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what occupation has the best sex life

If you have a quiet sex life and have noticed some friends with an abundant supply of sexual partners, I am sure you are wondering why them and not you?

Studies have shown that your occupation can influence the amount of sex and sexual partners you have, aside from good looks. That might sound strange, but how can a profession affect your sex life? Maybe it is the money or perhaps the title of the occupation that draws people in.

We might not even know the reason behind this, but we know that a select few occupations have more sex than others.

What occupation has the best sex life? Who are the best in bed by profession? Today’s article discusses the various careers that have proven to have a better sex life than others.

Now, let’s dive in.

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Part 1. What Occupation Has the Most Sex?

Sometimes your social status will significantly impact whether someone has sex with you. It is because, for many people, social status is essential, and they would rather have a higher rank in social affairs.

But some of these occupations might not have a high social rank, but they give you an edge to either meet new people or save a few people.

By knowing what occupation has the best sex life or the most sex, you can collectively decide what type of occupation you are interested in pursuing


This one is quite obvious. Sex is a pornstar’s job. Pornstars are paid to have sex on camera with multiple people. Some pornstars have recorded more than 30 different people a day. This is why pornstars are probably the people with the most sex. When your job requires you to have sex, you tend to do it a few times a day.

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Hairstylists meet hundreds of new people weekly, so they stand a good chance of having more sex than others. When you meet a few new people a day, you are bound to meet someone you want to sleep with. Therefore, people who are hairstylists have more sex than people who work from home.


Let us take a mental note. All firefighters are sexy. When someone comes up to you and tells you he is a firefighter, you automatically start seeing pictures of shirtless firemen in your head, or is that just me? 

Firefighters are sought-after sex idols to millions of people. Not only are they good-looking, but they are usually fit, which results in a higher sex drive which helps the sexual encounter last longer.


There is a reason why strippers often dress as policemen, policemen are known to be heroes, and most people find heroism attractive. If it is not the heroism you find attractive, it might be the handcuffs. Policemen also meet new people daily, giving them a vast number of partners to choose from.


Mechanics are known to get quite dirty in bed. Mechanics are known to be very open about their sex lives, which can usually attract people. They also have the opportunity, like hairstylists, to meet new people daily. It helps you have more sex if you interact with people. You cannot expect to have lots of sex but never leave your house.

Part 2. What Occupation Has the Best Sex Life?

Although some of the above occupations have the most sex, that does not necessarily mean they have the best sex. Other people with different occupations took part in various studies to help us figure out what occupation has the best sex life. This study took the partners and compared the orgasms given by different people from all walks of life. 

According to the Mirror, a LELO survey revealed the top five occupations with the best sex life and the most orgasms.


Farmers are known to “sow seeds,” so it comes as no surprise to see farmers on this list. Farmers love to please their partners and leave them fully satisfied, making them one of the occupations that have the best sex.


Doctors spend all day with patients, nurses, and other doctors, making them easily susceptible to the temptation of ending the day off with one of them. 

Many women and men have said that they find their doctors extremely attractive and would sleep with them if given a chance. Doctors have studied the human body and know many of the pleasure spots on the body, making them have some of the best sex.


Architects have creative personalities, which allows them to create some incredible works of art in their field. It is known that the precision and determination required for this occupation can leave them feeling restless and stressed out.

This is why many architects turned sex into a stress reliever. They always leave their partners fulfilled by taking the same dedication to perfection they have at work into the bedroom.


Unsurprisingly, laborer is going to have fantastic sex. Labourers are hard workers who aim to please their partners in bed. When you do hard labour, you bring home some of your work frustrations. Sex is a good outlet for frustrations and sex, which is also why laborers have proven to have a lot of good sex.


Advertising is seen everywhere in stores, TV, magazines, and billboards. Behind these advertisements are people who love to have fantastic sex.

Advertisers know how sex attracts people from all walks of life, but you also need to know how to have good sex. Advertisers have done their research. According to studies, people in advertising leave their partners fulfilled and with fantastic orgasms.

The Bottom Line

There are thousands of occupations to choose from, but why make a random choice if you can decide to go with an occupation that will give you better sex.

Yes, an occupation alone does not mean better sex. But some professions help your chances for more sex. After reading about different occupations, you can make a more informed choice for your future. Choose what occupation has the best sex and that you would love to do.


According to multiple studies, farmers, doctors, architects, laborers, and those in advertising. These are some of the occupations that have the best sex but not always the most sex.

It has been proven with a few studies that firemen, hairdressers, policemen, and porn stars. Obviously, porn stars have more sex because their whole job is having sex with other people. The different occupations have more sex because of the vast amount of people they deal with daily.

Porn stars and farmers are some of the top occupations for sex lovers. Porn stars and firemen are some of the professions that have the most sex. But it also depends on the willingness of the person in question. Some farmers or firemen might choose monogamy.

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