How to Masturbate in the Shower? 7 Awesome Tips You Need🍑

how to masturbate in the shower

Masturbation has been a taboo subject, but recently, the world has become more open to talking about masturbation. And rightfully so, masturbating is an utterly ordinary task and should never make you feel ashamed for participating.

Many have used religion to make women feel uncomfortable about masturbating, but when you masturbate, you are doing what comes naturally. Masturbation is a healthy act, not only for your body but also for your mental health. It helps evident frustrations and renews your mind.

One of the top places to masturbate is during a long hot shower, with warm water running down your body and complete privacy.

During today’s piece, we give you a few tips on how to masturbate in the shower, and the shower is not only good for a belting a few Taylor Swift songs.

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Part 1. How to Masturbate in the Shower?

I am sure you have tried all the different sex positions, maybe even done it in the shower? 

When masturbating, you can also try many other locations and positions. The shower is one of my top choices. Why? Because the rush of water running down my nipples and the cool water stimulating to my clit gives me a thrill.

After learning these 7 tips on how to masturbate in the shower, you can enjoy shower masturbation just as I do. 

So let’s dive into the wonders of shower masturbation.

Tip 1. Shower head masturbation

Shower masturbation can be a game-changer if you have the right tools, like the correct type of shower head. The top priority is to install a handheld shower head into your shower.

Firstly, place the shower head on or around your clit.

Find the correct strength, play around with your shower head settings, or open the taps and play around until you find a water pressure that feels pleasurable

Next, find a temperature that suits you. Having a slightly warm temperature creates a warm and fuzzy feeling and helps you reach the big O quicker.

Once the water pressure and temperature are correct, move the shower head around until you reach your shower head orgasm.

Tip 2. Use a sex toy

Once you are in the shower and starting to relax, grab your favorite sex toy and bring it into the shower with you. 

Start by caressing your body. You invoke a hormonal response that helps your body prepare by touching your body. Lathering yourself with soap allows you to connect your whole body and get clean simultaneously.

Play with your sex toy. If the toy you have chosen is a vibrator or a dildo, you can start rubbing it around your vulva and clit.

Continue to touch yourself and use your sex until you have orgasmed.

Tip 3. Use your fingers

You can always resort back to your trusty hand to achieve a climax in the shower. Find a good lube and add a healthy amount onto your finger. Slide your finger along the sides of your clit and slowly make your way down. 

Place your fingers inside and move them in and out at whatever pace you prefer. You can adjust your speed at any time.

It’s only a matter of time until you achieve a fantastic, wet orgasm.

Tip 4. Masturbate while seated in the shower

Many studies were done to show orgasms while relaxed and in a seated position. Taking a step back and finding a seated position in the shower might give you an even more intense orgasm.

If your shower has a step, take a seat with your legs far out and enough space to reach your vagina. If you do not have a shower step, use a chair that can get wet and apply the same concept. Use your hand or a waterproof vibrator and explore yourself. 

Tip 5. Set the mood

Dim the lights, light a few candles, and put on some sultry music. Setting the mood is common when having sex, so why not apply it to self-pleasure? Something simple like treating yourself by setting the mood helps you get mentally ready and activates your brain.

You deserve to be treated well, and taking extra care when masturbating helps you love yourself more. This enables you to learn about your body, and when you know how to masturbate in the shower, this tip will do wonders.

Tip 6. Take your time

You take your time when you are in the shower and have your monthly shaving session (don’t lie, no one shaves every day) or pamper session. Apply the same concept when masturbating, do not rush the big O. Let her come naturally and calmly. Enjoy being intimate with yourself. By savouring the time, you get to enjoy it more and longer.

Tip 7. Sudden temperature change

When trying to achieve a shower head orgasm, change the temperature suddenly. You activate your parasympathetic nervous system when you go from super-hot water on your clit to ice-cold water. When this is activated, you will have a sudden rush of blood to your genitals and a spurge of energy.

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Part 2. Is It Bad to Masturbate in the Shower?

Currently, no study has revealed that it is bad to masturbate in the shower. In fact, masturbation to orgasm brings loads of benefits to women. For example, an orgasm makes us happier and more relaxed. Now that you’ve learned how to masturbate in the shower, give it a go.

However, it might be bad to masturbate in the shower when you are sick. For instance, shower masturbation can be harmful when you have UTI, vaginitis, or after surgery.

Part 3. How Do Women Masturbate in the Shower?

There are many ways for women to pleasure themselves in the shower. 

1. An orgasm can be easily achieved with shower head masturbation. Use your imagination. 

2. If you have a bathtub, women can masturbate by humping the edge. 

3. Use a sex vibrator to stimulate the clit. 

4. Finger-fuck yourself for an orgasm. 

5. Put the curtain in between your hips to rub your clit until you climax. A clean towel is also good. 

6. Use a dildo to fuck yourself manually. 

Final Thoughts

You can masturbate practically anywhere, your car, bed, public restroom, and even in your garden. But there is one place that creates an environment for you to masturbate like no other, the shower.

Changing the temperature of your surroundings has a significant impact on the pleasure of your masturbation session, which is why the tips in this article can help you have the ultimate shower orgasm.

So now that you know how to masturbate in the shower, which of these tips will you try first?

Did you know that a suction cup dildo offers you the best hands-free shower masturbation experience?

Until next time my dirty devils!


Yes, you can. By turning the shower head on and experimenting with the water pressure, settings, and temperature of the water, you can achieve a fantastic orgasm.

You can use the shower head to masturbate or even as a sex toy. If you do not have the correct shower head or sex toy, don’t worry. You can still have the big O by using your fingers.

Bring the shower head in between your hips. Enjoy the warm water flow through your pussy and clit. If the stimulation is not intense enough, use your hand to rub your clit to reach an orgasm.

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