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fwb meaning

When talking about FWB, we are talking about friends with benefits. This simply states that having a sexual relationship without love and emotional attachments is involved. All that you do is enjoy having sex and just fulfil your sexual desires. 

There are various reasons why people would engage in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship instead of a romantic love relationship. 

The most common reason people prefer only a sexual relationship is that they want to avoid getting hurt or don’t see themselves building a future with you. Some are because of past trauma, and they do not want to experience that again. 

All the mentioned above leads to wanting a sexual relationship only. And it is best to try and not get your emotions involved in the sexual relationship because your partner might ghost you anytime or hook up with other girls. 

This article aims to help people better understand the FWB meaning – the ‘friends with benefits‘ relationship. In this article, we will be indulging each other about the relationship that occurs among friends with benefits.

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Part 1. What does FWB mean?

Curious about the FWB meaning? Find the definition now.

FWB is a slang word that stands for friends with benefits. This “friends with benefits” relationship occurs mainly between people who like each other but do not want to be in a committed or emotional attachment relationship. Some people just only want to have a sexual relationship without getting emotions involved. 

Part 2. Friends with benefits rules

In every relationship, some rules need to be followed for a successful relationship. Like friends with benefits, there will be an agreement that has to be obeyed. 

Below are some of the rules that we have for FWB.

1. No emotions involved

With no emotions involved, we can have a sexual relationship, but we are also permitted to do whatever we want and with whoever we wish to romantically. 

We are only engaged in this relationship for sex, nothing more. If we are friends with benefits, it simply means that we can have other people involved in our lives without hurting us emotionally.

2. Be discreet

Being discreet about our ‘friends with benefits relationship or what is going on in our relationship represents respect.

Not everybody needs to know that you are having a sexual relationship with no emotions involved because your partner might be interested in a romantic relationship with someone else, and you might ruin that.

People being discreet does not necessarily mean that they are ashamed of you. Sometimes it is for the best and will work in your favor in the future.

Besides, not everybody needs to know who you are fucking or who is fucking you. Be discreet to keep the fun going for the long run.

3. Use protection

If the intention is not to fall in love and build a future together, do not risk it.

Use protection to prevent unnecessary stress and unwanted pregnancies.

Friends with benefits do not mean you cannot be in a romantic and in a love relationship with someone else. You can be a part of friends with benefits relationship and still be a love relationship. That being said, protection is critical to avoid infecting your partners with STDs.

Using protection also allows you to have sex with multiple partners without transmitting countless STDs. 

4. Be clear on what you want

In the FWB relationship, be clear on what you want during sex. Communicate your fantasies and desires just so you be clear and satisfied. Do not be shy. To be handled the way that you feel would be best for you needs you to be clear.

The primary purpose of ‘friends with benefits is to fulfil your sexual desires in the first place. The sexual relationship you engage in is supposed to help you reach your sexual goal. For you to feel the pleasure and orgasm that you won’t, you will need to communicate and be clear on what you expect because you are the one who knows your body best.

5. Respect each other’s space

Having a sexual relationship does not mean you should start being clingy and jealous. That is why the ‘no emotions attached’ rule is vital in every “friend with benefits” relationship.

Other than just having a sexual relationship, your partner is allowed to do what they want with whomever they prefer, and whenever they like, you have zero control over their life just because you guys have sex. 

Let it end with just having the sexual benefits, not more than that.

6. Get a partner that matches your energy

If you know you prefer a partner with wild energy, has confidence in bed, or are very nasty, do not go for someone who is the complete opposite of what you are looking for. 

Matching of energy is very vital in every relationship. When talking about energy, I am also referring to sex drive. Get a partner that matches your sex drive so that you do not get bored and feel unsatisfied in the sexual relationship.

Part 3. Hot sex toys for FWB relationship

Sex toys are essential for spicing up sexual intercourse, boosting sexual pleasure, and increasing sex drive. 

We have various sex acts. Each and everyone has their own sexual desires. And it is good to fulfil your sexual desires sometimes just so you be glad and happy sexually. 

I will be indulging with you the best sex toys I recommend and have been tested to be safe and best of use.

• A vibrator.
• A dildo.
• Artificial penis.
• Internal stimulator.
• Strap.
• Helping head pro.
• Cheeky panty with a rechargeable bullet
• Bondage tape.
• Cuffs.
• Double dildo.
• Nipple teasers.
• Door sex sling.
• Rimming butt plugs petite.
• Sex swing

Sex toys, as mentioned earlier, are some of the safe tested sex toys. We have plenty of sex toys, and the ones above are a few of the sex toys that we have. 

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The Recap

Now you’ve learned the FWB meaning.

Friends with benefits relationships are the best relationship for people who do not want to be in a romantic and love relationship.

Safe sex is always essential in the relationship because the agreement is only to have sex and not build a future together. Practicing safe sex also helps avoid unwanted pregnancies and STDs because a person in an FWB relationship is allowed to have multiple partners and do what they want. 

Friends with benefits relationships are best because you get to fulfil your sexual desires, which is why it is essential to find a partner that matches your energy and sex drive. In whatever you do in the FWB relationship, do not get attached because you will end up getting your feelings hurt. 

If you feel like you are falling in love or getting attached, let your partner know and if they do not agree to an attachment relationship, pull yourself out.


This abbreviation stands for friends with benefits. FWB relationship refers to a relationship that only includes sex and no emotions involved. This is to help people fulfil their sexual desires without being in an emotional attachment relationship. And FWB is always the best if you get a partner that matches your sex drive.

Yes. FWB is a good idea if you are looking for a relationship that does not include emotions. The advantage of FWB is that you do not get hurt or feel betrayed because the only relationship that exists is sexual intercourse. With FWB, you get to be happy and sexually satisfied without worrying and stressing over anyone.

There are various rules for friends with benefits relationships. The essential rule in every FWB rule is ‘no emotions involved. And remember always to be discreet so that the relationship keeps going for the long run. Another rule for FWB is to be clear on what you want. Communicate and be honest about what you would like to achieve in the relationship.

If the agreement and rules are followed accordingly, the relationship is likely to continue for a long time or even forever. But if the rules are disobeyed, then the relationship is expected to last for a short period. The lasting of the FWB relationship always depends on how you feel about each other and how long. It will also depend if your partner matches your sex drive.

As long as safe sex is practiced, yes, an FWB relationship is healthy. I would also like to call it safe because no one gets hurt emotionally since it is a ‘no emotions attached .’FWB relationship is very healthy because all that occurs is sex to satisfy your sexual needs and nothing else that will put anyone in danger.

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