How to Prepare for Anal Sex? Anal Sex Tips & Anal Positions

how to prepare for anal sex

Everybody knows the necessary information needed for vaginal sex. But some people who have started looking for something more exciting than regular vaginal sex have stumbled onto anal sex.

Although anal sex has been around forever, there are a few small things you need to consider before having anal sex. Unlike regular sex, anal takes a bit of preparation. You might find yourself asking how to prep for anal sex?

By asking this question, you are allowing yourself to have a fantastic experience when having anal sex. 

During this feature, we look at how to prepare for anal sex and how to clean for anal sex. Vaginal sex requires no cleaning beforehand, which is why you might have missed this part during the allurement of anal sex.

Let’s dive right in.

Table of Contents

Part 1. What is anal sex?

Anal is a word derived from the word anus. An anus, also known as your rectum, is a hole used to get rid of excess food that your body does not absorb.

But what does anal mean? Anal is the term used to describe a sexual activity that involves the rectum. 

Anal sex is when an erect penis thrusts into the anal canal instead of the vaginal canal.

It is said that your anus has many nerve endings that can help you orgasm.

Anal sex also includes fingering of the anus and the use of dildos and vibrators. Anal sex is any sexual stimulation of the rectum. Many people have used sex toys like butt plugs during vaginal sex for double stimulation.

Part 2. Why do guys like anal?

When you realize that your sex life has become “vanilla,” most guys want to branch out and start something new. Many men have said anal sex is more pleasurable because it is not something they often do. But it leaves us with the question of why guys like anal?

Men have also suggested that the anus has a different feeling than a vagina. Sometimes, it is much tighter, resulting in more intense pleasure. Another reason why guys like anal are the view. Men are visual creatures and enjoy seeing a hot body from all angles.

Some men also enjoy receiving anal sex. This is because men have a bunch of nerve endings in there. When a man gets anal sex, his prostate is stimulated, which results in an intense orgasm.

Part 3. How to prepare for anal sex?

Although anal sex can be troublesome, it might be one of the best experiences you will ever have. There are a few anal sex tips that I need to share with you before you embark on this journey. You need to know how to prepare for anal sex and how to clean for anal. 

Yes, clean. Although the canal used during anal is not where poop is stored, some can be left over after going to the bathroom.

Tip 1. Discussion with your partner

First of all, you need to have an open discussion with your intended partner. You must ensure they are comfortable with anal sex and want to participate with you. If you opt out of a discussion, you might leave your partner upset or feeling violated. Be sure to have a verbal yes before you try anal sex with someone.

Both of you need to be sure that there are no STDs or STIs that could harm your future. Many people believe you do not contract STDs through anal sex. Still, unfortunately, your bodily fluids mix, making you susceptible to many illnesses.

Tip 2. Cleaning

When you go to the bathroom and poop, you obviously wipe and clean around the rectum. Although it might look clean, some stools inside your anus might still be inside. Using a douche to clean up is one way to ensure no poop during anal sex.

If you do not know where to find a douche, you can use something similar to an enema. An enema is a pumping mechanism that sprays water or saline into your anus to help eliminate the excess stool that might still be hanging around. You must know how to clean for anal sex.

You can find enemas in local drug stores or buy them online if you prefer.

Tip 3. Safety

Even if you and your partner discussed sickness, using condoms is highly recommended. Condoms also act as a barrier for any stools to touch your partner’s penis or sex. They help protect you from STDs and allow for a more hygienic experience.

Tip 4. Decide on toys

Toys are fantastic tools you can use during sex, including anal sex. Decide which sex toys you will use, strap-ons, dildos, vibrators, or butt plugs. Anal beads are also great to help beginners prepare for anal sex. Beads usually gradually expand your rectum, making penetration more comfortable.

Tip 5. Use lube

Lube is your best friend. Make sure you are well lubricated. There is no such thing as over lubricated during anal sex. Without enough lube, you might be uncomfortable, or things will feel rather painful. 

Lube helps you have less friction while having sex. Friction can cause tiny tears in your anal canal that can bleed and make anal sex dramatic.

Tip 6. Be slow and steady

Do not rush things. Remember that when having anal sex, it is not a hole that is used to being stretched for long periods. Go slow and steady. Listen to your partner and ensure you are not causing them pain by going too fast or forcing things.

Tip 7. Be verbal

Tell your partner what you enjoy and what you dislike. They to adjust their pace, anal sex is supposed to be enjoyable, and you need to tell your partner if you feel pain. You have a right to say something, so be verbal and speak up.

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Part 4. Best anal sex positions worth a try in 2022

Anal can be quite scary for people who are new to the adventure, which is why it is essential to know which positions are best for newcomers. This list will show a few great positions for beginners and improve with difficulty and pleasure.

It is good to research positions and try new things often. Let’s get started.

1. Seated cowgirl

The seated cowgirl is a good position for people new to anal sex. It’s a relatively easy to achieve and comfortable position for control. The one who receives the anal can control the speed at which penetrations proceeds.

Start with your partner sitting on the edge of a chair or bed. Turn your back on them. Place your ass as if sitting on their lap, and gently slide their penis inside your anus.

2. Backdoor doggy

Doggy is a great position for deep penetration and is easy for people trying anal for the first time. It allows easy access with a full view of what you are doing. When using doggy during anal sex, the same concept applies. Instead of having vaginal penetration, you penetrate the rectum. It also allows your partner to apply the lube generously while seeing what they are doing.

Go on all fours and lower the top part of your body downward until you are comfortable. Have your partner on his knees behind you and start penetrating you slowly. They can even use their fingers first to help you get more comfortable.

3. Criss-cross

The criss-cross is simple but effective for anal stimulation. It has a great shallow reach and keeps your partner very comfortable.

Lay down with your ass facing the edge of your bed. Have your partner stand or know down at the side of the best and have them penetrate you. Move your hips around to give you more control over the process.

4. Kinky spoon

Spooning is glorious and even better, with some kinky action added. The spoon position helps your partner penetrate you easily while leaving room for clitoral stimulation.

Lay down on your sides, both facing in the same direction. Push out your ass a bit and bring your legs slightly.

5. Backside cowgirl

Cowgirl allows the person on top to have most of the control, which helps with a slow and steady penetration. Being on top helps you have deep penetration while being able to stimulate your clit easily.

Have your partner lie on his back while you straddle his body. Slowly start sliding down onto their penis, place your hands on your partner’s chest for stability and start rocking back and forth.

6. Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is often forgotten because it is not always the best vaginal sex position. But for anal, this is a fantastic position you need to try. It helps you control while giving your partner a good view while penetrating you.

Start by having your partner on their back in the bed, climb on top and straddle them with your back to their face. Slowly slide down onto them and move up and down at your own pace.

7. Upwards doggy

This position is for daring, it might be a bit much for beginners, but we hope you will keep it in mind for the future. This sex position is kinky and gives you a BDSM vibe.

Have you and your partner stand up straight, then bend over at your waist. Your partner can even tie your wrists to your ankles to make things hotter. Have your partner move in behind you and penetrate you from behind.

8. Eccentric bend-over

Do not attempt this position if you are not very flexible. This position is intended for professionals. But have enough anal sex, and you might just qualify for this position. You can save this position for later.

Lay down on your back and bring your legs up as far over your head as possible. Move your ass as high in the air as possible. You can ask your partner to help you. Have your partner hover over you and stimulate you by lowering their penis into you.

9. The driver

The driver may give you some missionary vibes, and that is because they are similar. The driver helps open your anus for deeper penetration and helps your partner’s stability.

Have your partner hold your legs up in the air forming a V, while you lay on your back.

10. The Goldengate bridge

The Goldengate bridge gets its name because, during the act, you form a semi-arch that looks like a bridge. This position is comfortable but slightly more complex than the backward doggy.

Have your partner sit up straight and then move your body over them in a seated position. Bend you knew on top of your partner’s thighs, while you both lean back, your partner can slowly penetrate you.

Final Words

Anal sex may seem scary for some people, and it is normal to be frightened of things you have not tried. You can never say that you do not like something without ever trying it, which is why trying something as daring as anal sex at least once in your life is important.

Now that you know how to prepare for anal sex and some exciting anal sex positions, talk to your partner about giving it a go. 

It is never too late to try something new.

Until next time.

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