What Happens When A Woman Is Not Sexually Satisfied?

what happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied

Studies have shown that only 27% of women are sexually satisfied during intercourse, which leaves over 70% of women unsatisfied with their partner.

Sexual satisfaction is something that needs to be a part of your relationships. Knowing what it means and how you can pleasure a woman is essential. 

Do you know what happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied?

During this article, we take a deep dive into the world of sexual satisfaction for women and how to pleasure a woman during sex. 

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Sexual Satisfaction: the definition

Sexual satisfaction often is confused with sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure can be experienced without having an orgasm or without having sexual satisfaction. You might feel sexual pleasure during oral sex or intercourse, but it will not guarantee an orgasm.

Usually, when a woman is sexually satisfied, she has reached climax and had an orgasm. 

Sexual satisfaction is the brain’s positive response to sexual stimulation. You will take the whole sexual experience and have a mental evaluation of all the positives and negatives of your sexual experiences. 

You will probably feel unhappy or unsatisfied when you notice that you are not experiencing more positive sexual experiences and tend to have primarily negative ones.

Part 2. What does it mean for a woman to be sexually satisfied?

Many women have found that to have complete sexual satisfaction, they need to have an orgasm. Because of how complex women’s bodies are, men have struggled to help women reach an orgasm.

This results in women feeling unsatisfied. Over 60% of women choose to find sexual satisfaction through masturbation because their partners are not fulfilling their needs.

Part 3. What happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied?

All women are different and have different reactions to situations. Women who do not have sexual satisfaction can go through various emotions, leaving their partners confused about why they are acting strangely. 

Men should be sure to keep an eye out for a few essential reactions.

1. Easily irritated

2. Quick to anger

3. Unhappy

4. Self-conscious

5. Would rather masturbate

6. Less interest in you or sex

7. Fatigued

8. Stressed

I know that many of these could result from other things happening. Still, if you have noticed some of these in the few hours after sex, your partner is likely unsatisfied sexually. Sex is great, but as an orgasm is the end goal of intercourse, women tend to be annoyed when they are not achieved.

Imagine you have sex three times a week for over a year while only having an orgasm once every two weeks. You might be grumpy too.

Making sure that you meet your partner’s sexual needs is the best way to ensure you both have full sexual satisfaction.

Part 4. How to pleasure a woman?

Do you remember when you decided to ride a bike for the first time? Or the first time you tried to swim? Sex also requires practice and knowledge. Sex is a natural instinct, and most people can have sex without almost any knowledge. But having sex and knowing what to do to help a woman be sexually satisfied.

But first, you will need to read on to find a few handy tips to help you know how to pleasure a woman and leave her feeling fully satisfied.

1. Use sex toys

Sex toys are a great way to help stimulate all around. Some people struggle to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris, where sex toys help you have a better chance of helping your partner orgasm. There are sex toys that encourage both or one specific area. 

2. Use lube

One thing that will destroy your partner’s mood is if things are dry. Use lube to help create a wet feeling. Lube helps ease the friction when having sex and makes things more comfortable. Different types of lubes will give your partner other sensations. Try them.

3. Try different positions

This one might seem obvious, but we tend to get comfortable with simple sex positions like missionary and doggy. We forget all the exciting sex positions you can try. Change things up and try different positions. Changing positions helps you stimulate at different angles and help with deeper penetration.

4. Do not forget about the clitoris

Women have a clit that has thousands of nerve endings. The clit is located between the labia of the vulva at the top. Many women tend to only orgasm during penetrative sex when the clit is stimulated. If you are sure to give clitoral stimulation while having sex, you will have a better chance to help your partner orgasm and feel fulfilled.

5. Shower sex

You do not need to be boring. Try different places when having sex. One of my top places to have sex is in the shower. Shower sex stimulates your senses and allows you to do temperature play. Shower sex can be comfortable, and you can lather each other up with soap while giving a massage.

6. Explore the whole body

Do not just stick to essential body parts. Stroke all over. Rub some baby oil on her thighs, feet, and arms. This allows you to explore each other while being intimate and not causing skin irritations from repetitive touching.

7. Talk about what you like and dislike

Make sure you and your partner discuss things you do not enjoy doing while having sex. Being open with each other and comfortable enough to share things will allow you to have sexual satisfaction. You do not know what to change if you never talk about what puts you off.

8. Be romantic

Romance is a great tool to help women get ready for sex. When a woman is prepared, she tends to enjoy it more. Making her feel wanted and loved for more than just her body will make it easier for her to feel fulfilled during sex, be sure to light a few candles and play some Barry White music in the background.

9. Role play

Role play is a great way to connect with one another’s fantasies. Everyone fantasizes about something. Making sure to help your partner live out some of these adds excitement to your sex life. The anticipation becomes an aphrodisiac when there is something to look forward to.

10. Foreplay

Never rush foreplay. Take your time to explore her body. Foreplay helps a woman get wet and helps her get into the mood. If you rush things, she might feel like the moment is all about yourself and will feel like you are selfish. You both have the same end goal. Hers just takes a bit longer to achieve, be patient. 

Although these tips might not make you a sex master, they might help you and your partner explore and try new things. Sex is an integral part of any relationship, whether you are friends with benefits or in a serious relationship.

Sex should never be boring. It is the most intimate part of a relationship, and ensuring your partner is sexually satisfied will help the relationship thrive.

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Final Thoughts

Sexual satisfaction is important. Making sure both partners are satisfied will help your relationship grow. During this article, we discussed the meaning of the term. We helped you understand a few tell-tale signs to know what happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied.

These tips mentioned above are to aid you in your sexual journey, but they require communication between one another. As a woman, you need to tell your partner what feels good and what type of sexual favors you dislike.

During sex, you can learn about your own bodies and each other while helping each other become fully sexually satisfied.


Sexual satisfaction is the feeling you get when your positive sexual encounters are more than negative ones. It is okay not to always have a perfect track record for orgasms. Some women struggle more than others. Having a partner that understands your sexual needs will help you be more satisfied sexually.

The 62% of women who do feel sexually satisfied have said that they feel this way when they reach climax. This means that most sexual satisfaction comes from orgasms or positive sexual experiences. Many women also tend to feel satisfied when their partner is as well.

When a woman is not fully satisfied sexually, she might become unhappy. Sexual satisfaction is vital for many reasons, like stress, irritability, and intimacy.

Total satisfaction in sex means to feel completely fulfilled by your sexual partner. It means that your partner is meeting all of your necessary sexual needs.

Another word for sexual satisfaction is pleasure or sexual gratification.

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