Shower Head Masturbation: A Complete Guide [2023]๐Ÿฅ’

shower head masturbation

Masturbation is one of the things that people do to release sexual tension from the body and just relax. But mostly, people masturbate because it feels good. 

There are a lot of ways you can masturbate and cum. It is very exciting how you can get to reach orgasm by doing a lot of different things. 

LOL, you ever just sit alone and just start thinking of who comes up with these stuffs. Sometimes, you just have to learn some self-love pleasure techniques so that it gets easier for you to boost your mood. Research also proves that masturbation cures depression somehow and releases stress.

Did you know that women can masturbate using a shower head and get to reach a shower head orgasm? No worries. This is the article where everyone will get to know how a shower head masturbation is done and how it works.

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Part 1. Do women really masturbate with a hand-held shower head?

Women get to help themselves by masturbating using a shower head and giving themselves shower head pleasure. Masturbating helps you feel calm and know your body better. You can call shower masturbation physical therapy because it makes you feel good. If you use the proper pressure and temperature, you are good to go.

When doing the shower head masturbation, the clitoris responds to the water pressure stimulation. Depending on the sensitivity of your clit, you can always modify the water pressure and temperature.ย 

Your whole body will respond to the temperature sensation over your clit as it accelerates and intensifies the orgasm. Do not put the shower head inside your vagina, as it can result in injury. The only thing you have to do is put the shower head close enough to the clit where you feel that it makes you feel good. The shower head masturbation is only for the clitoris.

Part 2. Tips to enjoy shower head masturbation

A detachable shower head is the best recipe for orgasm. If you enjoy a lot of pressure, you can set the water pressure higher. Same as if you want less pressure. Shower head water pressure helps increase the blood circulation in your body and releases some feel-good hormones.

Everyone has various pleasure points, and shower head masturbation gives you a chance to discover the pleasure points of your body. Learning your pleasure points wonโ€™t only result in you giving yourself good pleasure. You will also be able to talk with your partner about where your pleasure points are located.

Always feel the water pressure on the back of your hand before using it on the clitoris because the clitoris is very sensitive, fragile, has very thin skin, and requires intensive care.

Tip 1. You need a detachable shower head

Before using the shower head, make sure that it is clean so that you avoid infections. And do not use chemicals while cleaning the shower head because the substances are not suitable for your vagina.ย 

You need a detachable shower head so that you can be able to reach your clit and be able to move around and target the spots that you want to feel the pleasure.ย 

Tip 2. Adjust the water level

You can get an orgasm very fast, depending on the water pressure. Make sure you set the water temperature and pressure according to your preference, and please, avoid very hot warm so that you do not burn your clit.ย 

Set the water pressure to substantial or a little intense and target your most sensitive spots and give it a circular motion or just stand steady until you start to feel the pleasure.

Tip 3. Use a vibrator

A vibrator helps with boosting stimulation, especially if you are one of those people who take time to feel the pleasure. Be in the right position for intensive pleasure.ย 

Many women find standing with one leg on top very comfortable, but you can also try sitting on the edge of the bathtub and opening your legs so that you can have access to your clitoris. Depending on the way you use the vibrator, you can put it inside your vagina while using the water head pressure on the clitoris for pleasure and orgasm.

Tip 4. Find a comfortable angle

Leaning on your back is the best position for shower head masturbation, but you can always try other positions as well. Make sure that whatever position you make gives you the best water pressure that your vulva needs for intense clitoris stimulation.

You can practice different positions for the shower head masturbation so that you can figure out what works for you.

Tip 5. Try different positions

You can try different positions when doing the shower head masturbation. It all depends on what works for you and its comfort.

After discovering the best position for you, you can start by closing your eyes and focusing on the water pressure sound for relaxation. Let your mind only think about what is about to happen. Preparing yourself mentally and physically results in getting the best orgasm.

Tip 6. Use sex toys

You first need to plug in your favorite sexy music that helps your mind and body calm down.ย 

You can also try lighting some candles in the bathroom to help set the mood and do something romantic for yourself. And then start creating sexual imagination while rubbing the sex toy you have or prefer all over your body. Sex toys are beneficial in boosting sexual desire and pleasure.

Tip 7. Watch porn

Porn is very helpful when it comes to being in a sexual mood. Watching porn will help you feel comfortable and ready for the act. It will lure you into wanting to have sex. We all have our fantasies when coming to sex.

Watch porn that matches your fantasy so that you can be horny and start masturbating using the shower head until you orgasm.

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Wrapping Up

Shower head masturbation is something that we all discover at some point. The information I shared in this article will help you get in touch with your body and just know your body correctly.ย 

Make sure you donโ€™t masturbate excessively or incorrectly because it can lead to various infections like a vaginal itch or vaginal damage. And donโ€™t enjoy the self-pleasure method too much that you do it often because your body will get used to it, and you will start having problems responding to other sexual ways.


First, you have to ensure that the shower head is clean so that you donโ€™t get to experience vaginal infections. Set yourself in a good position that allows the water pressure to reach the clitoris for stimulation. Ensure the water temperature is not very hot, so you donโ€™t burn your clit. You can then use the shower head to masturbate by moving it around the clit and on the spots where you feel the pleasure.

Yes. Women use shower heads to pleasure themselves. A shower head works best for stimulation because you can modify it to the temperature and pressure you want and control it how you love it. Shower head masturbation is one the best safe methods for women to give themselves pleasure.

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