Who Feels More Pleasure, Male or Female? Latest Verdicts

who feels more pleasure male or female

What is your end goal when you decide to have sex or masturbate? An orgasm. Orgasms are the body’s way of reaching the highest point of pleasure. 

Sexual pleasure is something that everyone will feel while having sex, but an orgasm is the ultimate burst of pleasure. Many people have been left with the thought of who feels more pleasure, male or female? 

The answer varies among people. Some women orgasm easily, where more than 50% of women have undergone struggles to orgasm. Men have had issues becoming erect, which will also have an impact on having an orgasm. 

Your diet and all-around health also impact your ability to have a decent orgasm, so if you follow an unhealthy diet or are unfit, you might struggle.

Orgasm is the best feeling, many people feel pleasure during sex, but that is not an orgasm. We look at the different variables during this feature to determine who feels more pleasure.

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Part 1. Women feel more pleasure - the verdict

Women are more complex than men. Their bodies have different causes for low sex drives and the inability to orgasm. Many of these are not easily controlled and might need medications to retain a normal balance. Women are emotional, and many of our emotions are because of hormonal imbalances.

Hormones play a significant role in our daily lives and sex lives. You could feel magnificent and suddenly feel an extreme rush of emotion. These uncontrollable emotions sometimes make our minds cloudy, resulting in a low sex drive.

Women have two hot spots on their body that can be stimulated during sex, the G-spot and the clit. When having sex, your partner’s penis might stimulate your G-spot, but your clit will have no stimulation. You will often need to stimulate yourself to achieve an orgasm.

G-spot is also not always at the same spot. Some women have reported that you struggle to find it because it is constantly on the move. This means men also struggle to find the area to stimulate and then end up not having an orgasm.

Over 50% of women have said they do not get orgasms during sex with a partner who leaves them less satisfied. When having sex, rhythm has an impact on what your outcome will be. Men tend to change angles and rhythm, which means that if the girl is close to an orgasm, she has to start over completely.

Women feel less satisfied during sexual intercourse with men, meaning they also feel less pleasure statistically.

But when women have an orgasm, they feel the same rush, euphoria, and tranquillity that men do with an orgasm. The same rush of pleasure makes your toes curl and leaves your heart racing, although it might be harder for women to orgasm.

Women also can sustain their orgasms, which means they can last longer and more than once in just a few minutes.

Women have more orgasms when masturbating than during penetrative sex with a person. This is because a woman knows her body and what she needs.

Women feel the same pleasure as men if they can reach an orgasm. Both experiences are equal and leave you feeling fulfilled. In 1953 an article was published stating that the anatomy of the male and female sexual organs suggests that the fulfillment of an orgasm is identical in males and females.

The ability to reach a climax could be the deciding factor between who feels more pleasure during sex. If a man during sex has an orgasm, but the woman does not, he will obviously feel more pleasure.

When a woman orgasms with a man, she might feel more pleasure because of the pro-longed feeling of the sustained orgasms. Some can last up to 60 seconds, while men average 2-4 seconds.

Part 2. Men feel more pleasure - the verdict

Men have simple sexual anatomy compared to women. Men have a penis that needs to be stimulated to feel pleasure. Women have a clitoris and a G-spot that requires stimulation for the ultimate satisfaction of an orgasm.

When men become aroused, they have increased blood flow in their genitals, which results in swelling around the thousands of nerve endings in the penis. When the swelling happens, the penis becomes hard and erect, which means they are physically ready for sex.

By placing their penis inside and thrusting, they are stimulating everything that needs to be, aside from the prostate. When they orgasm, a white liquid is ejaculated from their penis, giving men a sudden sexual relief.

Sex has a lot of mental pressure on men. When a man has sex, and a woman does not orgasm, they tend to feel responsible. This can lower their self-esteem and make the sexual experience terrible. 

Women may have better and longer orgasms, which result in them feeling more pleasure, but they take around 20 minutes to get to that point. Men can climax within 4 to 5 minutes of penetration, leaving the woman unsatisfied. 

What makes this even worse is that most men struggle to continue having sex after orgasm. Most men need time to recuperate before carrying on. By the time they are ready again, the women’s arousal has disappeared. 

Women can also have multiple orgasms during sex, even though it might take a woman much longer to climax. If you are still curious, who feels more pleasure, male or female? Women’s pleasure during sex is more than men even if it takes them much longer to orgasm.

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Who feels more pleasure, male or female?

Sexual pleasure may initially feel the same during sex. The ultimate satisfaction of an orgasm is better for women. Women tend to have an orgasm that lasts up to 60 seconds and can achieve multiple orgasms in one experience.

Men might have more orgasms than women because they are achieved easier than with women, female are lucky enough to win the award for best orgasms. When asking who feels more pleasure, male or female, remember that women will have better orgasms, but men have more because of how quickly they are achieved.


Females and males feel the same pleasure from having sex. Women tend to have better orgasms when they are achieved. A woman’s orgasm can last up to sixty seconds, and she can have more than one during the same period.

Sadly, men tend to be more sexually satisfied. Satisfaction comes from the orgasm, which 90% of men consistently achieve. Whereas less than 35% of women have an orgasm during sex, most women prefer to masturbate for orgasm because they are more likely to have one than intercourse.

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