What Are Multiple Orgasms? How to Have Multiple Orgasms?

multiple orgasms

When having sex, the main goal is to have an orgasm. I mean, why not? Orgasms feel unique and leave you feeling refreshed afterward. I am sure you have seen countless articles or columns that focus on making your orgasms better.

So why not aim to have more than one?

Research suggests that most women can have multiple orgasms but rarely do. This is why I am sure you are wondering how you could increase the chance of multiple orgasms during your next masturbation session or the next time you are with your partner.

If you have never had multiple orgasms, it does not mean that you are unable to. With the correct knowledge and sex toys, you can increase your chances of having multiple orgasms.

During this feature, we look at the steps you can take to have multiple orgasms while masturbating or having sex.

Table of Contents

Part 1. What Are Multiple Orgasms?

Orgasms, also known as the climax, occur during sexual intercourse or masturbation. It feels immense pleasure while stimulating your clitoris and G-spot located in the vaginal canal.

Multiple orgasms are when you have more than one during the stimulation. Some women climax and have a break, let some time pass, and then proceed. Others do not need a break and can have one orgasm after the other.  

Many women tend to stay aroused after an orgasm, which differs for men. Men tend to be less aroused after a climax and need a build-up to continue or have another orgasm. Women can carry on for hours with the same increased level of arousal.

Our arousal stamina is one of the reasons why our bodies can have multiple orgasms in a short period. 

Part 2. How to Achieve Multiple Orgasms? [Solo or With a Partner]

Although you know that multiple orgasms are possible, how do you achieve them? This question has left many men and women missing out on the joys of having multiple orgasms. This is why it is essential to know a few things about how to have multiple orgasms.

Firstly, you can do a few different things when you are alone to help you achieve multiple orgasms. Some women have found it easier to have them alone than with a partner. To have multiple orgasms, you must also learn to control your pelvic muscles as they play a role in orgasms. Trying a few tricks on your own will help you gain more control of your orgasms.
Practice makes perfect.

Let’s dive in.

1. Achieve Multiple Orgasms (solo)

Change things up by changing the positions that your pillow hump in. You can try sitting on a pillow and grinding on top of it, you can lay down face-forward and hump a pillow, you can lay on your side and place a pillow between your legs and thrust your hips.

Try Different Sex Toys

Sex toys are one of the best inventions, especially for women. Some unique toys help stimulate your G-spot and your clit at the same time. Women are a bit more complicated, so making toys perfectly for our needs is beneficial. Sex toys will help you stimulate parts of your erogenous zone that you struggle to do on your own.

You can even buy sex toys that mimic oral stimulation and gives you maximum pleasure. Between every orgasm, you can decide to use a different sex toy to change things up.

Pillow Humping

Pillow humping is a great way to stimulate your clit while mimicking the motions of sex with a partner. Pillows are soft yet firm and rub against your clit while thrust on top. You can move your hips at your own pace to create the best stimulation for you. You are in control.

Watch Porn

Porn is often seen as something dirty, but it can be an effective tool to raise your arousal. If you want to have multiple orgasms, you must be sure that you stay aroused during each orgasm. Porn helps keep you horny.

Ways to find porn

Stimulate Other Parts of Your Body

You will need to stimulate more than your clit or G-spot to have multiple orgasms. Play with your nipples, touch your hips and ass, and play with yourself. You can even use baby oil or cream to massage your body.

Different Positions

Change things up by trying masturbation positions that you have never tried. Or try some that you do not often do. Changing where you also masturbate affects how things feel. You cannot try to have a new outcome by doing the same things repeatedly.

Shower Masturbation

Water on your body will help heighten your senses, giving you a more intense orgasm. Shower masturbation will also help you maintain your arousal, which you need for multiple orgasms.

Change Your Technique After the Big O

If you use the same technique when masturbating, your body will get used to it. Using a different sex toy or hand position between every orgasm is best. It helps your body not become too stimulated in the same spot.

2. Achieve Multiple Orgasms (With a Partner)

Multiple orgasms are not just incredible when you are busy masturbating but can have many benefits with your partner. Orgasms help create a special bond between you and your partner, and multiple orgasms only deepen the connection.

Let’s dive in. 

Have Oral Sex

Oral sex is the best way to stimulate your clit. Having your partner give you oral stimulation is one of the best ways to start multiple orgasms. After you have had an orgasm with oral sex, you can move on to the next step. You can try toys or go straight into having sex. It all depends on your mood.

Have Intercourse

Sex is the most common way to orgasm, but did you know you can have more than one? Change your positions and go slow, keep your arousals high and take breaks in between orgasms to last longer. It helps if your partner does not ejaculate.

Use Sex Toys as a Couple

When discussing sex toys, most people tend to forget that they are not just for solo play. Sex toys can keep you aroused after your partner has an orgasm, or they can be used for extra stimulation. There are his & her sex toys that can be taken into the bedroom and become a shared experience with your partner.

Set the Mood

Dim some lights and set on some romantic music to set the mood. When we have an orgasm, our other senses are heightened. Objects that appeal to your other senses will give you a better experience.

Do Not Overstimulate

Do not stimulate one zone for too long. Change your positions to help your body adjust to a new place. Over-stimulating can cause your skin to become irritated, resulting in losing your state of arousal.

Try Edging

Edging helps you have a more intense orgasm and allows your partner to last longer. Edging can be done by both parties. When you start feeling the intensity of an orgasm, stop entirely and pull back. Try not to have an orgasm for as long as possible. When ready, let go and experience a fantastic orgasm that will be worth the wait.

Discuss What You Like and Dislike

Talk with your partner about what you enjoy during sex is essential for orgasms, especially if you are aiming for multiple orgasms. Your partner needs to know what you enjoy and what type of stuff puts you off.

Part 3. Do Not Go Overboard

When you have sex, your whole body gets excited. Your blood pressure rises, and your heart may flutter. All these symptoms are typical, but it can be dangerous if you have multiple orgasms and your body can not handle the intense breathing or rise in blood pressure.

It would be rare for multiple orgasms to kill you, but it might make you feel nauseated, although not all women feel this way.

Orgasms also affect your brain. Other than releasing a happy, feel-good hormone, orgasms can irritate your mind.

Nerves send signals to your brain, and the clitoris has thousands of nerve endings. When you stimulate your clit, thousands of nerves send signals to your brain, which can leave your mind flustered. 

Although it might not be dangerous, it might have you feeling off after about three orgasms.

Get to know your body and limits, take things slow, and do not try to have too many orgasms in one night. 

The Recap

Orgasms are wonderful and even better if you experience them more than once. Multiple orgasms have been thought to be a myth, but they are possible with the right tools.

It is always possible for women to have multiple orgasms while masturbating or with a partner, but knowing your body is key to achieving multiple orgasms.

Too much of a good thing can be bad, so be sure to know your limits and keep within a healthy range of orgasms.

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