How Do Girls Masturbate? Valuable Female Masturbation Tips🍌

how do girls masturbate

Masturbation has been something that many people have done for different reasons. Still, it has also been seen as a taboo topic. Discussing masturbation is not something many people feel is appropriate.

Many women feel that female masturbation is not common and that most men masturbate. This thought is mainly because it is not talked about often enough. We both know that women masturbate just as often as men.

How do girls masturbate?

Today’s article looks at the different reasons why girls masturbate and how to masturbate as a girl. 

Let us dive right into the world of girl masturbation.

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Part 1. Why Do Girls Masturbate?

Before answering how do girl masturbate, let us discuss why do girls masturbate.

Female masturbation has become a common topic of discussion in the 21st century. Which has left many people with questions, why do girls masturbate?

Most men would probably suggest that girls masturbate because they enjoy orgasm. Although this is true, there are many other reasons female masturbation is rising.

When you masturbate, a lot happens in your brain and body. The release of hormones is one of the most prominent occurrences when masturbating.

Some of the hormones released act as a natural pain reliever, so many girls masturbate during their menstrual cycle. Masturbation helps the menstrual cramps to feel better. It triggers a feeling of relief and allows women to endure the pain more comfortably.

Many girls masturbate to help them sleep. After masturbation, your blood pressure lowers, enabling you to relax and fall into a deep sleep.

Masturbation also allows women to explore their bodies. This also helps them figure out what they would need from a partner during sex. It also boosts their self-esteem when they know what their body is capable of.

After pregnancy, many women experience a weak pelvic floor. This happens because of the baby’s weight in their womb and can cause many women to accidentally urinate at random times with no control of their pelvic muscles. Girl masturbation helps strengthen the pelvic muscles. Strengthening your pelvic muscles allows you to control the urination and tightens the vaginal canal, resulting in better sex.

When you are exercising, your body releases positive hormones called endorphins. Endorphins help reduce elevated stress levels in your body. When girls masturbate, they also release the same endorphins. Masturbation helps reduce stress to allow women to lead a more relaxed, stress-free lifestyle.

During female masturbation, women secrete a mucus-like fluid that cleans out the vaginal canal. Many harmful bacteria can end up where you don’t want them, and masturbation helps flush out all harmful visitors.

Mostly, women enjoy sex just as much as men. Sometimes during sex, women do not reach a climax, which is why many women masturbate to orgasm

Is masturbation good for girls? Yes, mentally and physically, women continue to reap benefits from regular masturbation.

Part 2. How Do Girls Masturbate?

There are many ways for girls to masturbate. They can use their hands, toys, household objects, and hump a pillow

Women masturbate by stimulating their clitoris, which is located between the labia. Some women use sex toys to find their G-spot and stimulate that along with the clit. It all depends on your preference.

How do girls masturbate?

If you are a woman looking for some masturbation tips, look no further. Here I will give you a few of the best female masturbation tips.

Tip 1. Use a vibrator

Make use of a vibrator with different vibration settings. Most vibrators are made from a soft material that makes them comfortable and easy.

Find a vibrator that stimulates your clit as well. This way, you will have internal and external stimulation.

Tip 2. Use a dildo

Dildos are familiar sex toys and are perfect for women who like to live out a fantasy. Because they do not vibrate, they give a more life-like feel. One of the great things about a Dildo is the variety of shapes and sizes. 

You can also get a dildo with a suction cup that can be placed on a wall or floor. Dildos are also easier to use in the shower, as not all vibrators are waterproof.

Tip 3. Bullet vibrator

A bullet vibrator is a smaller, more compact vibrator alternative. Bullet vibrators are small but mighty. 

You can place it inside your vagina on a low vibrating setting and increase it as you masturbate. 

You can also use the bullet vibrator by rubbing it on your clit. Bullet vibrators are perfect for traveling and helping you reach your orgasm quicker.

Tip 4. Rose vibrator

A rose sex vibrator gives you incredible oral sex stimulation without a partner. The rose toy has become a new favored sex toy among women.

This toy has an excellent sucking function that stimulates your clit like oral sex.

Tip 5. Butt plug

When masturbating, you can place a butt plug in your anus for anal stimulation. 

While masturbating, you stimulate your vagina and clit. Still, many nerve endings in your anus are not being stimulated. 

When you add a butt plug to your masturbation ritual, you will have a more fulfilling orgasm. 

Tip 6. Use lube

Many women have experienced a dry spell. Some women never get wet by themselves. Masturbating without being wet enough can be painful and uncomfortable. 

This is why having lube on hand is never a bad idea. Lubes come in different flavors, and some even give you tingling sensations.

Tip 7. Use your fingers

If you do not own any sex toys, do not fret because you do not have to have a sex toy to masturbate. 

Although, I would suggest investing in a sex toy as it will change your sex life. You can use your fingers to stimulate your clit and inside you. 

Your fingers might not go deep enough to reach your G-spot, but you can still achieve an orgasm by stimulating your clit only.

Tip 8. Watch porn

Porn helps you get in the mood. For some women, it helps them get wet naturally. When you watch porn, some of the hormones in your brain start being released.

It helps your body prepare for masturbation like foreplay would help your body be ready for sex.

Part 3. How Often Do Girls Masturbate?

One can never group all women in the same category. Some women have never touched themselves, and some women do daily.

It depends on what the woman in question prefers. Still, according to studies, over 85% of women have masturbated in their lives. How often do girls masturbate can only be determined by asking some ladies about masturbation frequency.

This is why I decided to ask three women of different ages about their masturbating experiences.

Anna. 26 years old

I started masturbating when I was around 12 years old. Before I was married, I used to masturbate 3-4 times a week, but it has now become less. I would masturbate when I was alone, and my husband was away at work, primarily to help me fall asleep when I was struggling. I would say that I probably masturbate 1-3 times a month.

Mikayla. 19 years old

I masturbated for the first time when I was 14 years old, which afterward became a daily occurrence. I have now bought a few sex toys, and even though I am sexually active, I still like to find time for myself. I masturbate around 5 times a week and love trying new things with my body.

Reese. 32 years old

Working full-time and coming home to a house full of kids, having any privacy for masturbating is nearly impossible. I sometimes masturbate in the shower, which is also where I liked to masturbate from the age of 12. I would say that I masturbate around 1-2 a month, sometimes more, depending on how much time I have. 

Although most women are different and lead different lives, they all can agree that they masturbate at least every month.

Most male teenagers can masturbate a few times a day, and the same goes for girls. When they are young and have more free time, masturbation is easier. What age girls start masturbating depends on the girl. 

Not all start around the same time, but the average age is 12 – 14 years. However, this might vary from girl to girl.

Final Thoughts

Even though many women have not been taught the importance of girl masturbation during their teen years, they will find out once they are older. This is why I feel it is essential to explain to all girls how good female masturbation can be for their overall health.

How do girls masturbate?

Using sex toys available on the market will change how you masturbate and your sex life. Why not use the tools available to improve your sexual health?

If you own a sex toy, you are giving yourself a tool to help improve many aspects of your life through masturbating.

FAQs about Female Masturbation

What age do girls start masturbating depends on the girl. Not all start around the same time, but the average age is 12-14 years. Although this might vary from girl to girl, not all women are the same.

Yes, there are many health benefits for girls who masturbate. You will feel more relaxed and have more positive hormones after masturbating. You are overall physical and mental can be improved by masturbating regularly.

How often girls masturbate depends on the woman, not all have the need to masturbate as regularly as others. Some girls have admitted to daily masturbation, while others were only monthly. The average woman masturbates at least every month.

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