How to Use Anal Beads? 8 Amazing Facts You Should Know

how to use anal beads

People can explore many types of kinks when having sex, bondage, fetishes, and toys. Sex toys might have been frowned upon years ago, but today they are some of the most sought-after objects.

When you start exploring your sexuality, sex toys is an excellent way to figure out what type of stuff you like. You need to know what turns you on and what feels good to be able to communicate your needs to your partner.

I know a toy like anal beads may sound scary, but how would you know if you did not like it if you have never tried it out? You might be wondering what are anal beads. 

During this feature, we look at how to use anal beads and some exciting facts you might not have known about them.

Let us get started.

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Part 1. What are anal beads?

Anal beads are sex toys used to stimulate the nerve endings in your rectum.

If you have ever seen anal beads, I am sure they might have looked familiar. Anal beads look like the Catholic rosary, a string of beads or sphere-like balls. 

One key difference is that the balls differ in size, and a rosary is used for prayer and not to put into your anus.

Anal beads balls usually start out relatively small, and then the balls get larger the more you move up. In the end, you will see a grip to hold onto. 

Anal beads come in many different materials: silicone, rubber, glass, stainless steel, and even latex. They vary in size, usually around 25mm to 125mm, so you can decide on the preferred size. 

A silicone anal bead with a size of around 45mm is excellent for first-timers.

Part 2. How to use anal beads?

If you have never heard about anal beads, I am sure you are wondering how do anal beads work?

Anal beads are inserted into your anus. The beads act as a stimulant. When the beads are inserted or removed, they stimulate the thousands of nerve endings in your ass. 

You can insert and remove the beads during sex or before orgasm to increase your sexual pleasure. Anal beads are also great to help slowly expand your rectum when you prepare for anal sex.

Knowing what anal beads are used for might not be enough to explain how you use anal beads.

Firstly, you will need to buy a good quality anal bead from a local sex toy shop, or you can use an online store. Decide which type of anal bead you are interested in buying. 

Do you prefer a rigid or a flexible type of bead strand? Would you like to buy a silicone or steel type? These are important to discuss with your partner. Silicone anal beads are best because they are easy to clean, comfortable, and soft.

Next, you need to use a generous amount of lubricant. This is especially important if you are a beginner. Anal bead strands can feel smooth and soft yet still hurt you if not properly lubricated. Silicone lube is fantastic because they tend to be better for anal play. Still, you can also use your favorite water-based lube.

Once you have an appropriate amount of lube on you and the toy, you can start by inserting the first ball at the opposite side of the grip. This will be the smallest ball on the strand.

Once you are comfortable, move the strand deeper and place the next ball into your anus. This one will be a bit bigger. You can continue moving further up the strand until you feel you have gone far enough.

You can do clitoral stimulation during the insertion if you’re with a partner. Once the strand is inserted, you can continue having sex or start by removing the beads. Some people enjoy having them removed fast. Others want a slow and steady action. Figure out what works for you. 

You can continue doing the same thing with the beads until you are ultimately satisfied. 

If you are stimulating your clit, try to remove the anal beads as you are about to orgasm. It will create a more intense and pleasurable orgasm because you are stimulating both “hot zones” at the same time.

Now that you know how anal beads work, which beads do you prefer? Share your experiences. Input from others is always helpful to give insight.

Part 3. Facts about anal beads

When we think about sexual objects like anal beads or vibrators, we usually forget exciting facts about them. Facts can be helpful when exploring new things. Including anal beads, there are hundreds of exciting facts that you might have never known about.

1. It can be made from different materials​

Most people forget about all the materials used to make sex toys. Anal beads are no different. Glass is used to make some sex toys. It is a steady option but is not flexible at all. Rubber and silicone are flexible and can move around with your body. Silicone anal beads are high-grade materials and are the best materials to be used when making sex toys.

2. It comes in different sizes

Some people enjoy having big anal beads, and some enjoy small. Anal beads are designed to accommodate any size that you prefer. You can start with a small size and move on to a bigger anal bead as your body gets used to the other dimensions.

3. Breeding ground for bacteria

This might not be your favorite fact, but anal beads have many nooks and crannies that are a breeding ground for bacteria. Not all surfaces of the sex toy can be disinfected, so you should be sure not to share it with others. You can use a condom to help avoid this, but it will still need regular disinfecting.

4. It can be used for sensation play

Anal beads can be placed in the fridge or boiling water for sensation play. You can put anal beads in your anus that are entirely different temperatures. It gives you a new feeling. This will help you have a sensational orgasm.

5. It can be used for masturbation

You might think that anal beads can only be used with a partner or that it might not be fun solo. I might even dare to suggest that you try anal beads for the first time when you are masturbation. Anal beads are long and have an easy grip for you to handle when you are alone.

6. Not the same as butt plugs

I know what you are thinking. What are anal beads? How are they different from butt plugs. But plugs also get inserted into your anus, but they are pretty short and act as a filler. Anal beads are multiple and go much deeper than butt plugs.

7. Vibrating anal beads

Anal beads come in various materials and sizes, but there are also anal beads with vibrating options. A vibrating anal bead initially works the same as ordinary anal beads, aside from vibrating. The vibrations help give you an extra kick in anal stimulation.

8. Ancient Thailand

Anal beads were first discovered in ancient times in Thailand. No one knows who invented them, but they have been used for centuries for anal stimulation. Although sex toys might have been frowned upon in time, the fact that something as obscure as anal beads was available hundreds of years ago should give you peace of mind.

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Final Thoughts

Humans are sexual creatures, and sex toys are aids to help us on the long road of sexual discovery. We need to be able to try new things and explore things like anal stimulation. 

Knowing what you enjoy and which toys make sex more enjoyable is essential. Sex is something that will be a part of the rest of your life. 

After figuring out what anal beads are and how to use anal beads, are you ready to enhance your sex life by incorporating them?

Anal beads are underrated tools that will only enhance your pleasure. Never be scared to try new things. 

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