Sexually Submissive: Everything About Sexual Submission

sexually submissive

Some people enjoy keeping things simple and easygoing while having sex. Other people might have fetishes that they enjoy. 

Have you ever gone to a porn site and seen some suggested BDSM or sexually submissive videos? 

Over 50% of Americans have reported enjoying submissive sex, which is why you will always find a category of submissive sex videos on any porn websites.

Have you ever wondered if submissive sex is your preference? 

But to enjoy something, you will need to understand it and all its associated terms. 

We explain a few terms that might help understand sexual submission during this feature.

We also take a look at what breedable means and who enjoys dominating relationships more between men and women.

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Submissive Memes and Terms Explained

Before we can look at what submission in a relationship means, we will first need to explain a term or two that is often used. When you google about submission, you might find a meme or the phrase “breedable” often. 

Breedable is often used to describe something associated with submissive sex in a relationship. Let us see precisely what breedable and submission mean.

What Does Submission Mean?

Let’s start by explaining the term “submission.” The meaning can vary in different people, and I will explain that in a minute.

The Oxford dictionary states that the word submission means “the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force, or the will or authority of another person.”

During sex, a person will give in to their partner’s wants. In other words, they will submit to the will of their partner. Submission falls under the BDSM category, where the S stands for submission.

Breedable Meaning

If you have seen the meme floating around Twitter, you might ask what does submissive and breedable mean. Now that we have discussed submission let’s find out what the term breedable means.

Breedable is the term used to describe a man or woman who would be perfect for children. Breeding is slang for saying that someone is extremely hot or attractive, so hot that you would breed with them.

When the term is used in a sexually submissive situation, it is usually said with the intent that breeding is all they are suitable for. Breedable meaning can differ from person to person. Some might use the term in place of “fuckable.”

Submissive and Breedable Meme Explained

In 2021, a meme was shared that almost instantly went viral on Twitter, leaving thousands of users curious about what it meant. Here is where I come in.

The meme above was the one shared on Twitter which I reluctantly found on the website Know Your Meme. This site gathers memes that went viral if they got deleted and explained the message behind the scenes.

Here is the submissive and breedable meme explained in short.

This meme suggests that male friends should be able to tell their friends in a non-sexual way that they would classify as breedable. Although this is a slang sexual term, many users on TikTok and Twitter have started using it to describe their good-looking friends.

By telling their friends that they look submissive and breedable, they suggest that their friend is easily controlled by their partner for sexual and breeding purposes.

Part 2. Submissive Synonyms and Antonyms

Another simple way to learn more about terms you do not understand is by knowing the synonyms and antonyms. Submissive synonyms make it easier for you to understand by giving you other words with the same meaning behind them.

Let’s look at a few synonyms for submissive.


Disposed to agree with others or obey rules-Oxford online dictionary


Giving way under pressure; not hard or rigid- Oxford online dictionary


Willing to fit in with someone’s wishes or needs – Oxford online dictionary


Complying or willing to comply with an order or request; submissive to another’s authority – Oxford online dictionary.


Conscientiously or obediently fulfilling one’s duty – Oxford online dictionary.

These are just a few of the submissive synonyms found in the dictionary. You can feel free to research many more if you are still unsure about the term submissive.

Another way to learn more about the term is to know which is the opposite of submissive. Antonyms are used to describe the opposite of a word. For example, the word love’s antonym is hate or dislike.

Knowing what the word is not will give you a better idea of what the term means. This is why knowing the antonyms for submissive will help you better understand the word.

Here are a few antonyms for submissive.

1. Domineering – Asserting your will over another in an arrogant way.

2. Defiant – Showing a disposition to challenge or resist. – Oxford online dictionary

3. Disobedient – Refuse to obey rules or someone in authority. – Oxford online dictionary

4. Rebellious – Showing desire to resist authority, control, or convention. – Oxford online dictionary

5. Incompliant – Not compliant or pliable. – Oxford online dictionary

Part 3. How to Be Submissive in A Relationship?

Submissive and dominant relationships have become one of the most talked about fetishes. This might be because of a lack of understanding or judgemental reasons. Still, we know these types of relationships have existed since the beginning.

Many men and women enjoy being dominant or submissive, and their daily lives do not allow them to show this side of themselves.

A submissive woman is often perceived as a housewife or a meek woman with no power over herself. But when a woman truly accepts herself, she understands the need to be a submissive wife, even sexually.

Firstly, you will need to start an open discussion with your partner about what you like and enjoy about sex. Talk about whether you are a femsub or a femdom. A woman can be either. A man does not always have to be the dominant one in the bedroom. Some men enjoy having a woman domineering over them. If you and your partner enjoy the submissive role, make turns to help satisfy both your urges.

Secondly, know your limits. Submissive men tend to be able to handle much harsher submission roles that women might not enjoy as much. You must know how far the submission role goes in your sex life. Just because submissive sex is part of the BDSM community, it does not always mean that whipping and spanking are involved.

Thirdly, just because you are submissive in the bedroom does not mean you must be submissive in every aspect of your life. It is good to stand your ground and speak up for yourself. Submissive women tend to take the submission out into their daily life, which is something we do not recommend. It is okay to be submissive to your husband in certain aspects, but not everything.

Part 4. Who Enjoys Sexual Submission More, Men or Women?

What I will tell you will annoy you, but hear me out.

Female submission is more commonly found than male submission. Why? Studies indicate that women tend to prefer the tall, dark, and sexually dominant male persona. Women are genetically wired to be submissive. It’s something with the hormones and chemicals that are released in the female brain that triggers female submission.

Men and women who are not into fem and dom play even take part in it when having casual sex. Most women naturally become submissive to please their partners while having sex. This does not mean she is less than him or is not that interested in pleasing herself. It is our natural instinct, just as animals have theirs.

Now I am not placing all women in the same categories. Yes, there is male submission and female dominance. But this is much less common than you would think. When a woman is a dom in the relationship, it might be because of personal preference in the relationship. A dominating woman is not something that happens naturally. It is when a woman has figured out that she enjoys being dominant more than submissive, which allows her to decide to become the more dominant one in the sexual relationship.

I do not believe that men nor women enjoy sexual submission, more or less. Still, I do think that if you love sexual submission and your partner does not take the dominant role, things might not pan out great. Women might enjoy having submissive sex more than men, but that is because there are more natural instincts to submit. Men love being in control and taking over, which results in them enjoying submissive sex more when they are the dominant one.

Part 5. Submissive and Dominant Relationship, Which Is Better?

Between a submissive and dominant relationship, which is better? This is the type of question that I can not answer. Why?

Deciding if a submissive or dominant is better can only be determined by the person that partakes in either role. A person who enjoys having submissive sex will obviously say that submission is better than a dominant sex role. But that depends on personal preference, and no one can tell you what you prefer is not as good as their preference.

It is vital to get to know yourself and realize which role you want to take on during sex, dominate or submissive? You can openly discuss this with your partner to help you create a collective choice based on what they know you like and what you know you like.

If you have had a desire to be a femsub, you probably enjoy being a submissive wife or submissive sex. If you desire to hold power and dominance while having sex, you are probably a sexually dominant person.
Both of these can be enjoyed equally if it is your preference.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, submissive sex is a natural instinct that women have, which makes it more common for women to have a desire to be sexually submissive during sex. Men usually take a dominant role, but this does not mean there is no male submission.

Roles can be reversed. Women can be dominant and play that role perfectly. It is all about your sexual preference and what role you and your partner prefer.

Discuss your sexual needs and desires, and be open about what role you want to play. This is necessary for you to enjoy your sexual experiences and will aid your mental health.

Know that whatever you prefer is right for you, and no one can tell you that your preference is wrong.


Sexual submission is when you succumb to your partner’s demands and obey his rules. Submission means that you submit and offer yourself to your partner.

One of the signs you might notice when you have a submissive wife or woman is that she puts her desires on hold to please you. She suppresses her needs until she has met yours.

Submissive and breedable means that the person is so hot and obedient that you feel like you could breed/have sex with them. Breedable has a double meaning. On one end, it could be a way to describe how hot or desirable the person is. On the other end, it could mean that they are so sexy that you could breed with them.

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