Top 10: Amazing YouTube Pornstars to Follow in 2023✨

YouTube pornstars

YouTube is filled with different content, kids opening packages, makeup tutorials, and even YouTube pornstars’ channels. But with the vast number of channels available on the application, which pornstars are worth subscribing to?

Another question that might jump out while watching porn is, what is that sex toy? Pornstars use many different sex toys during a sex scene, and if you are new to sex toys, they might leave you baffled.

I have created a list of all the best YouTube pornstars with channels and the different types of sex toys on the market.

Let us dive right in.

Part 1. Top 10 Pornstars on YouTube

Have you ever wondered about what a day in the life of a pornstar would look like? Today we have tools like YouTube that makes it possible for pornstars to share their exciting lives with you. YouTube pornstars share vlogs where you can learn intimate details about them.

But where can you find pornstars on YouTube? Today I will be sharing some of my favorite pornstars’ YouTube channel links.

Let’s get started.

1. Alexis Texas

Alexis Texas has a YouTube channel filled with riveting talks and answers all the questions you would like to ask about the porn industry. She has many special guests on her talk show, including other pornstars and producers. She is not shy and loves helping curious people understand more about the adult business.

2. Brittney Amber

Brittney has used her social media platforms to advertise her OnlyFans account by posting steamy content. Her YouTube channel is the same. You can see her brushing the thin line between what YouTube community guidelines allow and what is not on her channel. She loves posing in her underwear and taking fans along when she goes shopping via vlogs.

3. Sunny Leone

Many pornstars look for other ways to gain popularity when leaving the adult entertainment industry. Sunny Leone has turned to YouTube as a new way of life. You can find many exciting videos and vlogs on her channel about her new life. She even answers questions about her old life. Sunny has been a pornstar who has captured the hearts of many. Now, she captures even more on YouTube. 

4. Marcia Hase

When looking for cute Asian pornstars on YouTube, Marcia has to be your number one choice. Marcia is very active on her channel and constantly engages with her subscribers. She takes videos of her day-to-day life, family, and friends. She shares many intimate details about herself and is very open to her subscribers.

5. Ali Rose

Ali Rose is a fitness guru, and she loves creating and sharing new workouts on her YouTube channel. Ali’s channel is full of great dance workouts that will help you burn fat and get fit at the same time.

6. Lexi Lore

If you enjoy videos about the daily lives of pornstars, Lexi Lore will be your top choice. She shares vlogs about what she eats during the day, makeup looks, and intimate details about herself and home. Find out more about who Lexi is and her family life by subscribing to her channel and staying up to date with new content.

7. Alix Lynx

Alix loves to share her passion on her YouTube videos. She loves to share informative videos for newcomers to the porn industry. She wants all pornstars to feel the same and know how to navigate the adult film world. She shares tips on how to stay safe and stories about her time while creating porn films. 

8. Tanya Tate

Tanya is a famous pornstar amongst fans, but she also has a vast group of friends that include popular pornstars. Tanya shares many videos about herself a how she has joined the industry. Tanya is almost unrecognizable in her YouTube videos, as when she features in porn, she wears a lot of makeup.

9. Gena Gerson

Gena is a popular Russian pornstar on YouTube. She has quite a few subscribers who are interested in her vlogs. She loves taking a camera with her when she goes hiking, swimming, or on an adventure. Gena shares her passions with her fans and intimate details about her complex lifestyle.

10. Lela Star

Lela is one of the pornstars on YouTube with the most followers, and we can see why. Lela posts many behind-the-scenes footages of porn shoots and lets fans have the inside scoop on what truly happens during the making of porn. She also posts many videos about her life and what events she goes to.

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Part 2. Hot Sex Toys YouTube Pornstars Use

Now you’ve known the top 10 YouTube pornstars. In this section, I would like to introduce the hot sex toys these YouTube pornstars use.


A dildo is a sex toy that has been used by millions of people for years. Dildos come in various shapes and sizes, which help if you enjoy a longer or bigger sex toy. Some dildos come with suction cups and can be secured on a wall or floor for ultimate pleasure. Most dildos are made from safe silicone, but some have been made from glass.

Clitoral vibrator

The word vibrator can suggest various types of sex toys. Still, a clitoral vibrator is one that only stimulates your clit or other external features. A clitoral vibrator is excellent to help you have a more pleasurable orgasm during penetrative sex or masturbation.

G-spot vibrator

A G-spot vibrator is used for penetrative purposes. It can go inside your vagina and vibrate to stimulate your g-spot. It is excellent for masturbation to help you reach the ultimate orgasm. Some G-spot vibrators also have extra pieces for clitoral stimulation, like the rabbit vibrator.

Anal vibrator

Anal vibrators massage your prostate, which leads to incredible orgasms. Many men use these to help them have a more intense orgasm. The prostate is full of many nerve endings, just like the clit of a woman. Anal vibrators can also have a pleasurable effect on women. Women have glandular tissue that is usually called the female prostate.

Remote controlled vibrators

When you are in a long-distance relationship, having access to sex toys that can be controlled by your partner miles away is beneficial. This is why remote-controlled sex toys seemed to be on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, couple still got to be intimate without leaving their homes.

Masturbation sleeve

Masturbation sleeves are used mainly by men. A masturbation sleeve is also known as a fleshlight or a pocket pussy. You can use the sleeve to mimic real sex during masturbation. It gives the user a real experience with ultimate orgasm.

Cock ring

Cock rings are a fun toy to use during sex, cock rings go around the penis and usually vibrate. Cock rings help you give your partner a better sexual experience by stimulating her clit with the vibrations of the cock ring.

Butt plug

Sometimes you might prefer a non-vibrating anal stimulant. A butt plug would be the best option for you. Butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes, and some have attachments like tails. These are great for people who have fetishes and like anal stimulation.

Sex doll

Sex dolls are one of the most realistic sex toys on the market. Sex dolls have a woman’s facial features and even have a vaginal and anal cavity that you can have sex with like any other woman. Sex dolls are one of the bestselling sex toys because of the realistic experience they give users.


In lesbian relationships, they often use strap-ons to have penetrative sex. Although, it can also be used during some fetishes like pegging. Strap-ons can have vibrators or dildos attached to the front part and then worn and used by you or your partner.

Final Thoughts

We all enjoy having an insight into the lives of our favorite pornstars. Pornstars with YouTube channels have made it possible for us to learn more about their personal lives. Not only do you find out about what type of things they keep them busy with, but some like to share more intimate details. 

Like which sex toys work best for them. This is why knowing more about all the mainstream sex toys can come in handy. 

Enjoy the fun!

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