How to Moan? 7 Moaning Tips to Make Sex More Enjoyable😍

how to moan

While watching porn, you might have heard the pornstars make a few familiar sounds. The human moan can mean many things and is commonly used during sex. 

I bet you have heard your fair share of sexual moans, whether you heard it while watching porn or heard your partner let out a moan while you are having sex. We all know what a sexual moan sounds like, but why do women moan mean during sex? Are they uncomfortable, or are they moaning because of pleasure?

You might have questions about something simple such as a moaning sound during sex. Knowing the moan definition might not answer the questions you are burning to ask. Let me set a few things straight and answer some of these during this article. 

During the article, we also look at a few tips on how to moan. That could benefit you if you are a silent lover looking to explore the vocal side of sex.

Let us get started.

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Part 1. What does "moan" mean?

Before exploring the moan meaning, you might want to know what the moan’s definition is, according to a dictionary. 

A moan is a term used to describe a person’s sound to express themselves during sex or sometimes when they are in pain or mental suffering. 

The type of moan a person makes during sex is one of pleasure and will sound different from the one that expresses pain or discomfort. A moan is usually a low decibel sound and can be stretched to one long sound.

A moan can mean many different things. It depends on the situation that you hear it in. If you hear someone make a moaning sound while they are arguing, it could mean mental suffering. 

If you hear loud moans from your roommate while with their partner, it is probably a moan of sexual pleasure.

Part 2. Why do girls moan during sex?

You may watch porn and decide that moaning is just a performance; no one really moans like that in real life. But during sex, many people lose control over their bodies and moan. Some of us do not know how to moan because our bodies do it naturally. It is like a reflex for some.

Many people use moaning to relay their feelings of pleasure to their partner. During sex, many people may have a slight confidence issue, especially men.

Moaning boosts your partner’s confidence, although sometimes these moans are faked to help the partner enjoy it more. 

Girls moan during sex for different reasons.

1. To boost their partner's confidence

While having sex, some men might feel they are not doing well or doing things wrong. When a woman moans, she is vaguely telling him that he is doing well and she is enjoying herself. 

2. To relay her pleasure

A woman might moan when she is having a good time during sex. When you are in pleasure, you might lose control of your body and start moaning without trying.

3. To make the moment sexier

Many people find moaning during sex very hot. Many people love having sultry moans from both parties during sexual intercourse. It will help make you and your partner more interested and hornier.

Part 3. Do all girls moan during sex?

Now that we know why women moan during sex, I am sure you are wondering if all women moan. You are probably surprised to learn that many women prefer not to moan. 

Some women find moaning during sex cringy, awkward, and not their thing. This is okay. We are all different and enjoy different parts of sex. Some women prefer to have sex silently with minimal noise and no moaning. This is their preference. 

Some women enjoy being tied up during sex, while others hate it. Moaning has the same aspect. If you agree that no moaning is better, do not do it. 

You do not have to have sex the way everyone in porn does. Although moaning is a natural aspect of sex, it is part of a performance in porn. Your sex life depends on what you end your partner enjoys.

Part 4. How to moan? Best tips on moaning

I know that many women have never moaned during sex, and it can make things a bit awkward for the first time, and you do not know how to do it or what to do. So if you have ever wondered how to moan, these are a few foolproof solutions.

By following some of these moaning tips, you allow yourself the opportunity to have an incredible vocal sexual encounter.

Tip 1. Watch porn videos

Although moaning in porn is usually a performance-based moan. Listening to other people moan is essential if you are thinking about trying it out yourself. 

Hearing others moan helps give you an idea of what your moans should sound like, so try watching porn videos from an informative aspect to help you find the right sound.

Tip 2. Moan at the correct times

There are certain times during sex when it might feel extra good. This is the perfect time to let out a moan. When you moan when your partner hits the right spot, it lets them know they need to carry on in this angle or position.

Tip 3. Find the right moan volume

Volume is a crucial aspect of moaning during sex. Some men are left feeling uncomfortable when a woman moans too loudly and abruptly. So, find a moaning volume that is comfortable for both of you, where you still feel sexy, and he is still into it.

Tip 4. Moan while masturbating

One way to practice moaning is while masturbating. Take your favorite vibrator and moan until you find a sound that you enjoy making. While masturbating, you can never be too loud or too soft. Keep moaning and screaming until you find the most enjoyable sound.

Tip 5. Soft to louder moaning

When you are busy with foreplay, start by moaning softly. When things feel good, you moan and go a bit louder the more intense it gets. Many partners think when your moaning gets louder, it means they are giving you more pleasure. Understandably, you want to know why girls moan. Signaling pleasure is one of the top reasons.

Tip 6. Breath moaning

When you breathe in, you need to let the air out eventually. With every breath you breathe in, let out an intense moan. It helps you control your moans end regulate your breathing.

Tip 7. Moan with some words

When you moan, it can start sounding monotone with just moans. You can incorporate a few words like “Hmmm” or “Yes” while you moan to add some fun to your sex life.

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Wrapping Up

Moaning can be a great tool to use during sex. It can be used to express yourself and encourage your partner. It is a great way to tell your partner what you love about sex and what not without using any words. 

It is advisable to discuss things with your partner. Knowing whether they like loud or soft moaning will help you achieve the ultimate sexual experience. Suppose you know your partner finds loud, uncontrollable moaning uncomfortable and awkward. In that case, you can find a way to make it pleasurable for them.

Now that you know how to moan and why girls moan during sex, why don’t you share your moaning experiences with us? What do you love about moaning? How does it make you feel?


Girls moan during sex to show their partner that they are enjoying what they are doing, or it is used as a performance tool to encourage the partner.

It helps encourage your partner while having sex, which improves their performance. You have a more pleasurable experience when they perform better and create a deeper bond with your partner.

Find a moaning volume that works for you and your partner. Some people like it loud, and others like it soft and sensual. Make the moan sound sexy. When you make your moaning sound hot, your partner will have an ego boost and try harder to make it more pleasurable.

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