How Do You Masturbate in College? Cool Tips by 10 Students

how do you masturbate in college

One of the most common reasons for masturbation is to have an orgasm. An orgasm is a fantastic feeling, and nothing can compare to a decent climax.

This is why many people use sex toys to masturbate. Sex toys give you a more intense orgasm and help you reach a climax faster. But some vibrating sex toys have a slight humming sound, which can make masturbating in a college dorm difficult.

So is it possible to masturbate in college without letting others know? How do you masturbate in college

We gather tips from some college students’ experiences when masturbating during this article.

This article will help you find the best ways to self-pleasure while sharing a dormitory.

Let’s get started. 

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How Do You Masturbate in College?

When college students share their experiences, you gain usable knowledge when you are in the same circumstances. We have found a few stories from college students who were open to sharing their masturbation stories.

Let us dive into the world of college masturbation.

Student 1

Sex toys did not really interest me until I started college. They have changed my life. Especially waterproof sex toys. When sharing a dorm with a roommate, masturbation can be complicated. 

I tend to masturbate when in the shower. Using a waterproof vibrator makes it easier to cum faster. Although I do not always want to tush the experience, it is sometimes needed.

Student 2

As a horny college student, I have found the best place to masturbate is my own ben in my dorm. I know, it sounds risky. But I have figured out my roommate’s class schedule. When my roommate has a class and I have a free period, I know. For example, on Tuesdays at 10 am, I grab my vibrator and masturbate in the comfort of my own bed while I know that my roommate won’t be back until after 11 am. So I have an hour of privacy to masturbate with no distractions.

Student 3

Before going to college, I constantly wondered how you masturbate in college. Now that I am here, I can tell you it’s easier than you think.

On my way back from class, I would stop at a small bathroom on campus and masturbate there. I even carry a bullet vibrator in an airtight container in my bag for moments like these. My bullet vibrator has become my best friend. It makes a quick masturbation session more effortless and more enjoyable.

Student 4

I know masturbating in a dorm with a roommate can seem scary, but you technically still have privacy if you do it once they are asleep. I tend to masturbate at night after a long day. Once my roommate was sleeping, I would masturbate, using my hands or a dildo. A dildo does not make a vibrating noise, so it is silent. I make sure not to make sounds or moan loudly.

Student 5

My roommate and I have an understanding. We had decided to give a code word for when we needed the room for an hour. I would say “Dill Pepper,” and my roommate would leave for an hour. Communication is vital. Your roommate is also human and has the same needs. You are not telling them you will masturbate by saying the code word. It might be for a date or phone call. So, it still gives the illusion that they do not know what you are about to do.

Student 6

Pillowcases do not all have the same textures. Changing the pillowcase of the pillow, you prefer to masturbate with allows your body to feel something a bit different every time. This also promotes good hygiene; it gives you a chance to wash and sterilize the pillowcase after use.

Student 7

When I am planning to masturbate, I wait for my roommate to leave, and then I would lock the door and leave the key in. That way, I would get a warning when my roommate is trying to enter. It gives me a minute or two to get myself together and lock open the door. If they asked why it was locked, I would usually say I was crying or something. They just sort of look away when you say that.

Student 8

I tend to use my car. I know not all students have a car. But those who do, masturbate in there. I have even started to store all my sex toys in my car. I have window blackouts and would put them up to create more privacy. Since masturbating in my car, I have had much better orgasms because I am still comfortable, yet no one will bother me.

Student 9

This is probably not for everyone, but my roommate and I masturbate together. We enjoy watching each other and hearing the other one moan. When we needed to masturbate, we would usually tell the other one, and we would both just start. If you get yourself comfortable with your roommate, this is a game-changer.

Student 10

I have walked around campus and taken mental notes on the quietest places.

I would change things up and masturbate at different locations around my college and dorm. Bathrooms, libraries, bleachers, and many others are good places.

The key is to find the best places to keep yourself concealed. I always take a sex toy with me. This helps me orgasm faster so that I am not in a compromising position for too long. I like masturbating in the quad garden close to the fence, there is a small hill that keeps me concealed, and I can see if anyone is coming.

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Final Thoughts

If you really need to masturbate, you will find a way. I have learned from these students’ experiences that you can masturbate practically anywhere. 

But making sure to have suitable sex toys can enhance your experience and help you cum faster when masturbating in a risky public setting.

Knowing how you masturbate in college will help you relieve sexual frustrations, so it is essential to masturbate often. It will also help you lower stress levels, which can be needed during exam times.


Yes, of course. College students probably masturbate more than adults. College students are usually fresh out of school and away from their parents with a new type of freedom. They masturbate often, and you would be surprised where they masturbate in many different places.

Some students wait until their roommates are away and masturbate using sex toys in the comfort of their bed. Other students masturbate in the bathrooms and when they are taking a shower. It all depends on what they are comfortable with.

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