How to Make Yourself Cum? 20 Kinky Tips For Men and Women

how to make yourself cum

There are many joys in life, both emotional and physical. Sex is one of the most enjoyable acts that you can participate in. It gives you the feeling of love and pleasure. It always gives you a deeper bond between your partners. 

When you have sex, a white fluid is usually excreted through the penis. But the liquid is only released when the male partner reaches a climax and cum. 

Whether you have had sex or not, many questions can arise when talking about sex. Many people have been left with questions like, what is cum? What does cum mean?

If you have ever been curious about cum or wondered how to make yourself cum without a partner, keep reading.

Let’s dive in.

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Part 1. What does cum mean?

I am sure you have heard characters in porn, movies, and TV series, and people use the term “I am cumming.” They usually use it while having sex or participating in oral sex.

Cum is not only the term used for a climax or orgasm but also the fluid that comes from a man’s penis when he has an orgasm. 

What is cum? Is it better known as semen? Cum has some amazing ingredients. It is filled with sugar, vitamins, and even proteins. It is incredible what our bodies create to sustain themselves.

Cum is often confused with sperm, but although cum contains sperm, the two are very different. Cum is the fluid that transports the sperm safely to the uterus for fertilization, and sperm is the reproductive cells of a male. 

Cum is not a term only for males. It is also applied to women when they achieve an orgasm. In this sense, cum means white discharge during sex.

Part 2. How to make yourself cum (for men)?

Men and women have very different sexual organs, which means we masturbate differently. If you have ever wondered how to cum as a man, I have a few tips and tools you can use to know how to cum.

1. Male masturbator

A male masturbator is also known as a “pocket pussy” or a “masturbation sleeve.” They have a textured inside that mimics a vagina. You put your penis inside the sleeve and masturbate as you would with your hand. The automatic toys up and down slowly and start going faster. Soon, you will reach an orgasm point.

2. Sex doll

Sex dolls are one of the best sex toys you can use for masturbation. Sex dolls are life-like and even have breasts that you can play with. Some sex dolls are only torsos, which have all the best pars. A full vagina with an aesthetic labia and clit look-alike. The breasts on these dolls bounce up and down as you have sex with them. Other sex dolls have an anus hole and a mouth for oral masturbation. 

3. Anal sex toys

When masturbating, many men forget how many pleasure-giving nerve endings are in the anus. Using anal sex toys stimulates your prostate, which leads to a more intense orgasm. 

4. Have sex with your partner

We all know this would make us cum, but it has to be said. Having sex with your partner or girlfriend is one of the best ways to make yourself cum. It is also one of the good methods. Nothing is better than with a natural person.

5. Hand masturbation

An easy way to make yourself cum is by masturbating with your hands. Take hold of your penis with a tight and firm grip. Move your hand up and down. Remember to be patient. Besides, do not move too fast. Be slow at first, and gradually increase your speed until you climax.

6. Watch porn

Although you might feel horny and the need to cum, sometimes becoming hard can be difficult. Watching a porn video can help you get more in the mood and help you get hard.

7. Use different hands

When you use your hand to masturbate, you typically use your dominant hand. Switching hands when masturbating helps form the illusion that someone else is touching you and gives you a new sensation.

8. Use sensation lubes

Lubes, in general, are a good idea when you are masturbating. They help keep things wet and smooth. There are different lubes that give you other sensations. Try using one that offers you a tingling sensation and one that might give you a cold feeling.

9. Create the right environment

I know most people believe men can masturbate in any environment. Still, I know when masturbating in a quiet room creates a better experience. When your place is clean and smells good, it awakens your other senses.

10. Try edging

If you have never tried edging, you need to try it today. Edging is when you masturbate, but right before you cum, you stop abruptly. You can do it a few times until you feel you need to finish up and orgasm. The more you stop, the more intense your orgasm will be.

Part 3. How to make yourself cum (for women)?

Women are lucky enough to have more than one stimulating area that will allow them to cum. A woman can stimulate her clit, or G-spot, and some even cum while stimulating their anus.

Let’s get started on the next few steps on how to make yourself cum as a woman.

1. Vibrator

A vibrator is one of the best and most common sex toys. What makes it great is the stimulating vibrations that give you an intense orgasm with maximum pleasure. 

Many types of vibrators stimulate your clit while stimulating inside your vagina. These are called rabbit vibrators. You can use a vibrator during sex and masturbation and select different vibration speeds.

2. Rose toy

Rose toys are fantastic for the woman who love oral sex. A rose toy mimics a sucking motion from a hole on one side of the toy. You place the whole over your clit and allow the toy to suck your clit. Some rose toys even have a tongue-like feature on the opposite side, which will lick your clit like a person would.

3. Dildo

Dildos are great because of their versatile sizes and shapes. You can find a dildo in almost any size, and some even come in replica forms of pornstars. Dildos are an affordable sex toy and help stimulate your G-spot.

4. Anal vibrator

Women have sensitive nerve endings in their clit, G-spot, and anus. We will always hear and see about toys that stimulate the first two spots, but anal toys are seldomly talked about. Anal vibrators can be used to stimulate the thousands of pleasure nerve endings you can find in the anus.

5. Rose toy with vibrator

We have already discussed the rose toy, but this version will stimulate your clit and your G-spot. The toy looks like a regular rose toy with an added appendage, a bullet vibrator. You can put this vibrator inside you while the toy sucks your clit, which gives you tremendous all-around stimulation.

6. Bullet vibrator

If you have ever wanted to cum while visiting a friend’s house or have a quickie in a public bathroom, the bullet vibrator is for you. 

The bullet vibrator is small and discreet, which means you can easily throw it in your purse when you are out. It may be small, but the vibration intensity will indeed have you cumming in a few seconds.

7. Use lube for extra lubrication

One way for you to cum quickly is to use lube. When you are incredibly wet, things glide effortlessly and feel smoother. There is less friction which makes masturbating and sex more pleasurable.

8. Watch porn

Porn helps you use your imagination while masturbating, enabling you to get into a suitable head space when masturbating. Porn helps you get wet naturally, making masturbation easy and comfortable.

9. Create the right environment

Play sexy music, light candles, and spoil yourself on the nights you plan on masturbating. Set the mood by creating a clean space and awaken all your sense by lighting some fragranced candles.

10. Have sex with a partner

One of the good ways to make yourself cum is to have sex with your partner or friend if you do not have a partner. Having sex with someone can help you cum, but be sure to be verbal about what you like and what feels good.

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Part 4. What does cum look like?

Now that we know how to make yourself cum, how do you know what it would look like? Have you ever wondered what cum looks like?

Cum has an interesting texture, almost like a type of gel. It is a white liquid, and it is very sticky. If cum gets onto your clothes or bedding, rinse it thoroughly to avoid it sticking or staining your clothes.

The Recap

Although sex can feel good and be fun without cumming, most people prefer a decent orgasm. This is why we suggest using sex toys to aid you.

 Sex toys are designed to make you cum. By using a sex toy, you do not even need to know how to make yourself cum because the toy will do it for you.

Toys for men and women are available on many online platforms, be sure to try a few different things you might never have thought of before. 

Create an exciting sex life for you and your partner with a couple of sex toys, and enjoy your time alone with some of these fantastic solo toys.


Cum is the term used to describe when a person orgasms and ejaculates. This white liquid comes from a man’s penis when he orgasms.

An excellent way to make yourself cum is by using sex toys to stimulate your G-spot and clit. Men can use sex toys like a male masturbator or a sex doll or male masturbator to make themselves cum.

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