🌹How to Use the Rose Toy? An Ultimate Guide in 2022

how to use the rose toy

Advanced technology has allowed us to explore many different luxuries in today’s world. One of the best device technologies has made possible is sex toys. 

Sex brings humans closer, but sometimes you can feel a little left out when you do not reach your climax. Sex toys like a rose toy allow you to orgasm easily while with a partner or alone. 

During this article, we look at everything about the rose toy, such as how to use the rose toy and what are the different types of rose sex toys available today. 🌹🌹🌹

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Part 1. What is a rose toy?

A rose toy is a rose-shaped sex vibrator to stimulate clit. The rose toy was released in 2020 and grabbed the attention of millions of females worldwide because of the fantastic sucking and vibrating it has.

Part 2. Popular types of the rose toy

A rose sex toy has a mixture of sucking and vibrations that give you the best clitoral stimulation. Still, new rose toy designs have made waves because of increased popularity. Knowing how to use the rose sex toy will increase your pleasure and help you identify which rose toys best suit your desires.

1. Rose vibrator

The rose vibrator grew popular because of a viral TikTok video. After purchasing the toy, people fell in love with it. 

The basic rose vibrator has an opening at the center of the rose that sucks. The petals stimulate around the opening that sucks.

The original version of the rose vibration toy looks like a closed rose flower with an opening in the center. The basic rose vibrator is available in multiple colors and has different vibration levels, which gives you maximum pleasure.

2. Rose toy with tongue

The licking vibrator looks like the basic rose toy. However, it has an added piece that looks like a tongue at the bottom of the vibrator. It means the toy is double-sided for double the pleasure. By switching between the licking and sucking motions, you can receive oral sex without a partner.

3. Rose toy with dildo

Another version of the rose toy is the rose toy with a thrusting dildo attached by a small silicone cord. This allows you to have internal stimulation with the dildo and external stimulation with the suction rose toy center.

The dildo is attached to the rose toy and can be used simultaneously. By switching the vibrator on, you can achieve the ultimate orgasm by placing the dildo inside your vagina and using the rose on your clit.

4. Rose toy wand

The rose vibrator wand allows you to change things up using the rose toy or the want, located on opposite sides.

The rose toy is attached to the wand and can be used as the basic rose toy, and the wand on the reversible side is used the same way as other wand vibrators. This toy is terrific to use if you are someone who gets bored quickly. You can decide what type of stimulation you are in the mood for and continue with whichever side.

5. Rose toy with egg tail

The egg tail rose sex toy offers a more petite dildo-like extra to the rose toy for extra stimulation. You can use the rose toy to suck your nipples. At the same time, the egg tail stimulates your clitoris, or you can have the rose suck your clitoris. In contrast, the egg tail is placed inside your vagina, stimulating your G-spot. 

There are two different rose sexual toys with egg tails, one that vibrates and one that is still. You can decide which of the rose toys suits your needs better.

Part 3. How does the rose toy work?

The rose toy comes with different vibrating and sucking modes that meet your different sexual needs. It comes with an easy-to-operate button that allows you to cycle through the various modes to help you reach orgasm.

The rotating airflow features adjustable intensity levels, all featuring vibrating pulsations. It also has a fantastic variety of settings and rhythms. Rest assured. Its suction combined with its pulsation will drive you intensely crazy.

However, the rose toy is available under different brands, which means not all will feature the same intensity levels for vibrations and pulsation. 

Next, let’s see how to use the rose toy.

Part 4. How to use the rose toy?

Now that we know what the different rose toys are available, let’s look at how to use a rose toy. 

Although most sex toys are straightforward for how to use them, the rose toy might seem a bit more complicated. 

But do not fret because once you have the hang of this incredible toy. 

Check the rose toy instructions below. 

Step 1.

Purchase a rose toy from an online sex toy store or make an easy online order. Make sure to charge the vibrator before using it.

Step 2.

Take your two fingers and separate your labia, find a comfortable spot on your clit, and place the rose toy’s opening over your clit.

Put on the vibrator to start the sucking and vibrating motions.

Step 3.

Continue to use the rose toy to such and stimulate your clit. You can move the rose toy around for more intense stimulation. Use your finger to stimulate inside your vagina for a more pleasurable experience.

Continue until you climax.

The rose toy is easy to understand and use, by purchasing one with added extras allows you to explore different pleasures. You now know how to use the rose toy. Go and buy the one that suits your needs today.

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Part 4. How to charge the rose toy?

The rose vibrator has a practical charging base, ideally very discreet. It has a USB magnetic charging port design. The vibrator comes with a charging cable ideal for all USB devices.

Line up the magnetic prongs under it with the nodes on the flat base to charge the rose toy. Twist the vibrator a little to line it perfectly. The power button flashing on and off is a clear sign that the rose toy is charging. The power button is located immediately above where the cord emerges from its charging base.

Final Thoughts

There are many fantastic rose toys on the market. Having a toy that stimulates the clitoris is excellent. What we love about the rose toy is how versatile it can be. Having a sex toy you can use with a partner creates endless possibilities for intimacy.

Men often overlook the clitoris, so the rose toy gives women the option to have the best stimulation by focusing on the clitoris

Now that you know how to use the rose toy, which one will you try first?

Which of these rose toys have you liked the most?


Determine when you would use it or which stimulation you desire. Suppose you are using a rose toy during sex with a partner. In that case, the basic rose toy will be best for you, or if you are alone, the rose toy with the thrusting dildo is the right option.

Move your labia away from your clitoris and place the opening of the rose toy on your clit. Allow the sucking and vibrating motion to stimulate your clit until you cum. Once you are finished, clean your rose toy and store it in a cool, dry place.

It usually takes 2-6 hours to fully charge your rose toy.

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