Do Asexual People Masturbate?💁🏼‍♀️Get 6 Proven Tips

do asexual people masturbate

Sexuality is a broad spectrum that allows many individuals to explore their desires. Many of the sexual identities we know today were taboo in the past. Still, humans have done better by starting to understand different people have different sexual preferences.

Most of you know the popular sexual preferences that make up the LGBTQ+ community, like gay and lesbian. But there are many more sexual preferences that you probably do not know about.

Asexual is another term that might be new to you, but it has been around for years. It is essential to know what asexual means.

But what is asexual? What are their preferences? Do asexual people masturbate?

Today we look at this sexual identity and ask. 

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Part 1. What does asexual mean?

I know well you are asking yourself “what is asexual.”

Asexuality is part of the LGBTQ+ community and has been the sexual preference for many people.

An asexual is someone who lacks sexual desires or sexual attractions. This means that they do not necessarily find people sexually attractive or possess the need to have sex regularly.

Asexuality can also be a part of sub-identities for someone, which means it’s part of who they or, along with other sexual preferences.

An asexual person can still find people attractive or find certain body parts attractive but still have no urge to have sexual intercourse with them. 

It is known that most asexual people who are in an intimate relationship still have sex with their partner. But the sex is purely for the intimacy and bond created during sex, which is why most sexually active asexual people are in a committed emotional relationship.
Asexual people do not usually hook up with some random person at a bar.

Part 2. Do asexual people masturbate?

Although asexual people have no desire for sexual activities or sexual attractions to other people, it does not mean that they do not masturbate.

There might be some asexual people who choose not to masturbate, but masturbation is not purely for pleasure. Masturbation can be used to relieve stress or help with sleeping struggles.

So, even if an asexual person masturbates, it could be for other reasons than sexual pleasure.
Being asexual does not mean that they do not have normal human urges. Sometimes a sexual desire needs to be satisfied to allow you to carry on with your day. 

This is why asexual people also masturbate at times, just like anyone else. Asexual people still have a healthy libido and arousal. Some professors have called asexual people who masturbate “autochorisexuality.” But it is your choice what you identify as. Many asexual do masturbate but have no desire for sex with other people.

How do asexual people masturbate? Here are a few tips.

Tip 1. Sex toys

Just because an asexual person has no desire to have sex with someone they met in a bar does not mean they do not pleasure themselves.

When masturbating, you can use a sex toy. There are many sex toys to choose from to suit your wants and needs. Although, asexual woman might not want to have sex with a man, using a dildo or vibrator when their libido is on the rise is one of the best ways to feel relief. 

Sex toys allow you to quickly reach a climax, making it easier for asexuals who do not enjoy the process of masturbation.

Tip 2. Fantasies

It is expected that some Asexual people have fantasies of people they have an emotional bond with. Some even have fantasies about celebrities. An asexual can still admire the beauty of someone’s body and form, which may result in arousal. So, to ease the horny feeling they have, masturbation occurs. 

Most of the time, the fantasies are enough. They will never act on the opportunity to physically have sex with that person.

Tip 3. Porn

Porn is a helpful tool for masturbation for everyone, including asexuals. When watching porn, an asexual person might enjoy the view of the steamy sex or the kinkiness of the act. They might not act on it but will masturbate while watching porn for the relief often felt afterward.

Tip 4. Read erotica

Reading erotica stimulates your brain, just like reading any other literature does. Many asexual people enjoy masturbating while reading erotic fiction more than porn. By not seeing graphic videos of sexual acts, they imagine what the characters look like and how they go forward.

Some asexual people do not like the graphic nature of porn and dislike seeing actual sex occur. This is why literature is an excellent option when they need help while masturbating.

Tip 5. Before bed

When an asexual does masturbate, it is for a reason most of the time. Many studies have shown that masturbating before bed helps you sleep deeper. So, many asexuals have resorted to masturbation to help when they have trouble sleeping.

Tip 6. When stressed

Stress is a problematic factor in the world we live in today, which is why many people have turned to masturbation to help eliminate stress. 

When your orgasm, the hormones that release in your brain create a natural anti-stress response. Therefore, after masturbation, you always feel relaxed and much less tense.

Many asexuals make masturbation a ritual to help deal with elevated stress levels after a hard day.

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Although people with asexuality do not have a sexual attraction to other people, this does not mean they do not get horny.

Do asexual people masturbate? Yes, some of them masturbate.

Like you and me, asexual people need to pleasure themselves to help compensate for the lack of sex in their lives. They still need to stabilize their libido when increased or ease their arousal. 

Sex toys are one of the best tools an asexual can use to help maintain a healthy sex life without any sex.

Instead of asking what is asexual, do research to find out more about all the different sexualities in the LGBTQ+ community.


Asexual refers to the sexual orientation of someone who does not have a sexual attraction or sexual desire toward other people. Asexuality is part of the LGBTQ+ community and is becoming a more common sexual orientation than it was in the past.

Like you, asexual people also feel aroused and have a fluctuating libido. So yes, they do also masturbate. Although it might not be for sexual reasons and more for relief or help with stressful times or difficulty sleeping.

Asexual people masturbate like everyone else. It might not be for the same sexual desires as you. They make use of sex toys and other erotic help tools. Sex toys are excellent for people who identify as Asexual because it helps them climax easier.

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