy is excellent for self-pleasure and can even be used to suck your nipples or other erotic parts of your body. Don’t be shy. Try the rose toy on different parts of your body for the ultimate experience.

Wand vibrator

A wand vibrator is an old-time favorite. It has been around for ages and will continue to be used by many pornstars for years to come. The sex toy is in the form of a microphone and can be used to stimulate your clit in many different ways. You can move it around to hit the right spot for the best orgasm.


Strap-ons are great for many reasons, 1. To help with deep penetration in lesbian sex, 2. To allow you to participate in pegging fetish, 3. They can be used with various dildos and vibrators. Strap-ons have been great for the porn industry because lesbian sex scenes have become more enjoyable.Β 

Anal plugs

Many people tend to forget about the impact anal stimulation can have during sex. There are many nerve endings in your ass. When you use a butt plug while having sex, you get to have the best of both worlds. Many men also enjoy using it for an ultimate climax.

Double-ended dildo

Dildos come in many shapes and forms, but nothing beats a dildo that can stimulate vaginas simultaneously. Double-needed dildos are primarily used during lesbian sex but have also been loved by many for solo play.

The Bottom Line

Our list of pornstars to follow on Instagram consists of many girls who all have unique styles when it comes to their performance. But what they all have in common is that they are stunning, and we cannot get enough of them.Β 

There are many favorite pornstars on Instagram, but all of these babes are those searched for the most and loved by many. We enjoy the fact that many of these pornstars use sex toys. When you see others use toys, you might learn a thing or two.

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