Do Women Like Anal Sex? Answers Are Pretty Surprising❤️

do women like anal sex

Having sex comes naturally to most, but not all sexual experiences are easy or natural for some.

For centuries anal sex has been considered taboo or unnatural, but as the times are changing, so are the opinions about sex. Anal sex is one of the best ways for men to feel pleasure. This is because it stimulates their prostate. 

But what about women? We already know that women do not have prostates, so does anal sex feel good for women? Just because women do not have a prostate at the back there does not mean they do not like anal sex.

Do you like anal? Do women like anal sex? During this topic, we look at this question and how it feels as a woman. It may come as a surprise, but some critical benefits to anal sex might persuade you to try it.

If you have never tried anal sex, we suggest continuing to read to find out more.

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Part 1. What Is Anal Sex?

Anal sex is a penetrative sexual action where your rectum is used as the penetrative hole instead of another. You use lube to help create moisture. The lube will help the anal sex have less friction. It will make anal sex more comfortable. Once lube spreads around the anus, your partner slowly slides into the rectum.

Anal sex typically happens between two men, but often it can happen between men and women. Many men enjoy the pleasure that anal sex offers, which means that they might enjoy taking part in pegging. Pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on dildo and has anal sex with her partner by inserting the dildo into their rectum.

Pegging is also often seen in lesbian relationships with the same tools. Because lesbians do not have penetrative sexual organs, they use a strap-on dildo to have penetrative sex.

Part 2. Do Women Like Anal Sex?

Do women like anal sex? It is common knowledge that men have a collection of nerves in the rectal area. When they have anal sex, their prostate is stimulated. Stimulation of the prostate helps you achieve a fantastic orgasm, but women do not have a prostate. So why do women enjoy anal sex?

Just because a woman does not have a prostate, it does not mean that she does not have nerve endings in her anus like men. Women still have numerous nerve endings that give fantastic pleasure when stimulated.

It is said that women might have more nerve endings in their rectum than in their clitoris. But no one can know precisely how many nerve endings there are. Women might enjoy many aspects of anal sex, including pleasure.

Many women have said they feel more dominated while having anal sex, which plays into some women’s fetishes.

So, to answer your question about do women like anal? Yes, many women find anal sex pleasurable and fun. This does not mean all women like anal sex. Some women find it uncomfortable.

Part 3. What Does Anal Sex Feel Like?

Anal sex can be considered taboo even though society is reformed. Anal sex is never discussed between people or in movies, making many people curious about how it feels.

Discussing how sex feels can be challenging to pinpoint an exact feeling, but anal sex is different. Different sensations are felt during anal, many of which can easily be compared to other things.


Penetration is probably the most challenging part of anal sex; for many, it is rather painful. When a penetration occurs, the anus is expanded to a size it is not used to. Some people have experienced micro-tears and slight bleeding after their first time. But luckily, there are sex toys designed to help prepare. Anal beads are a string of oval-shaped beads that start with a tiny “bead” and bigger ones further up on the rope. When preparing for anal sex, you can insert the smaller bead and gradually move to the larger bead. Doing this often allows your body to become accustomed to the size changes and will accommodate a penis with ease.

Lube is also essential to add to your list of anal sex supplies. Lube will help the penis glide into the anus with much less friction. Lube will also limit the danger of micro-tears.

After Penetration

Once you have passed the rectum and the penis reaches the anal canal, you will feel much less friction. While the penis is inside your rectum, it might feel similar to when you need to have a bowel movement. Your body does not know the difference between penis and stools. 

Once your partner starts moving, the muscles in your anal wall will begin to relax. Once they are relaxed, you will start feeling more pleasure and stimulation of the nerve endings in your anal canal.

Anal Orgasm

When you have anal sex, the penis can stimulate the anal wall. On the other side of the anal wall is the clitoris. Essentially, you can stimulate your clit from the inside and outside. When a woman reaches a climax this way, she can have an intense orgasm. Some can have multiple orgasms.

The orgasm you get from anal sex feels completely different compared to vaginal orgasms. It can be more intense and send stimulating signals to other parts of your body that do not commonly get stimulated.

Part 4. Is Anal Sex Bad?

If you are planning on having anal sex, I am sure you are wondering, is anal sex bad? Because anal sex is considered taboo, very few people offer knowledge about this subject. But we understand the need to be sure of all possible adverse effects of anal sex. 

Anal sex is mainly considered safe for long-term or short-term sources of sexual pleasure. Yet, there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind when participating in anal sex.

1. Lube

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate. So, where at times you feel that you might need lube for vaginal sex because it is still not wet enough, the anus secretes no fluids to aid in anal sex. You need to use enough lube to be as comfortable as possible. Have your partner spread the lube around the anus and slightly inside with their fingers, do not be shy to ask for more lube when necessary.

2. STD and HIV

There is a higher chance of spreading STDs and HIV during anal sex. Make sure to have regular tests if you have multiple partners, and ask your partner to test. You should also use a condom but not while using an oil-based lubricant. Oil-based lubes are not compatible with condoms and make them ineffective at times.

3. Good Hygiene

Make sure everything is clean and washed. Anal sex gives you a higher chance of contracting a parasite or disease other than STDs because the anus is where excrement is removed from your body. Properly clean your anus and anal canal using soap and water before having anal sex.

4. Hemorrhoids

Anal sex tends to irritate existing hemorrhoids, or in some cases, rough anal sex can cause them.

So, no unhealthy reasons suggest anal sex is bad for you. But there are many safety precautions to keep you and your partner safe.

Part 5. Benefits of Anal Sex

All sexual activities have been linked to multiple health benefits, including anal sex. There have been many studies that have proven sex can improve your overall health and mental health.

These are just some of the benefits of anal sex or vaginal sex.

-Sex lowers the risk of multiple heart diseases.

– Orgasms, a result of sex, have proven to improve your sleep. A good night’s rest has been said to give you multiple health benefits daily.

– Higher libido

– Natural pain relief

– Better moods

– Erectile dysfunction. 

This is because the prostate is stimulated when men receive anal sex.

– Improved blood circulation

– Stress relief

We all know how important it is to care for our mental and physical health. Sex is one of the body’s most natural ways to improve overall health. As long as you and your partner are practicing safe sex or are sure to get tested regularly, anal sex can be a promising aspect of your sex life.

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Final Notes

As we end this feature about anal sex, it is essential to remember some key aspects. There are many benefits of anal sex, and it is vital to know how to prepare for it. 

Another fact you need to be sure of before you have anal sex with your partner is that you are both comfortable trying it out. Anal sex can be exciting and fun, but for some, anal sex sounds like a nightmare. That is normal. Anal sex is not for everyone, which is okay. We are all different and enjoy different things, so it is crucial to be verbal about your views on anal sex before you get started.

Now that you know what anal sex is, are you willing to join the wild ride?


Anal sex is when you have penetrative sex by inserting a penis or sex toy into the anus.

Many women enjoy anal sex. It is exciting and something new to some. But many women find it uncomfortable and unpleasant, which is normal. All people have different opinions about what they like and do not like.

There are many health benefits to penetrative sex, including anal sex. There have been countless studies done that show the result regular sex has on your overall health.

During penetration, anal sex can feel uncomfortable and slightly painful. Some have compared the initial feeling with that of passing stool. Once the penetration is complete, your muscles relax, becoming much more pleasurable.

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