Can You Get Strep Throat from Oral Sex?

can you get strep throat from oral sex

As we are all sexual creatures, it is common for us to have questions about our sexual health. Wisdom and knowledge about taboo questions come from research and experience. If you are reading this, I am sure you decided to research the risk that oral sex may have.

Strep throat is a highly contagious disease labeled as the kissing disease. It is no surprise that some of you might ask, can you get strep throat from oral sex?

During this feature, we talk about what oral sex is and whether you can get strep throat by having oral sex.

This is an essential question if you are starting to explore your sexuality. There is no limit on knowledge about sexual health. 

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Part 1. What Is Oral Sex?

Oral sex is a sexual act where you or your partner gives stimulation by licking and sucking. Men will go down and place their heads between their partner’s legs. If their partner is a woman, they start by slowly licking the clitoris. Moving their head up and down will start licking different parts of the female’s vulva, sometimes even inserting their tongue inside the vaginal hole. Eventually, they will switch between licking the clit to sucking on her clit for extra stimulation.

When a man is on the receiving end of oral sex, their partner will also go down and slowly start licking around and on the tip of the penis. Soon, the partner may place their mouth around the whole tip, slowly sliding the penis deeper into their mouth by moving their head up and down slowly, gradually moving faster. 

Oral sex is one of the best ways to have sexual stimulation. Women have more nerve endings in their clitoris than any other sexual organ. This is why oral sex is a great way to help a woman reach climax quicker.

Part 2. Is Oral Sex a Sin?

Is oral sex a sin? Yes and no. 

The word “sin” means disobeying God’s divine law or culture. Sin can mean immoral thoughts or actions against your religion or cultural rules. This is why the answer can be yes or no. Suppose you are not part of any religion or culture with purity rules. In that case, it might not be considered a sin for you personally.

In the Christian religion, it is said that any form of sexual gratification outside of marriage is a sin. The Christian bible also states that any form of masturbation is also considered to be a sin. I would like to add that oral sex once you are married to your partner is no longer considered a sin.

Christians believe that God created sex to be beautiful and for pro-creation. The only sin would be to partake in sexually immoral opportunities while unmarried to the partner.

If you are agnostic, you do not believe in a higher power or follow the rules of religion. Therefore oral sex before marriage will not be considered a sin. 

Suppose you personally do not feel any conviction towards oral sex while unmarried. In that case, I do believe that it is not a sin. Deciding on what is wrong and right in situations like these is supposed to be for your personal preference.

Do not get me wrong. Sex is not a sin, and neither is oral sex. Sins are classified by your religion or personal belief system. No one can tell you whether you are living in sin or not. It needs to be something you have decided.

Part 3. Can You Get Strep Throat from Oral Sex?

Strep throat is a bacterial infection in the back of your throat. Strep throat also causes your tonsils to be inflamed and infected. Strep throat is usually treated with antibiotics and cured within 5-10 days after consuming the medication.

Because strep throat is found in the mouth and throat, many people have asked, can you get strep throat from oral?

Although you can not get strep throat directly from oral sex, you can catch an STI or STD that causes strep throat. Strep throat can be transmitted by the exchange of saliva. In other words, you can not get strep throat from oral sex, but you can get an infection from an STI or STD that can turn into strep throat.

Part 4. Tips to Have the Best Oral Sex

Now that you know what oral sex is let’s talk about what we can do to improve oral sex in the future.

Use an Oral Sex Simulation Sex Toy

Most people believe that you can only experience oral sex with a partner. Still, with a rose sex toy, you can have the same sexual pleasure that oral sex gives when alone. 

The rose toy has a sucking feature that will stimulate your clit in the same fantastic way your partner’s mouth would. Some rose toys have something on both sides, one side has a hole that sucks, and the other has an appendage that looks like a tongue that mimics a licking motion. You can also use this toy with a partner, giving you extra stimulation.

Try the 69 Position

The 69 is considered a sex position and is excellent for oral sex. While your partner is lying on their back, lay on top of them with your vagina and clit by their mouth while you give them oral sex at the same time. This is a fantastic sex position to stimulate both partners orally.

Stimulate the Whole Body

While having oral sex, many people forget to stimulate anything else. You or your partner can stimulate your nipples, massage your thighs, and touch your body. It is vital to stimulate zones of your body that do not get touched often. It enlightens your senses, helping you have a more intense orgasm.

Try Being Blindfolded

When you take away one of your senses, your other senses are heightened, leaving you extra sensitive to touch. When you are sensitive, your orgasms are very intense and more pleasurable.

Keep It Wet

Make sure you use enough spit while having oral sex. Saliva makes things smooth and more comfortable. It allows your partner to slide their tongue deeper and smoothly over the whole vulva and vaginal area. You can even use safe lubes if spit is not enough. There are flavored lubes to give you a better taste if you dislike the taste during oral sex.

Try Watching Oral Porn

Porn helps get you in the mood and gives you ideas on what to do. Oral sex may seem simple, but it can be an awkward experience for some. By watching oral sex porn, you can help your partner by telling them that you want to try what you are watching or you like that move.

Try Rimming

Rimming is when you stimulate the anus orally. By clicking around and sucking on the anus of your partner, you give them extra stimulation to a part of their body that seldom gets stimulated. Rimming is not for everyone, it is okay if you are not comfortable with it, but sometimes you need to move out of your comfort zone.

Try Sitting

Sitting on your partner’s face can feel empowering for a woman. Do not be afraid to sit on your partner’s face and ride their tongue. Remember to discuss this first with your partner before tiring it out.

Make Sounds

When you are having oral sex, making pleasant moans and sounds will encourage your partner to continue. When you give your partner enthusiasm, they try harder and make more effort to make you feel good.

Eye Contact

Make sure to have a good amount of eye contact with your partner during oral sex. Eye contact gives you more satisfaction and helps you have a deeper emotional connection during oral sex.

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Part 5. Enjoy Oral Sex Without the Risk of Getting Strep Throat

We know that you can not get a strep throat infection because of oral sex alone. You can get it because of other sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Here are a few tips to help keep you sane from the chance of getting strep throat when having oral sex.

Use a Sex Toy

Using an oral sex toy will limit the physical contact of your mouth with the partner’s genitals. Use a sex toy if you want to have oral sex without physically having to lick or suck them.

Use a Condom

Condoms are a great way to protect yourself from STIs and STDs while having sex. They also help keep you safe during oral sex. This will limit skin-on-skin contact and allow you to perform or receive oral sex safely.

Get Tested

We have established that STIs and STDs you can get from orals sex are the main culprits. Make sure you and your partner are healthy and have no known STI or STD.

Avoid Having Multiple Partners

Avoid having many partners. This will also limit your risk of STIs and STDs when having oral sex.

Avoid people with similar symptoms.

Avoid coming into close contact with people with strep throat symptoms. This will limit your chances of having strep throat after spending time with them.

Final Thoughts

Can you get strep throat from oral sex? 


We have learned much about how oral sex can be done and how to improve it. We also realized how important it is to protect yourself from STIs and STDs when having sex.

We know now that strep throat is caused by an STI or STD that creates an infection in the back of your throat and not by oral sex itself. We also answered whether oral sex is a sin and how it can affect our mental state.


Oral sex is the stimulation of genitals with a mouth by licking and sucking.

You can get strep throat from STDs and STIs. An infection begins when you get one of these, which can also cause strep throat.

It depends on your values and morals. According to some religions, oral sex outside of wedlock is a sin.

Yes, oral sex is a great stress reliever that helps your mental and overall physical health.

When you contract an STI or STD, yes, it can make you sick.

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