Can Trans Men Get Erect? The Latest Answers in 2023

can trans men get erect

Sexual identity is a concept that remains fluid. We now have people who express new sexual identities you may not have heard of. It could be transgender, transexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, down to pansexual. Some even go to the length of claiming no sexual identity at all.

“When you switch your sexual identity, do you feel everything the new gender feels? Can trans men get erect? These questions are usually challenging and utterly rude to ask.

But acceptance comes from understanding, and it’s difficult to accept what you do not understand. Some concepts are often rejected by people who don’t know better. Therefore, we will explain the transgender experiences and attempt to clarify some misconceptions about this misunderstood group. 

In this article, we will focus on how transgender men have sex and still enjoy sexual pleasure. Before that, let’s get familiar with some important background knowledge. 

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Part 1. Who Are Trans Men?

You should never ask transgender questions carelessly. Even better, you should only discuss such topics with transgender people you know. Society is only beginning to accept LGBTQ+. Members can be quite protective of themselves. A topic like this can be sensitive. You do not intend to offend someone you care about. If you can’t stay off-grid of these kinds of conversations, understand important concepts and ideas around them. 

A trans man is a male who used to be a female naturally. However, he might or might not be anymore. This happens due to medical assistance in the case of transsexuality. It might just be a change in natural gender identity. This is what we have in the transgender community. A trans man is a man who previously had the biological composition, hormones, and gender organs of a female human. They are born girls but later on decide to be males. They are usually referred to as F2M or female-to-male. 

To match their new identity, these females either get a surgical operation or hormonal transition. You may find some of them choosing both options for a better blend into the varying gender society. 

Transgender is a word that translates to several gender differences and expressions. It is usually mistaken for the transsexual meaning. To make it clear, transsexuals are people that have medically altered their gender. They change to a gender different from what they were assigned at birth. 

Transgender people are those that express a different sexual identity from their natural gender identity. All transsexual people are transgender, but not all transgender people are transsexual. 

“Trans” is the general word all varying sexual identities fall under. Both transgender and transsexual people are put under this name. It is safe to say a trans man is a former female that now expresses masculinity. 

Part 2. Do Trans Men Have a Penis?

Yes, they do. It is important to note that only transsexual men have a penis

First, the penis is constructed through a medical process called metoidioplasty. Another penis construction surgery is called phalloplasty. It is the creation of the penis, urethra lengthening, and penis tip for easier congenital activities. The transition surgery also involves changes to other body parts. As a transexual man does not need certain organs, these are removed during the process. The breasts, the vagina, and the uterus are the organs removed.

The most important procedures are metoidioplasty and phalloplasty. They allow the smooth female-to-male transition for trans men. These surgeries also enable the creation of the male organ needed for male functions. 

Metoidioplasty is the surgery that creates a neopenis (new penis) by removing the vagina. During this surgery, there is hormonal replacement and enlargement of the clitoris. This surgery takes roughly two and a half to five hours. 

If the medical procedure is done properly, the new penis grows into a handful size. It is usually small compared to the average penis. The new penis can vary in length from four to six centimeters. Its ability to get erect is started and maintained by the clitoris. 

Part 3. Can Trans Men Get Erect?

There are different categories of trans men. Categorizing trans sex under the umbrella of trans men only makes this more difficult to define. However, we can, for this article, assume that there are three main types of trans men.

The first category of trans men only has cosmetic surgeries for the breasts and face, introducing testosterone into the body. This introduces male characteristics. The genitalia remains that of a female. However, you should note that even the vagina has an erection when a small amount of blood rushes to the clitoris. This makes it swollen and ready for sex. This is the female version of erection.

There is another group of trans men who fit surgical aids to function as a penis. This addition can be stimulated for erection and function as a penis in a way. It will still get stimulated but maybe not as naturally as a biological penis.

Lastly, there is a surgical procedure that largens the female clitoris into a short penis. This penis is made up of tissues from the clitoris tissue. It is always shorter than the average length of a penis. However, it can undergo a semi-erection similar to that of the original clitoris. It receives a tiny supply of blood and becomes erect.

Hence, if the question persists to be, “can trans men get erect?” the answers are not far-fetched anymore. It is a conditional “yes.” If a trans man has gotten a surgical treatment that created a neopenis or elongated the clitoris, he can get erect.

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Final Words

So, can trans men get erect?

Yes, only those trans men with neopenis can get erect.

Every day, there seem to be more meanings for the term “transgender.” Sexuality is more fluid than ever. To not leave anyone out of the growing sexuality, crossdressers are now sometimes regarded as trans. It is now an umbrella term referring to individuals who do not accept their publicly perceived gender (or sexual orientation).

Depending on the category of transgender men one belongs to, the penis might get erected or not. It does not matter which category they belong to. Penile erection is not the most important feature of a man.

But know that trans men can get erect only if they have undergone the necessary surgeries – be it metoidioplasty or phalloplasty.

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