Best Places to Have Car Sex: The Only List You’ll Need🚗

best places to have car sex

When you decide to start doing an exciting new thing, it can leave you with a few questions. When you start online dating, you might ask how to know if the person you’re talking to matches up with their profile picture.

But I am sure you have more interesting questions. For example, what are the best places to have car sex?

When you think about car sex, you probably think about when you had no other choice but to have sex in a car. But as times change and your sexual desires change, you might find yourself interested in having sex in a car. 

But what are the best places to have car sex? Is having car sex against the law?

Do not worry. These questions are about to be answered during this article.

Let’s get started.

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Part 1. Is having car sex against the law?

We all know what happens when you break the law. You might get arrested or receive a hefty fine. This is why it is always wise to ensure the legality of anything you do, including sex in a car.

Although having sex in a car might not be illegal, something about it might be against the law. Car sex is not unlawful, but indecent exposure is, so you need to know where are the best places to have car sex. 

The location where you have your car parked will save you from being caught and charged with indecent exposure. Take a look at part two of this article to find out which are the best places to have car sex.

Part 2. Best places to have car sex

You can park your car in almost any location, which means you can have car sex anywhere you would like. But some places where you can have car sex might be more risqué than others. This is why knowing which places are the riskiest and which places you will probably never be caught is essential. 

Remember, if you are caught with your pants down in public, it could mean a whole world of trouble for you and your partner.

So, let us look at the few high-risk places for car sex.

High-Risk areas for car sex

Airport parking lots

Airports always have security that walks around the parking lots and checks cars. If you are in the mood for a riskier adventure, try to find the quietest corner, preferably dark and security free. Luckily, airport parking lots are quiet and big, which means you have more parking options.

Drive-in movies

Although most people might be too busy watching the film to notice you getting active in your car, drive-in movies are usually very busy. You might have a few people who see you and call the police or security, and then you would be caught.

School parking lots

Not only are school parking lots very busy if you get caught having sex in a school parking lot, but you might also be put on the sex offender registry. So, make sure to be careful and try to avoid schools.

The following few places are not the safest but are also not the most dangerous places to have car sex.

Median Places to have car sex

The beach

Who would not want to have sex while hearing the ocean? You can find a beach that is not very popular and go at a time when you know there are fewer people. Wintertime is the best because few people tend to visit the beach on cold days, and you will be keeping each other warm in the car.

Mall parking lots

Malls with different level parking lots give you a vast number of options. You can have sex in your car in a few places. The top-tier parking lot is probably the best because people usually pick the one closest to the entrance. Just be careful of mall security. Some parking lots have rent-a-cops that patrol.

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Complex parking lots never stay busy. People usually park and make their way into their homes. But there is a possibility of people constantly coming or going.

Best places to have car sex

Your home garage

I know it might seem a bit boring, but your garage is your safest bet. No one will enter your private property, and if someone catches you having sex in your car at home, you won’t be charged because it is your home.

Off-road bush

If you have a car that can handle a few bumps, like an SUV, try going off-road. Find a secluded bushy place and park your car there. The trees protect you from prying eyes, and there is very little chance of anyone catching you.

Dead-end roads

Dead-end roads tend not to have many visitors because they do not lead anywhere. That is why this is where to have car sex peacefully. You can park your car facing away from the oncoming traffic, which will give you time to get dressed if you notice another car coming.

Cemetery at night

Cemeteries are dark and not visited often at night, which is why it is a great place for car sex.

This could be your new go-to spot if you are comfortable with having sex where people are buried. Make sure to find a cemetery that does not have guards on duty, not all have. 

Most guards do not care what you do in the parking lot, as long as you do not disturb the graves. But I am sure you would not want to do that either.

These are just a few best places to have car sex. I am sure every city has a few different and unique spots. But this list can be used as a guideline for having sex in a car in almost any town or city.

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The Recap

Now you’ve got a list of the best places to have sex.

When you decide to have car sex for the first time, it is always good to know which places are the safest so that you will not get caught. Many people forget that even though car sex is not illegal, it is unlawful to do lewd acts in public.

After reading about these best places for car sex, where have you had car sex? Which locations do you think need to be on our list?

Remember always to stay safe when having car sex. Many spots can be safe if you use them wisely. These are just a few of the best places to have car sex. Which spots do you enjoy the most?


Although no law says it is illegal, if you get caught by cops having sex in your car in a public place, you might get charged. Doing anything sexual in public will lead to an indecent exposure charge.

In your driveway or garage, dead-end roads, cemeteries at night, or secluded bush or forest areas. Finding the most hidden place in town where you know very few people visit to have car sex is always a good idea.

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