๐Ÿ†˜I Have No Sex Drive and It’s Ruining My Relationship

i have no sex drive and it's ruining my relationship

I have no sex drive and it’s ruining my relationship.” A user asked for help.ย 

When you have little to no sex drive, it is nearly impossible to enjoy sexual encounters. Your sex drive plays a significant role in your sexual activities.

Men are usually considered the ones with high sex drive, but women have proven to have a wildly high sex drive. All people know how important sex in a relationship is because of the intimate bond it helps form between each other.

Your sex drive might not be as high as your partner’s. This is because it varies from person to person. Many people have looked for options to help increase their sex drive.ย 

This article looks at how important sex is in a relationship and different ways to increase your sex drive.

Table of Contents

Part 1. How important is sex in a relationship?

When talking about sexual intimacy, there are many points to consider. You need to keep in mind that all partners are different, one person might not need sex for a thriving relationship, and the other might need sex to move forward with the relationship.

“I have no sex drive and my husband is mad.” It’s a problem.

When there is a lack of sex in a relationship while you have a high sex drive, it can make you dislike or even get angry at your partner for no reason. You need to accommodate each other’s sexual needs.ย 

Ensuring to satisfy your partner’s sexual needs is essential. When there is a lack of sex in a relationship, your partner might satisfy the urge elsewhere.

Do not get me wrong. Sex does not keep your partner from cheating. But suppose you are in a relationship with someone who requires sexual intimacy and does not get it from you. In that case, they should aim to be in a different relationship that can give them what they need.ย 

No sex in a relationship means that you will need to compensate in that area if needed with masturbation or sex toys. The mistake that many people make when in an unhappy relationship is being unfaithful when all you need to do is communicate about the issue.

Communication about sexual desires, needs, and wants is essential. When you start dating a person who does not have much need or desire for sex and has a high sex drive, there will need to be an open discussion.

You need to be clear and confident about what you require from a successful relationship. Suppose they cannot meet your personal sexual requirements. In that case, you can make a collective choice on the relationship’s future. This way, the partner also has the chance to explain their disdain for sex, and you can look for a middle ground you are both comfortable with.

Sex is one of the most significant differences between friendships and relationships for some individuals. Many people feel that a relationship without sexual intimacy is just a plain friendship. But I know of a few friends with benefits situations, so I am not sure what they would label those relationships.

Part 2. I have no sex drive and it's ruining my relationship

It is widespread for women and men alike to have a sudden or gradual decrease in libido. Your libido is what stimulates your brain to help you have sex more accessible. It is also known as your sex drive.ย 

Your sex drive helps you feel aroused and encourages you to start sexual intercourse with a partner.

There is no way to pinpoint exactly how long is too long without sex because it may be three days for one person and a year for another.ย 

Sometimes, your sex drive can disappear because of certain situations. Like pregnancy or depression will affect your sex drive. Some women find it extremely difficult to have a desire for sex after birth, so you might be asking, “I have no sex drive and it’s ruining my relationship. What can I do?”ย 

Here are a few tips that can be helpful when trying to increase your sex drive.

Tip 1. Use sex toys

When you start searching for different ways to increase your sex drive, sex toys can be a life saver in the bedroom. They help you feel more aroused and have more intense orgasms, but they also help you stimulate your partner when you start to feel tired or have no desire for sex.

Sex toys can help you climax in a way you have never before, automatically making you feel more inclined and excited to participate in sexual activities. And there are toys available for every type of stimulation, clitoral, internal, anal, and ones that will simultaneously stimulate you and a partner.

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Tip 2. Watch porn

Watching porn helps activate the hormone in your brain that allows you to become aroused. Porn will help you get in the mood and make having sex more accessible. Sharing your thoughts on what type of porn you enjoy also allows your partner to know more about what you would like to do when having sex.ย 

Porn can also give you ideas for new things you can try, making having sex exciting.

Tip 3. Use sex supplements

Gym fanatics have supplements to help them achieve more while exercising. Sex supplements can help you heighten your sex drive quickly and easily. Sex supplements help you maintain stamina during sex while increasing your libido. They increase the blood flow to your genitals, resulting in a tingling feeling.

Tip 4. Foreplay

Foreplay is essential for people who struggle with a low sex drive. Foreplay helps your body prepare physically and clears your state of mind. Your libido rises by participating in foreplay with your partner, and you become horny. Once you are horny, moving into sex is a smooth transition.

Tip 5. Dirty talk

Dirty talkย helps you make mental pictures of what is about to happen. Dirty talk can also help make you horny and increase blood flow to your genitals which helps you enjoy sex more. When you start telling your partner all the hot and kinky things you want to do with them, you entice them to begin the process of sexual intercourse. It helps build tension and excitement, which is something many relationships lack after a few years.

Tip 6. Mutual Masturbation

When you masturbate on your own, you associate your orgasm with yourself. When you include your partner in your masturbation process, you start to associate the feeling of orgasm with your partner. When you are then thinking about sex with your partner, you automatically remember the feeling of intense pleasure they helped you achieve during masturbation. This allows you to associate pleasure with your partner, entices you to have sex more often, and raises your sex drive whenever you think about sex.

Tip 7. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Many aspects of life require you to be healthier to enjoy things more. Including sex, if you are struggling with a low sex drive, it could be a lack of healthy lifestyle habits.

You need to consume healthy foods with all the right vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and mind. Exercise also plays a serious role in fighting depression, one of the most common factors in people with a low sex drive.

Tip 8. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol harm your mental and physical health, so avoid these substances entirely. Many people have noted that when high or drunk, they cannot have sex, men struggle to get it up, and women are excessively dry. When you work to have sex for physical reasons, you tend to feel discouraged, which will impact your future sexual endeavours.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out the leading cause of a lack of sex in a relationship you are in is essential. You cannot fix a problem that you do not know why. Make sure to communicate openly with your partner about all worries and sexual struggles you might have that could impact your sex life.

Trying our new tricks to increase your sex drive will only aid your relationship. It is important to face challenges head-on and deal with them.


Try using sex toys to increase your sex drive. Sex toys are known to help couples who struggle with low libidos. You can also use other options like sex pills to increase your libido chemically.

If you are in a relationship with someone who needs sex to function, probably not. This is why you need to open a discussion about your and your partner’s sex drive. A relationship is about compromise, so discuss in which sexual areas you can compromise for each other to make things work.

Yes, many people struggle with a low sex drive. Often, it is a result of something else in your life, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, depression, or pregnancy. It depends on your circumstances.

It depends on who you are and who you are in a relationship with. Some couples tend to have sex once a month and some weekly. You will need to discuss this with your partner and find a middle ground that works for you.

Sex is a way to create an intimate bond between two people. It is an essential aspect of a relationship because it helps you maintain a bond with your partner. Some relationships do not depend on sex as much as others, so discussing it with your partner is essential.

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